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Tire Discounters has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 284 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 19th position out of 1094 companies.


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I took my car to a tire discounters on red bank road and they said that I have a vibrating noise coming from the drive shaft but they won't fix it I have a warranty!!

Updated by user Apr 15, 2023
It has not fix.

Original review Apr 15, 2023
Frank Rothenberg on galbraith road is lying and taking people money and won't fix people car right. See I took The car on red bank road and they said I have a vibrating noise and that was last month and now tire discounters won't fix my drive shaft under warranty!!!


Not fixing my car right!

I took my car to the tire discounters on red bank road to have my car looked at and they said it was my drive shaft vibrating from one end to the other end so they said to take the car back to the person who installed it and I did just that I took it back to the person who installed it on galbraith road and they took the car on Tuesday and let it sit there until Saturday and told me nothing wrong with my car. And right now my beautiful car is vibrating because tire discounters won't fix my car right.


Put wrong parts on my car

Took my car there in December then got it back in middle of December soon as I got it I wasnt able to drive the car my break lines to my master cylinder was broke now my car is in another shop they are saying they put on the wrong inner tie rods on the vehicle plus the new tires they have put on the stems was broke how do I go a about getting my money back?


Quoted price was not honored and very poor service by the manager Brandon

I was given a quote by Haley on 1/31/23 for 4 new tires including installation, balancing, and alignment. I had her order the tires. When I got there, the manager, Brandon, would not honor the quote and was extremely rude to me and talking over me when I was trying to talk. Extremely bad experience and because of that, this store has lost my boyfriends long time relationship with this store. I should have had Walmart order the same tires and had them installed there. Cheaper price but this place was highly recommended. After reading the reviews for Ohio stores, I am sure I made a bad decision in going to tire discounters in Marysville Ohio


To tell you how pleased I was with my service at you Dixie Hwy Location

My car had to be realigned because of a wreck I was involved in. Steering wheel was off center. This has been corrected now and I am very happy with the outcome.


Refund for 140$ STILL not received. After 17 days

I came in and payed for a realignment. They refused bc of ball joint. So I asked for my refund. It took them 2 days to even submit it. It's been over 2 weeks. And 3 trips to Chillicothe from over an hr away. WHY WONT THEY JUST GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK? THEY WOULDN'T DO THE WORK. SO WHY DO THEY GET TO KEEP MY MONEY AND BLOW ME OFF?? NOT RIGHT.





Horrible customer service after their mistake

Original review Oct 07, 2022
What I thought would be an easy service... an oil change... something they do every day has turned into a nightmare to say the least! Clint the store manager checked me in and gave me a time frame for pickup... Great! I paid for the service, and we were on our way.. next thing you know the hood is smoking. I get home and come back out later to find a puddle of oil and found a trail of oil all the way down the driveway and in the street. My husband looks under the hood and finds out the tech never put the oil cap back on. He checked the oil and its empty!!! The store was closed on Sunday. I called Monday morning first thing to talk to Clint. I told him what happened, and he proceeded to tell me they never changed the oil. They said they noticed a leak and didn't service the car and put it back in the lot. That was all a lie! Clint called me back to tell me they would tow my car to the shop and take care of it. I called him a few times for an update and asked if they would clean the engine from the oil coming out. He said yes. I asked if I would get my money back because at this point... I couldn't drive the car Saturday evening, all day Sunday and couldn't use it Monday morning for work. I also have a very large oil spot in my driveway. When I got there to pick up the car Clint tells me they did change the oil and he thought I was the other person with a similar car and then says well all of those cars have a leak. Another lie right in my face. When I asked about compensation.. He tells me they can offer 50 percent off my next visit!!! Are you serious??? I will never come back to this location. I want my money back..I want my time wasted back. I want my car the same way it was before I came there. I want my driveway in the same condition it was before their mistake.


Shoddy service

Quoted 1.5 hours to install tire speed sensor. Watched technician stand and talk to others for over 30 minutes. Never reset sensor or tested install. Poor service and no value. Had to take somewhere else to fix and pay again. Called and spoke to manager kept on hold long time and answered phone twice by different person asking how they can direct call. Worthless


Customer who???

I asked them to repair my tire. i ran over something and it started to lose air. I dropped it off at the Troy, Ohio location of Tire Discounters. Called the next morning and was told i was third in line. Called back to 2pm and it wasn't done. Drove there after 3pm and it was still in the bay. he finished up and drove it out. I paid. Drove home then to Piqua. The psi read 37 (on the damaged tire). stopped in piqua and came back out to the car and the tire pressure read 33 psi. we picked up dinner and headed back to troy. the tire now read 28 psi and the tire light came on. By the time i got home around 630pm, the tire pressure was 27 psi. I woke up the next morning to a completely flat tire. called them on monday and they said it couldn't be their fault and they wanted me to bring it out to them to look at. How many times does it take to fix a tire at Tire Discounters? Fool me once, shame on you... fool me twice, shame on me. NEVER AGAIN.



Every car Ive had a lined had to go back, several of them three times. Tried to call corporate customer service with no replies from. Just trying to switch all my business to your company and that seems like a very bad idea.


Car ruined

I took my car in for a difficult to start complaint. The car ran fine, it just had trouble starting when its hot outside. They performed a fuel injector service to address the long start and I requested a tune up too. They called saying it had a hard idle and needed a coil pack. Put the coil pack in but that didnt work. Tried to send it back to me without fixing the main issue it came in. I took it out of the lot and it tried to stall on me 2 times in half a mile. I pull off the road and open the hood. The entire engine is knocking. What did they do? They said they had no idea what was wrong. Towed the car to another dealer and waiting to hear back about what they did to ruin my little car that I JUST BOUGHT.


Customer service

I went to your Eastgate location everyone was very helpful and giving me a price. The mgr was going over everything and said the tires had a rebate. I decided to buy the tires and later went to pick up my truck. I looked at the invoice and I ask about a charge and the mgr said it was for getting rid of the old tires. I said I was taking them with me because they only had 20,000 miles on them. The mgr got pissed and said you didnt tell me that your were taking them. He turned to a tech and said put his tires in his truck. The tech was mad as he walked away to do that . Than I ask the mgr about the rebate and he was again mad and not professional handling the rebate. My thing was they were all about selling me the tires that were not cheap 1500.00 dollars, but how unprofessional they were when I went back to pay. I believe because the tech was so mad he saw these tires that looked like new and was going to keep them for his self . I work retail and would never treat a customer like that and will I or any family, friends and even my customers who I share this issue with may not. These people were all about the sale but very unprofessional with customer service . Thank you


Worst company I have ever dealt with

Absolute WORST company I have ever dealt with my entire life and I am 62 years old. They are bald-faced liars, they don't stand behind their work. Avoid at all costs. I brought my new 2022 truck in to have a simple repair done on the tire which had a slow leak. When they were done, my tire sensor was broken and the tire WAS NOT FIXED. I drove to Florida and little did I know my tire still had *** in it because this pathetic bunch of losers were too STUPID to even have the ability to repair a tire. If you don't believe me, look at the pics. That is what was left of my sensor and what an official Nissan dealership had to say about these liars. Their regional manager is aptly named Dan TOOLE and that is exactly what he is. He is a grifter and a liar stating that my sensor "blew apart" when it went flat. I told him, it was a slow leak, IT NEVER WENT FLAT!! It was never flat because I kept it full until I got to you cannibals. Then they passed me on to "corporate" who then passed me back to the TOOLE who *** all over me again stating that they had video showing t was broken, YEAH BROKEN BECAUSE YOUR TECHNICIAN BROKE IT! This idiot even tried to blame me for it saying I must have hit a pot hole! Can you believe these guys??? So if you want your car broken, have them blame you for them breaking it and then you pay for all their screw ups then by al means go to these guys. They will fix you right up.



For the last 71/2 years I have been coming toTire Discounter's, been extremely happy. Did all of my oil changes, have bought two sets of tires .Need another set of tires for second car. The last two times I have been in it has been horrible, went online to schedule a oil change and tire rotation, confirmed on line. Got to the bussiness and was told I couldn't have done, as someone was sick, completely understand being sick and shorthanded, however please let someone know or a least care that customer was not pleased. Today called on the phone to check to see if I could get a tire rotation and was told, not busy, come on in. Arrived, greeted said should get you, 11/2 hours later car not moved, asked for my keys, to leave, responce was no problem, no I sorry or anything. I am afraid I will have to look somewhere else to buy the tires I need. The motto seems like (OVER PROMISE, UNDER DELIVER)


Glass repair

During the week of march 19th, I set up an appointment for a chip repair at my home for Thursday, march 24th, after 2pm. I was told that wouldn't be a problem. Apparently it was. Nobody showed up and at 330, I called and was told that the technician would call me in 10 to 15 minutes. No call. I called back at 415 and was transferred to John, the manager and was told that the chip wouldn't be repaired that day. Needless to say, I was pissed. I waisted the whole afternoon waiting for someone to show up, and Nobody did. John rescheduled the appointment for the following Thursday after 2, when I would be home. I was told by John that he would wave the 30.00 travel fee, that I was never told about during the initial call when I set the appointment. I wasn't happy about that, but so be it. John was going to wave the fee. I received a call this morning on March 31st from the tech, who said he'd be out between noon and 2pm. I said that I don't get off work until 1pm and wouldn't be home until 2pm. Be said that he would make that work. He called me while I was working and offered to come out to where I was working to fix the chip. I told him that the vehicle was at my residence because it was going to rain, which it did, and my wife wasn't comfortable with someone being there to do the repair without me being there. I also had afternoon plans at home, that I was going to do while the repair was being done. I text him back very pissed off, because this was not the arrangement. I asked for the managers phone number, and instead of giving it ti me, he had him call me, and he stated that his tech was in dayton, and wasn't going to have him sit around for two hours doing nothing, until I got home, a d wasn't going to complete the repair. He did state that the repair would be done for free if I went to the place where it's done in house. That's great, except I didn't have the time to do that. That's why I opted out to have it done at my house. I believe the managers name is Frank. His tone of voice was condescending and rude. If I wanted it done where you do it in house, I would have taken that route. I have a disabled wife, and I also rearranged my schedule to have this done at my home. If this service can't be done, as promised by John, then it sure as *** shouldn't be offered. I said that to the manager that called me today, and his *** tone of voice said that "I did not say that we would come out to your home". Verify the call from your call log. I know you keep them. This has not only pissed me and my wife off, but I have no faith in this companies ability to complete what is advertised. I will make damn sure, everyone sees this complaint, and stays clear from tire discounters. I was pissed off last week when I got a no call, no show, but to have this type of service and attitude shown, really *** me off. I will never advertise for tire discounters again, and I will see to it that everyone I k ow, stays clear of this company because they can't be trusted. I'm sure chip would like to read this, but I'm doubley sure that this will never reach him. What a f*#&ed up company this is.

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