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The Industry Network has a 3.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 59 customers. In the Talent and Modeling Agencies category, it secures the 12th position out of 72 companies.


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Resolved: They are great

Updated by user Jul 28, 2023

Still waiting on 1 chance.

Original review Jul 28, 2023
They seen my potential then I realized my life is worth more than 100,000 dollars a month for the rest of my life. Just wish they weren't so money hungry. I guess that's why people are on strike. I cast in my lot with a giant pot. There's is dwindling. Haha. It's sucks those people are lied to from the start of 5 weeks. Just wish I had the money to enjoy my craft at the time. Now I'm the one who decides for me. Thats why I'm a contractor. I did appreciate there constructive criticism although they had none towards my to construct as I'm well with in my craft as a multi talented individual. It sucks cause they only seen how good I was at acting. Then they asked for money. I became the richest person in my world without using theirs. I hope the people running this sight aren't the industry. Haha


They want 1,000$ upfront or else, NO!

All they want is money. If you don't pay when they ask, you will not give you a chance. So I recommend you don't.


They wasted my time

Those *** trashed my and my brother's dreams and made us sit on Zoom hangry for 3 DAMN HOURS! What program does that? NO ACTING AUDITION DOES THAT! They are real *** Don't trust them! THEY WILL CRUSH YOUR DREAMS.


Do i have to have expirince to get in

Do I have to have experience to get in or go to acting school to get into industry network, because I really want to get in!!!



Updated by user Apr 26, 2022

Updated by user Apr 26, 2022

Updated by user Apr 26, 2022
Yes my story developed I currently work for Tiffany I go to LA every 6 months working to help new talent

Original review Apr 26, 2022
Very great event I love everything about it if u want to start a career the industry network is the place to start it I been working with them since 2019 and its been a great run for me


Life changing!

My husband and I were in Los Angels for The Industry Network last January and we both have been signed with multiple agencies. It was a lot of work, but so much fun and knowledgeable at the same time. The Industry Network makes everyone feel welcome and there's so many people who will help if you have questions.


Worth every penny

We live in a small town in northern California. Our son was chosen to go to the nationals in Los Angeles. He learned Alot. We thought it might just be a work shop and we might be wasting our money. Nope!! Not only did he meet several managers and agents, but a week after, he was back in los angeles signing with an l.a based agent! And for the icing on the cake. Our 12 year old that we thought was just going to an acting workshop was just in the Netflix movie 6 underground! None of this would have happened without the industry network . Love them!!



So after spending $670 for so call acting classes and a one man showcase my daughter was picked let me just mention before signing up I asked them if my daughter gets picked to go to California and can not go will they still work with her. They told me of course we stay with her until she meets her goals another lie. Once my daughter was picked to go to California in June I was unable to attend the California showcase because school came first we never heard from them again not to mention it was about $5000 to go to California. Save your money invest in real acting classes and send headshots to local agencies on your own. The Industry Network takes your money and do not help you at all.


Thinking about if I should go to LA or not...

A few days before my audition , I was scrolling through the internet and I found something about the Industry Network . So I decided to take a look at it, found out they were having auditions near to where I live , so I decided to go. I got free head shots and auditioned for singing and acting , got a callback. When we went up to talk to the guy who judged us , he said I could do both programs, and then it added up to about 800 or whatever. I dont remember , anyways I voiced out that I was worried about the money , because I knew that my mom wouldn't be able to afford that , so he said that he will cover one program ( singing ) so we paid for acting ( 595) . Anyways I got to meet 2 coaches that went through the program , one of them went through it and a year later has a movie role. Anyways it came to the audition were we performed in front of the agents and I got a callback , they said that I was going to LA and I told them I needed time to think about it and they gave me until Friday. I am torn about going in Jan.2020 or not. I dont know if the hotel is included or either. and im scared that I would be wasting my money and i know that my parents cant afford to be scammed, but you know the money we paid in the beginning , we minus that off of the money we are paying for LA , and it is 2038 and thats mot included on airfare and ground transportation or food. I know this is my dream and what i want to do and i have worked so hard to earn everything in my life so PLEASE HELP ME OUT , should I take this opportunity or not and after reading all the reviews , im so scared. i need your advice please . HELP!!! `


Is this a scam?

I just went to the first audition and I want to know if this is legit before I pay the money! They were really sweet and said really sweet things about me and my bio however they did want about 500$-700$ for the next audition so I really need to know!!! Thank you!


Don’t do it ! It is a scam

I recently took my friends son to one of these in my home town it was the most unprofessional audition I have ever experienced. No audition is set up they way they had it I sure hope the people they picked don’t fall for this scam wait till they have to put x amount of dollars up front and there is no guarantee you will ever get an audition or a job . Be smart on these things . Nothing is for free


Horrible auditions

All this industry network wants is money they make there auditions sound professional but at the end they give you a brochure to pay them. Instead of auditioning for real tv shows like they said it was, instead they wanted me to pay them nearly $1500.


If They are asking you to pay money up front? It's not legit

I've been in the business a good while now (100+ credits to my name on IMDb) Based on everything I've been reading and seeing this is not a legit talent agency, seriously a local, regional then national audition? that's not how its done. A legit Agency has a client base in place that asks for actors or actress's that meet certain criteria things like age range something like 18-29 male or female white Latino or whatever it is they are looking for the Agency then goes thru their talent pool and submits only those people meeting the casting Directors requirements. A legitimate Talent agency Will never ask you to pay upfront, they work off a percentage of whatever they negotiate for you if you get the part


An AMAZING opportunity!

I attended a scouting session with the Industry Network in my hometown of Peachtree City, Ga and boy am I glad I did! Deborah and Shannon scouted me and from the beginning were very encouraging, and supportive, while remaining realistic. The organization is designed to scout the country for talented actors, singers, dancers, and models for a chance to gain exposure and recognition from agencies, managers, casting directors, and recording labels. I attended my regional showcase in Atlanta, coached by the fabulous Jillian Batherson. There she helped us select material to perform, while teaching us the ins and outs of the industry. Our regional showcase included a talent manager as well as a representative from a local Atlanta agency. After performing in the regional showcase, many of the talented members of my group were picked up by the Atlanta agency. I however moved on to the national showcase in Los Angeles in January of 2019. The Industry Network CEO, Tiffany Rochel, kept every contestant informed with email updates leading up to the event. After preparing my material for months I participated in the national competition alongside hundreds of other contestants. I was led by my program director, Adam Greene, who kept us informed and motivated every step of the way! After the competitions were scored and completed I was fortunate enough to receive 10 callbacks from agency representatives, management teams, and casting directors. The Industry Network is a phenomenal organization that gives opportunity to ordinary people to be seen and discovered! To all of the negative reviews I see about The Industry Network, let me just say this. You get out what you put into the process. If you treat it like a joke, then don't expect much. But if you work hard and take the process seriously, you will be rewarded in more ways than one.


Best experience ever!!

Hello all! I’ve posted as a comment on other pages, but I figured a front and center review might be helpful. I know I was scared when I was originally signing my daughter up to go to nationals. I’m a mom who has been to nationals with my daughter. I can tell you some things about this experience. First, if they see potential in you, they will make it happen. Second, these people are loving, caring and incredibly thoughtful when it comes to who they choose to send. I don’t have much money, but I saved and scrounged everything I could to send my daughter to nationals last June. The regional event did leave me frightened as it was a bit disorganized, but nationals was a whole other thing. It is chaotic, but, what event with hundreds of kids and anxious parents isn’t? There are also plenty of adults that compete and overall, I’d do it again in a heartbeat. In fact, we did go back just this week. My daughter received call backs from 20 agents and managers, and these are huge modeling agents! When we went in June, my daughter got a lot of call backs and went to 2 big time modeling agencies for follow up interviews. That being said, she wasn’t ready in June. The agents are honest and I respect that. The guidance doesn’t stop after you leave, they will answer questions and help you make decisions. They truly care about their kids and want to help, as long as the kids put in the work. Going back, I felt pleased that I could help the other parents feel comfortable, and by day two, I had people seeking me out to ask about certain things or how things worked. Being there the first time is certainly overwhelming, but on the back end of things, every single person there on staff is rooting for you. I’ve never witnessed the level of support these people have given my daughter, and I will forever be grateful. This IS the real deal, guys. And if you don’t believe me, message me with questions.


Disorganized, messy, shady

Knowing it’s a competition, we had no problem with the price. Most agents will take younger kids to expos and competitions because it’s good resume padding, and my daughter decided to use it as a starting point to get back in the groove after a few years out of the business. This is definitely NOT a talent agency. Be aware of that. The “regionals” are complete BS. Ours were so messy that they were cancelled once without us being contacted, we never had the same instructor or the one we were promised, and in the end were sent someone with no acting experience. My kid had more acting experience than the woman sent, although she was nice enough. We did not have to pay for regionals because we told them point blank we had plenty of reputable training available. They then started talking us in to the national event, which we paid for (and were given regionals for free) because we fully understood what to expect at the expo. Of course, at the end of the “regionals,” everyone was “accepted” to nationals save for a couple of small children and a young woman who couldn’t remember a 1 minute monologue with a month of practice. She went away crying so they got their show of pretend rejection. Out of all that were “accepted” (maybe 20 or so), only 4 of us ended up at the event. I’m assuming that’s because we are the only ones willing to pay the 2 grand that does not include hotel cost or banquet tickets for anyone but the performer. We were also promised some training via Skype from the original person that signed us up, but calls and text to the number we were given went unanswered. Everything about the event was pretty disorganized, from the group “directors” that were basically young twenties kids that couldn’t care less about being organized or directing the group. The very first day of competition, the models in our group missed a call back for the feature because they weren’t told that these callbacks would be listed on a website. A modeling parent found out that the director was supposed to inform the group, but of course, he did not. Had my kid been in modeling, I would have wanted a partial refund. We were also told that we would be given a text only cell number for the director for information and other needs. We were never given any such number. In the “networking” event, I was immediately suspicious since one of the people that I knew to be an IN employee was presenting herself as an agent. She became one terribly fast if that’s the case, because only a few months before she stated she was not, nor had she ever been, a talent agent of any sort. Almost every contestant was given a callback from a couple of specific “agencies,” one of which has many, many negative reports online stating he will get you to sign a contract and then demand $1,000 to put your information on his website. Reports say that he then forwards you the occasional listing from Backstage. You can set up your own backstage profile for far less than 1k. A few were probably at least somewhat legitimate, but from what I know about other callbacks, more than a couple of agents were problematic, such as requiring paid classes from, of course, said agent. Don’t expect to be able to communicate with staff if there are problems. The only way to do so is to track them down, and they are less than gracious when you do, especially if it’s any question about their practices. There are also no guidelines or policies given about expectations or scoring. Most information we got from the director at the event and from the email instructions before the event are very mixed up. I know many parents were complaining upon arrival about how unclear many of the instructions were (i was able to figure them out because I’m a careful reader and don’t mind demanding clarification, especially if I paid for something) and how instructions “kept changing.” There was also a lack of proofreading on IN’s part that caused some confusion. An example is saying that something should “not be sent before” x due date when they really meant to convey that it was due by that date. Also, it’s a cash cow for more than just Rochel. They expect you to bring 100 headshots, and OF COURSE they will tell you who to order them from. We went in a different direction and I’m glad we did. They also don’t want the agents to be able to actually contact you without going through them, so they demand that you only put their email address instead of any personal information. It turns out you don’t need anything close to 100 headshots (more like 15-25), and I felt really sorry for the people that followed instructions and had such useless resumes stapled or printed on the back of their headshots. I had headshots available to affix with two different kinds of resumes (including her full one) as needed and had about 35 ready to go. If you DO attend this event, DO NOT get the resume with their contact info printed on the back. Staple about 25 of them and hold back any remaining shots until you need them. You won’t. The banquet is a joke and like everything else, there’s a cost for it. They don’t ask if anyone has allergies or dietary needs/restrictions and they just serve you what they want. I felt sorry for one girl at our table with food allergies, and you are out of luck if you are veg or vegan. Can you get discovered there? Maybe, but you have about the same chance or better if you take some classes at your local theater, maintain current headshots and keep a Backstage profile. There are a lot of great theater classes you can take with 2k +. If you decide to go, do so with very open and skeptical eyes. Do not expect it to be organized, do not expect Rochel and her staff to address problems that arise, and if something seems “sketchy” with an agent, it probably is as so. This is not a company to be trusted at face value and Rochel does not have much integrity.

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