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Ticketmaster has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 22600 customers. In the Tickets category, it secures the 1th position out of 150 companies.


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I can't get into my account

I was hacked. I have written to you over and over, spoke to someone that didn't resolve problem. I need access to my tickets that I paid good money for now I can't get to them. Bad account is barbwilson978@***.com. I tried to create new account but could not migrate tickets to it. You need to help me with this. October 22 is Seahawk game in Seattle. Here is order number of what I need 57 -5****/SEA ASAP.



I was invited through my citi-card to participate in a pre-sale even for Lady Gaga's concert. I have NEVER been so frustrated, and angry with the time I spent trying to get these tickets. Kept giving me an error code to contact my card holder- cardholder said everything was fine... 2.5 hours of trying and losing every seat that I wanted. Getting kicked out of the que and having to wait ALL over again for a new waiting room. To top it off they add these insane charges on TOP of the crazy ticket prices and they have ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I mean ZERO, I filled out the form for "help" only to have some automated response with zero help. I can't even believe it, it seems criminal. I can't get my time back, I overpaid for seats I didn't even want because of issues with THEIR SITE and not allowing me to use 3!!! of the citi cards that I own. NEVER AGAIN.



I paid for the emergency refund and I had a sickness in my family and I could not make the Charlie Wilson concert. I have yet to get confirmation that my money would be refunded. No email, only that the tax information was received. Will somebody please contact me to reassure that I will receive my money


Misled by Ticketmaster's Pre-Sale Ticket Pricing

On February 9, 2023, I purchased three tickets for a Beyonce concert from Ticketmaster (Order #20-5****/NY1). The tickets, for Section 213, Row 4, Seats 11-13 at Metlife Stadium, NJ, cost a whopping $2777.70. This amount included the base ticket price of $805 each and service fees of $119.15 per ticket, with an order processing fee of $5.25. During the fan pre-sale, Ticketmaster gave the impression that tickets were scarce and this was my only chance to secure a spot at the event. This perceived scarcity influenced my decision to pay such a premium price. However, following the pre-sale, I was shocked to find that a large number of tickets were still available at a significantly lower price of approximately $300 each. I feel misled and manipulated by this drastic price disparity and perceived demand manipulation. I reached out to Ticketmaster's customer service seeking a resolution in the form of a price adjustment or a refund, but I haven't received a satisfactory response or resolution. I am disappointed by their lack of transparency and fairness in their operations. This experience has significantly eroded my trust in Ticketmaster. It not only affects me financially, but it also affects how I perceive their brand. I am sharing my experience here, hoping for a prompt and fair resolution to this issue, and also to alert other customers to be wary of the potential discrepancies in ticket availability and pricing during the pre-sale period.


Resolved: Paid for VIP ticket but was not given VIP entrance and buying perks for Taylor Swift Seattle concert.

Updated by user Jul 30, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund.

Updated by user Jul 30, 2023
The issue with the VIP Ticket problem was quickly responded to and I was given a partial refund.I then wrote about my other problem with their website.

Original review Jul 30, 2023
Website account page is not user friendly. Difficulty changing email and phone # on account in website unless your previous email is still active to receive confirmation code. I wrote to the customer service chat and after 14 hours, middle of the night for me so I couldn't respond to the person, he told me to have it sent to my new email, but that is impossible. My take is that he didn't read my message because he told me to do things that I wrote that I had already tried. He also needed better training about the website b/c he skipped a step important for signing in and suggested a step not compatible with the website. I called customer service and got someone within 5 minutes who was very friendly and changed my email and phone #. Unfortunately, the next day I kept getting emails from their customer service saying that I still needed to change my phone #. I know that guy took the steps to change it so that was weird. She told me that I still needed to change it myself on the website so I tried, but making a phone change option was grayed out and would not respond. She emailed me back multiple times suggesting the same thing that I had told her that I had tried already (like, "try hitting the change phone # button") and didn't get that the website wasn't getting that option. This wasted a lot of time and useless energy. Finally she asked for a screen shot and after I sent her that. I didn't hear back. I have a MacBookPro and maybe their tech glitches are due to that???



I had a ticket for the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert for last year, and it's rescheduled to this year. Ticketmaster offered me to sell my tickets to refund or keep the tickets for the event. And I choose keep the ticket with me and Ticketmaster already set my event and managed the seat and everything else. But 2days to event day, my tickets changed to General Admission without asking my permission and also cant even print my tickets due to their broken app and website. Print button doesnt appear on both platform and no way to get a contact with costumer service. Ive got reference number for my ticket but I need a barcode or a QR code to get in the stadium. I had to buy a new ticket and its printable. It works. But why my old ticket has no print button and also why its changed to GA without asking me? Ive tried every way to contact them but no agents nor a person can be reachable. Ill leave some pictures below so you can see the differences between both tickets, one has print button as old one has none. And also youll see my old ticket has seated but ticketmaster says its general admission (pitch).


Unable to access purchased tickets

I bought Carrie Underwood tickets at resale on your sight and when I went to box office found that I neglected to download from AXS. The box office and myself couldn't get tickets using my Gmail account. I had to buy 3 new tickets at box office. 2 of 3 person party were in our seats. I find out after the show that you have to be off wifi and something else to log in and create an account on AXS? I'm so far out $500.00. I won't purchase resale ever again knowing that the tickets will stay in another person's name and I can't download from your sight.Thanks f I r listening if you can help any way get my %500 back it would be awesome. If you look at my account I go to many concerts through you and this has never been an issue. Thank you


Missing tickets

Hello, I have tried multiple routes to find a solution to my problem. I have missed the event I had tickets for (Thomas Rhett and Cole Swindell), and no one seems to want to help me on ticketmasters end. No one is able to help me gain access to my ticketmaster account, and I'm told I have 2 accounts, and then that i don't have one. Then that my email is wrong. ALL of this had happened before when I had tickets to Kane Brown, but luckily that account was recovered the day of VIA help of a phone call. It is unprofessional what is happening here, and I fully intend to find a way to get this issue resolved. I do also feel i am owed tickets to another event. I am insistent, and I would like a phone call from someone in your leadership. Thank you, Tara S. 502-382-****


Double Charged Tickets

I was doubled charged for 2 $15 tickets and was charged $38 two days later. Customer service did not help AT ALL. I paid insurance and received a total of $78 charged to my account!! So i was charged $36 for tickets and even more from the Allianz insurance company they partner with! LAWSUIT IS BEING FILED!!


Insurance on my tickets

My insurance policy for my ticket to The Cure in Mansfield MA was NOT applied according to Allianz! I did have a chat w Ticketmaster and was told to contact Allianz. They said the insurance never went thru but Ticketmaster said it did and ne receipt shows that too...in the end, I tried to call Ticketmaster and received only a busy signal!!


Refund issue

Trying to chat with fan support for refund and am not successful. Please issue me a refund asap for order number 39-2****/PHI as deadline is approaching for receiving refund. See below details that were given to me. I am following instructions that were given via email and am unsuccessful at connecting or speaking with fan supprt. Ticketmaster Greetings Fan, This just came in the Event Organizer has changed a performer at your event. Ari Lennox is replacing Jhené Aiko. June 23 will be a night to remember as Jazmine Sullivan, Queen Naija, Tone Stith and Ebony Riley now take the stage with Ari Lennox at Prudential Center! NEW EVENT INFO: Jazmine Sullivan and Special Guest Ari Lennox with Queen Naija Prudential Center Friday, June 23rd at 8PM Despite the lineup change, your original tickets will still be honored for this event. While this is a must-see event you won't want to miss, refunds will be honored at point of purchase until Saturday, June 17, 2023, at 11:59PM EDT. If you'd prefer a refund, contact Fan Support by following these steps: Sign into your My Account. Find your order in the My Tickets section and click See Details or My Events on the app. Click Contact Us under your order details or tap the blue chat bubble on the app. The deadline to contact us for a refund is by Saturday, June 17, 2023, at 11:59PM EDT. If you don't choose this option by Saturday, June 17, 2023, at 11:59PM EDT, your tickets will remain valid for the event. To be eligible for a refund, you must have purchased your tickets through Ticketmaster and not have transferred, posted or sold them. If the tickets were transferred to you, you'll need to transfer them back to the original purchaser in order for them to take advantage of the above. Visit The FAQ How do I transfer tickets? for a step-by-step guide.


Need to speak with someone

Have been trying for days to reach someone to help me with a problem with Aerosmith tickets we purchased. Ticketmasters website is a joke I've called every number I've seen, I've tried to chat which leads to nothing, everything I've tried has ended nowhere. This is a very difficult situation and just want someone to help me please!


Can't reach any other number

Rang busy just like every other number that is provided sent in circles over and over again and it out


Been scammed

Just want my money back from the scammer she bought it off your site shes fake @whst point do you need a code to give someone a fuckimg bar code she wouldnt give me the bar codes of the tickets I asked this lady Kirsty Houstons profile shes scamming people with tickets


Problem selling tickets

Updated by user Feb 03, 2023
Ticketmaster is an evil monster!

Original review Feb 13, 2023
I spent at lease five hours fighting with my Ticketmaster account between yesterday and the day before. I purchased tickets for Death Cab For Cutie the day they went on sale months ago thinking the show wasn't until April. I caught the email reminder five days ago...and listed the tickets since didn't get out of work until 6:00 yesterday and have to travel 90-minutes to get to Hard Rock in Orlando. It turns out these evil nincompoops have been playing games with my accountlong storybut short end the tickets weren't even listed due to tax BS and updated payment info (which is ridiculous considering they already had this information, as I've sold tickets three times in the past with no issues)...and on top of this I was nearly locked out of my account and had to reset my password countless times! I would like to also mention I tried various methods between two phones...a laptop...and home computer...and any attempt to reach a live person is IMPOSSIBLE! I miss the days when Ticketmaster wasn't this SINISTER MONEY MAKING MONSTER it has become! The days when bots didn't eat up all the good tickets to sell for asinine prices! The days when true fans stood in line..,sometimes overnightand got the tickets they deserved! How did we collectively allow this to happen?!! And why aren't the artists and and musicians doing anything about this?!!! Well...other than Pearl Jam's attempt way back when, that is.. TICKETMASTER IS BEYOND EVIL


Almost impossible to reach them

Trying to get a refund for reschedule tickets to a concert. $1500 worth of tickets and you cannot contact a human being. You have to go through signing accounts and get approvals even after they canceled and rescheduled the concert making it impossible to attend. Its very frustrating not to have a real human contact especially with the crazy prices and service charges that they charge! What is the service they are providing if you cannot talk to a customer service person when you have a major problem like losing $1500!!

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