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The Rx Advocates has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 113 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 18th position out of 351 companies.


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The Rx Advocates Reviews


I was approved for RX, received 30 day supply, inquired about refill and after 3rd call they advised mfg said they shipped 3 month supply and even though I have RX btl as proof my Dr needs to call the

Updated by user Aug 31, 2023
No development!! None caring staff

Updated by user Aug 31, 2023
There is no update!! I never received RX

Original review Aug 31, 2023
They leave customers without medication. None of the representatives have the same answers why medication isnt refilled. RX Advocates isnt worth applying for!!!


Deceptive Company

They tell you you will pay a reduced copay for medication and they charge you monthly and after 4 months still have not received anything! Found out you can apply directly with each pharmaceutical company for financial assistance and get medication for FREE. Rx advocates is charging you for free medication and then never sends you anything!


Scam/ripoff company

Update: contacted to cancel Contract results: routed thru 4 persons, each more belligerent. Offered cut in price from $70 to $40 month? Finally Rec $70 back but not $35 application fee which is free as yet. SCAM.


Ripoff, an application is free! The product is free, goes to you or Dr to pick up! But, they pocket the $70 every month and app fee! If you try to cancel, they try to cut a deal with you? Ins Co don't

Updated by user May 13, 2023
NO, deal directly with manufacturer. Pocket fees charged, offer to cut prices, no meds are coming from them.

When received, it's free!

Send bills for free products! SCAM It 's a ripoff.

Original review May 12, 2023
Three people and twice called?, plus on hold, figuring out how to get you not to cancel? Lose $$$$$.


Rip off

I was told I would be reimbursed if I canceled. I got nothing. Out over $100 and have nothing to show for it


They are a rip off. I didnt get the paperwork in a timely manner to be able to cancel in their ten day window, and they wouldnt let me cancel afterwards and charged my account more

they are a rip off!!! you can get your meds from the the manufacturer without them you can do your own paperwork you dont need them and they will charge you without having done anything. There should not be a fee until after they do something but not true they charge you and do nothing but send out paper work to you


They did what they said they do.

Yes you do have to put in some paper work effort , and it is likely you could do it completely by yourself. My cost went from $520 per month to $90. No hassles. Worth it to me.


Refused refund upon cancellation

Spouse accidentally hit upon this site and signed up for what he thought would be help. BEFORE returning paperwork and joining the program, we were charge $105.00 for NOTHING. We learned it is not what we thought and cancelled. They refuse to refund any money. DO NOT USE THIS GROUP


Unethical company

DI googled Eli Lily drug assistance and accidentally got into the RX Advocate site thinking it was Eli Lilly. They said that they could get my Trulicity for $70/month plus a nonrefundable application fee of $35. I signed up in April. I have been very ill and could not get the paperwork done until 4 months had passed. My doctor then sent in the paperwork but RX Advocate said they didn't get it. If I had stopped paying them at that point I'd have to forfeit the money I'd already paid so I kept letting them take my money out of my bank account. After paying a total of $385 I finally realized that they were not reputable and I cancelled. They refused to refund any of it even though I received nothing. This may well be their stated policy but it is an unethical one. Then I found out that they have nothing to do with the Eli Lilly assistance program. My doctor sent my paperwork to Eli Lilly and they are sending my monthly Trulicity for free. RX Advocates claim that they record every phone call and that they told me that there were no refunds but I just remember them saying that the application fee was nonrefundable. What kind of company would take $385 from an old sick woman on social security? Their policy to not refund money is unethical and really scammy. Remember, I received nothing from them. Check with Eli Lilly first and beware before dealing with these people -- understand that there are no refunds - even if you don't receive anything from them. Try this site instead.


Had a bad feeling about this company.

I had a bad feeling about this company. I gave them my credit card n umber which was for 35.00 membership fee and 80.00 for my first month prescription. They took 105.00 from my credit card before I even filled out application. I am on hold right now .


Terrible SCAM and NO Service

If I could leave a ZERO I would!!! Do not use this company, they will continue to charge you even when you don't have the opportunity to get the prescription because they send out the renewal paperwork AFTER the expiration of the annual renewal process. When you request a refund, they will tell you, "That will never happen." and that the charge is computer generated so there isn't anything they can do about it. They will deny they have your paperwork (although they never send a reminder so I'm pretty sure they receive and just don't process). Complete SCAM!!! Five months I have paid for something I cannot get.


I rate this company 0.

I called less than 14 hours to cancel. Was threatened if I hung up my account would stay opened. I said I was done and he told me " oh we are not done". To me that was a threat. Was put on hold and I waited not he didn't return.


Took advantage of a 90 year old trying to save on meds

My client was given their phone number and she called to try to see about saving on medication. They immediately billed her credit card for $105 for their services, without even asking basic questions to see if she qualifies for drug assistance program ( which she doesn't as I had looked into it for her). She didn't even understand that she was paying them for a service she couldn't use, didn't know of 14 day cancellation policy, and now must go thru all paperwork to apply for drg assistance just to get a denial letter in order for the company to refund her money. This is shameful for a company supposedly trying to help seniors. Another example of a company and sales reps looking to take advantage of elderly! They won't cancel now without a written letter and said they are going to charge again because they need time to cancel billing. Shame the RX Advocates sales tacticts!


Just don't work with these guys.

These guys are at the least liars and possibly can be termed con men. They have been taking money for several months and now they tell me that is a fee for their service, not the price of the medication. Just check them out first.



Charged $80 on credit card for meds never received. Didnt even complete paper work and 12-6 charged $40 again


To talk to a live person

My husband has passed away and I need you guys to put the $25 back into my account that you took out this morning

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