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1.7/5 - based on 139 reviews

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The Neat Company has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 139 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 46th position out of 1129 companies.


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The Neat Company Reviews


Having trouble connecting me to Wi-Fi

we still have not heard back and yet to be able to use the neat please have some one contact me at 508 237 **** thanks


The FTC should look into this company

I've purchased 5 Neat scanners over the years. The first 4 were a great experience. The last one, not so much. They completely changed their business model which makes your product worthless without a support contract (the issue for the FTC). They do not keep the drivers updated to use the scanner. In their help docs, they have things posted from 2021 saying they will address the problem. Two Years and no fix???



I purchased a NEAT SCANNER (the large model) just to scan some documents to my home laptop. I contacted the to help me install. You can't speak with anyone until they get your credit card info... they say it's FREE, but the site says $200 a year. They sent me to another company ..JUST ANSWER... again, my credit card info, got NOTHING in return. SO... two contacts, two companies, NOTHING in return. Now, I have to wait on my credit card company so I can give them what they earned... NOTHING!


Not being able to open old software on new Computer

Had to purchase new computer. Old one crashed. Could not load or open old software on new computer. Would like to be able to use scanner.


Keep charging me

Requested cancellation February 2022 due to none compatibility to my computer needs. All that scanning wasted but glad kept my receipt. Machine I have is more for small business or corporations.


Zero customer service

Wont accept people and wont allow a reset.***** I want to speak to a living breathing human being. No Texting. It just doesnt work for me. If I cant get satisfaction Ill just cancel my service



My scanner is totally useless unless you have a subscription to their new service. Even if you don't mind paying for a subscription, who knows what they'll do once they have all your records. They might increase the fees so that you have to pay because they have all of your financial records. If you don't pay, they might delete all your financial info like they did to the rest of us when they changed to online subscription only. You can't save it to your computer like you used to be able to do. It makes me so angry that I wasted my money. Pennsylvania BBB Greenwood 1.05 stars out of 37 reviews


First, I'd like to say that I didn't realize that I was communicating with Pissed Consumer when I did a Google search. I was so focused on their phone number that I totally overlooked the webpg. Thx

Have questions on neat softwsre. I have an existing account. Have tried to chat with someone for the past 1/2 and have had no success


Cancel refund

No response to email calls been calling for days no answer says having technical problems why have to have 100 symbols to post


Need help setting up ND1000

We're only interested in upselling me. Very lil interest in helping me set up my scanner bcse they're more interested in selling their software, not servicing their products that were purchased by the consumer.



Neat does not send costumers invoices ahead of time and let them know when they will debit there bank account. They do things *** backwards!


Resolved: They are a ransomware company

Updated by user Jan 12, 2022

nothing was offered other than a suggestion that i get their subscription. i am declining offer (no discounts offered) and will not use them once i save my restored files elsewhere..

Original review Jan 08, 2022
ONE STAR TOO MANY DO NOT TRUST THEM!! I got a NeatReceipts scanner years ago, so I could get my tax information together, as well as some documents for safe keeping. Well, since I am not a 'subscriber', I cannot get any help. I upgraded to Windows 11 and thought that their system would upgrade along with it. Boy! Was I wrong!! Not only did it not move over with the upgrade, it lost everything I had saved for the years I've had this. They no longer support the scanner since they are all digital now. Good for them - everything is being held for ransom in their cloud. If you don't keep up with the subscription, you can't get your info back. Talk about ransomware! At any rate, I have tried to see if there is some way of getting the original software to see if I can get my files back (previous years I have because I downloaded to attach with my tax filing records). I cannot get the info from 2021 and i do not have the receipts any longer since I scanned everything in and kept my records there. These people do not care. I have contacted them but have not gotten a reply because I do not have a subscription.


Need help

Why? This is why I rated low...too much red tape and unethical practices. In addition, they charged my card without my authorization when my new card came in after the renewal a year earlier. I didnt plan on renewing since they didnt have the new card information which the only thing that changed was the expiration date and they decided to figure out what mine was and charged me. Theyre greedy too! Price jumping from $119 to $200 and all I have is the very basic subscription and barely use it. Lets see if they charge my account because I wrote in to cancel services after receiving an email that the rate was going up. Havent heard back from anyone to date on the matter.


My Documents

I wanted to get all of my documents and have them put on my computer instead of your cloud. It seems with all the technology NEAT cannot offer a simple download of all my documents. Instead I have to download each individual document one at a time. This is ridiculous as it took me hundreds of hours to scan and save them and I would rather delete the information and close my account. Moving forward I will scan to my computer and when my scanner *** I will use the scanner for target practice and use my printer scanner.


Stopped Working

Worked last month then it just stopped loading. Cannot find files and then just quits, no error messages, nothing. I get the banner page and the work page comes up and then back to Windows. for it and the company just goes away.


Won't cancell or refund

I have asked by phone twice and email contact form for my account to be cancelled. They have not done it or followed up on my request. Today's phone call (the 3rd) said they "would submit it for approval". SORRY NO. CANCEL AND REFUND IT NOW. Refund the money you took out of my account with out

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