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1.9/5 - based on 29 reviews

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The Logo Boutique has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 29 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 15th position out of 236 companies.


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The Logo Boutique Reviews


How did they get two stars??

We have been trying to get a logo created beginning July 5th. They don't read the project brief or comments, their work is sloppy and unprofessional. We've been requesting the same changes over and over, and over again but I don't think they read them. They don't honor their "100% guarantee" It has to be a scam. Or a really bizarre joke...



UPDATE: So the company has notified me that they are refusing to issue me a refund unless I removed my negative reviews of their company. This is blackmail at its finest. Additionally, they have refused to respond to my Better Business Complaint, So yes, please know that all of the positive reviews that you are reading about this company, are employees of the company. FRAUD COMPANY Original Posting January 2, 2020 Designs are no better than using a free logo generator I read amazing reviews for this company, but I am inclined to believe that those reviews were left by company's employees rather than actual clients. I paid to have a logo designed and left feedback for what I was looking for. None of my initial feedback was taken into consideration in the three initial "concepts" I was sent. I asked for a refund so that I can use another company but was told that they do not issue refunds because they "worked so hard on the initial concept." I am not sure what "hardwork" they are implying because that I was sent I had seen better using an online free logo generator. They offered me a site credit, for use for what exactly I am not sure. As a REAL PAYING customer, I do not believe that the logos they represent on their site as being their actual work quality is real. They do not have the graphic design expertise to product these unique and creative concepts. What you are really paying for is for them to use a logo generator because you just dont have time to click the web yourself. Lackluster design, this is the company. Seeking creative and unique seek an actual a professional design company. If interested in seeing the marginal "concepts" contact me.



Updated by user Sep 02, 2020

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with apology.

Original review May 01, 2019
I bought the $699 corporate ID. Sounds great to get 1 logo+ all stationery designs+ 1 WEBSITE? Too good to be true: Fabianna Diaz was in charge of doing this website: with a very poor level in English, she was not able to put a correct address and a simple google map on my contact page. I design the ENTIRE web myself and even give her other companies web to as references. Nope, after 1 month for 6 pages (just 1 page has 2 paragraphs of 5 lines I wrote myself + 4 pages with just pictures= A REAL FIASCO. I gave up on her and I had to pay another company to WIPE OUT THE NON SENSE DONE BY FABIANNA DIAZ, a con artist with a sweet voice. 1 MILLION REVISIONS FOR 6 BASIC PAGES THAT I DESIGN MYSELF. I realized that MY MISTAKE WAS TO BELIEVE IN HER WEBSITE DESIGN SAMPLES SHE PUT ON HER WEBSITE: these samples are not from REAL COMPANIES!! JUST AN ORNAMENT!! I should have asked her REAL companies names she has done website. FRAUD! Of course, after 1 month of 1 million revisions, I asked for a refund of a portion of my money based on her ads:"SATISFACTION GUARANTEE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE" She refused saying that she can't at this stage. Really, where is it written? SHE IS DISHONEST TO NOT HONOR HER ADS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! BEWARE: as soon as you give her money, its gone. Fabianna Diaz: all the people you scams with money got by FRAUD will not save your place to the heaven. A SCAM


Honestly, so far so good

I'm starting a small business, I reached out to thf logo boutique to design my logo. They were great and professional, they were helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. I'm a satisfied customer.



I paid for two sets of business cards and needed a new design for one. I previously ordered cards and the quality was great. This past experience was awful. The project manager took a long time to give me proofs and kept sending me proofs with incorrect information. Two weeks after i accepted the proof i had to contact them and it had not been submitted for printing. When the cards arrived,it was awful. I used minutemanpress to create a new order. I requested an address to return the cards. They are refusing to issue the refund. Instead a design credit. I'm never using them. They do not want to give me a refund



I did the so called 79.99 discount option. Thats money down the drain . No effort,no creativity. Oh and Ms. Monica is quick to tell you to read the fine print. NO REFUNDS. How many people are like me and just it go? Thats like a good chunk of change per week so bravo to them scamming poor unsuspecting consumers. Shame!


The Logo Boutique - Logo Design Review

Submitted order on a Sunday at 9 am. Website says that the first design will be made available within 24 hours. After you get the order, in the middle of a 1000 word email, they disclose that they don't work on weekends. Fraud #1. When they call me, they treat my like an *** because I had messages them twice, asking them about their 24 hour first draft. I told them I wanted to cancel right then. They refused and said they would assign a different project manager. 1st draft of designs were absolutely terrible. I gave them feedback 6 minutes after they sent it to me. They didn't acknowledge my feedback for a day and a half. Three days later with no progress, I asked them to cancel my order. They didn't acknowledge my request, and 6 hours after I asked them to cancel my order, they submitted a second *** revision that was worse than the first. These guys are frauds. The quality they deliver is nothing like on their website. Their delivery times are a lie. Their satisfaction guarantee is a lie. This whole site is a scam.


The Logo Boutique Logo Design Review

Where do I start. Lets just say as they were designing my logo with a requested character.....they twice took images from a google website. They then sent it to me as a "original" design. Imagine the lawsuit I'd be in if I used it for my business !



I paid Logo Boutique to create a new logo for me several months ago. After I nearly threw in the towel because they kept coming up with logos I didn't like, they finally created one I approved. I began using the logo on my website pages, business cards, stationery, etc., I got an email from a fellow who owned the font they used asking for payment to use it commercially. I contacted Daniel with Logo Boutique and told him and he basically said tough, it was not his problem. So I ended up paying the man another fee for the use of the font used by Logo Boutique. I would not recommend them because of this. They should NEVER have used a font to create a logo that they didn't own.


I'll give them one thing - They are CONSISTENT...with horrible, less than amateurish, un-creative logos

I can't believe I have used The Logo Boutique over 5 times for some of my clients new logos (I used them for the price), but working with them is such a painful, and time-consuming experience. They ask you to fill out a logo design questionnaire, and ask you for feedback on what you would like to see. However every single time, the first concepts NEVER follow any of the initial instructions and feedback I was asked for. Creativity-wise, their designers are several steps below amateur. It's like they farm out projects to elementary-school students as part of a first-time school assignment. Their designers are un-creative, and often times the logo concepts I get back include ready-made clip-art pictures you can quickly and easily find doing a Google image search. I repeatedly explain to them how off the mark their concepts are, and have pointed out clip-art I found from sites like istockphoto and, and more. Then they apologize repeatedly, only to offer more concepts that are even further off the mark! Every time they say they have hired a "new designer" for the project, my prior feedback never gets passed onto the new designers, and then I ended up with almost 2-4 pages of back-and-forth messages complaining each time. I just can't any more.


Resolved: Unfortunately very disappointed in creative quality

Updated by user Apr 15, 2016
Two things:

This situation was resolved in good terms for both parties.

As well, I will give credit to the company... Although they have the right to stand behind their policies, they approach each situation with a one-by-one evaluation to try and make things as balanc...

Updated by user Apr 15, 2016
After further conversations, Daniel was able to rectify the situation to everybody's satisfaction.

Although maybe not the process I would have chosen, not a bad experience overall.

Original review Apr 14, 2016
I was very hopeful and encouraged to use The Logo Boutique for my company's new logo. I will provide credit where it is due... Daniel, the project manager, was diligent, polite and remained mostly professional throughout. Unfortunately, round after round of mediocre and amateurish logos followed. I did purchase the UNLIMITED design and UNLIMITED revision package, but was horribly disappointed when this was the message returned when receiving only the 45th logo/revision (most posted contest sites provide between 50-100 expected designs): "Here are your revisions and new concepts. We have got too far in regards to concepts on your project, I would like you to tell me which elements can we take from all the options provided in order to narrow it to one concept that fits what you are looking for. " This pales in the face of UNLIMITED. And, frankly, none of their concepts were very creative. Eventually I asked for a partial refund - to be fair of the work done to date. At that point, I was thrown to legal, "According to our company policies a refund will never apply at this point, not even a partial refund.... Here is the link to our legal terms, which you signed up when getting started, so you can double check and take into account" To say I am disappointed is not even approaching the truth. Most of the logos provided resembled my company name simply replacing the name on a standard logo. Go to any site advertising free logos and that is essentially the quality of the product. Amateur is giving the design team too much credit for the poor effort provided. Worse yet, they truly do not stand behind their product... they stand solely behind them putting in effort regardless of the quality of craftsmanship.


I had a good experience with Logo Boutique

Hello everyone. I'm writing his review because of the unfair treatment given to this company. I was doing some online research for logo vendors, and came across logo boutique. At first I was happy with the fact that their prices are low indeed. So I started my project. Then, I had a short problem with the revisions, and I naturally went to the internet to see if anyone else got these problems too. To my surprise, a lot of people seemed to have problems with their revisions. I got really worried because of the reviews in this page. However, I went outside for a walk, and thought to myself, what's the best way to settle this? And came to the conclusion that being polite was the best way. So I asked them to change the things I needed changed, and yes, they took some time, but at the end they nailed well. In the time i had problems and seemed for reviews, I saw so many nasty comments, but I wonder if these people ever tried to talk to the human being on the other side of the phone. I might not use this company in the near future (or who knows), but I'm 100% they delivered what they promised. Sure I had some problems, bu, we humans, were given a brain, a heart, and a brain, and that's just enough to solve any problem.


Brilliant posters and season brochues

On several occasions I used The Logo Boutique to design newspaper ads, posters and season brochures with great success. One season brochure was so successful that when I took 50 copies to a national arts conference, they were all taken in a single afternoon! They gave me posters worthy of framing on several occasions and newspaper ads that sold a lot of tickets, I only had one bad experience where multiple efforts did not produce a finished design and that was when the owner was out of the country which I am certain was a major part of why I had problems. Every other experience was great and they are one of the best design companies I ever worked with.


The Logo Boutique - Logo Design Review from North Bend, Washington

I realize that this is not the appropriate place for a positive review, but I feel that it's necessary after reading some of the other experiences that customers that had with the logo boutique. I submitted a brief after paying for their service, And the first concept was exactly what I asked for. It was within the specified 24 hours, But what I found surprising was that my favorite concept was a complete Original from their design team. I absolutely loved it And could not be happier with the final result. And my project manager, Monica, really went the extra mile and provided me with revisions even after I approved the final design. I realize that this review will probably be lost among the sea of negative reviews on this site, but I feel very strongly that the service I was provided was well worth the money spent. I would definitely recommend them to a friend starting a small business.


The Logo Boutique review - The worst experience ever

The Logo Boutique is a website selling logos and all types of design. Since I'm starting my home based company, I decided to give them the chance to design my logo. HUGE MISTAKE! At first, the website seemed reliable and the portafolio looked ok, yet, once you pay, things change... First, I filled out a brief being very specific in what I wanted, three days latter, I got a very mediocre logo concept (I was really expecting to see something else) Naturally, I complained and all they said was "It's going to take 48 hours ma'am." Well, I waited 48 hours and got the same concept with different colors... What's wrong with these people??? Well, I decided to give them a call... Side note: I've read they are located in Columbia SouthAmerica, and I don't have a problem with that, but at least hire people that understand the English language. I had to repeat my self a couple of times and yet not be understood, it was really frustrating. Again, they told me it was going to take 48 hours... So I lost it. When I requested to speak to a manager, they came up with a variety of excuses, so I told them this was not fair, I asked for a refund, and I said I was going to write a review about this... All that seemed to irate the owner who called me on the phone yelling and threatening me with a law sue and his lawyers... Mr Rangel was very nasty. At the end, I got a partial refund. Can you believe hey kept $45 because they worked on my logo?... right... Anyway, I decided to leave this review for those of you who are considering The Logo boutique to design your logo, in America, if you get poor service you complain. Do your self a favor and don't do business with the Logo Boutique, they are not professional, they do not deliver, it's owner is a nasty selfish person, and they will keep your money even when it says in their website "satisfaction guarantee" I've read a couple of review people write about this company, and I'm able to tell which ones are real reviews and which ones are reviews created by the company in hopes of trying to clean their damaged reputation. I hope it helps.


Logo Boutique is awful!

I hired the Logo Boutique to design my logo, the $79 package, which included: Team of graphic designers 10 Original Logo Concepts Unlimited Logo Revisions First Concepts in 24 Hours Multiple File Formats AI,PDF,JPG,PNG,BMP,GIF Dedicated Account Manager Creative Director Satisfaction Guarantee 100% ownership of art work I did not get a team of graphic designers, but one. The first concepts did not come in 24 hours, but most importantly - the work was awful! It looked like a high school kid had done it. They refused to refund my money. When I tried to go through Discover Card, they falsified my statements and said that I said I was happy with the design!

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