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2.3/5 - based on 1900 reviews

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The Bradford Exchange has a 2.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1900 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 1th position out of 657 companies.


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9333 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Niles, Illinois, 60714, United States

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Not well explained

ordered these daughter i love you eggs,when the arrived ,said MADE in CHINA,said they were hand made,i give doubt to this going by the origin.cirtificate is just a typed piece of paper which anyone could write. Although no complaints on actual item but as 22 carot gold i am wary of this statement.Think the company should be honest to where these items are made.


Not happy with my coin

Im not paying 62 dollores when its worth a dollor i called befirecand told them im not paying but i guess they didnt get the picture


I Want To Cancel My Order

It cost way too much and I cant afford it so I want to cancel my order I would not have ordered it if I knew how much it was going to cost me!! I would not recommend buying from your company to anyone! Thank you for understanding! Karen Bunkers


Dome of Doom

Several weeks ago I returned two Domes of Doom that were ordered on accident. I was refund the 160.00 for one but never refunded for the other. I also informed you that I need the refund as soon as possible. How much longer am I going to have to wait before my money is returned? Elizabeth


Can’t talk to you bout charges

Why are you STILL taking money out of my checking for 2 different products I think you forgot to stop the payments


Unrecognized payment

Look someone took money out of my account 43 dollars and I have not brought anything and Im pissed I would like to know why money was taken out of my account like it was a lot of money and I would like a refund for whatever you all took out of my account this is *** being charged for something I have no clue what was brought or anything


Not happy with product

Poor quality of the music box part. The seam on the side of egg was not smooth. The Poem Card was not enclosed.


Cancel order

Only wanted one dream catcher. I cannot afford one every damn month I only get $850 Social Security and you guys keep taking my money out. Cancel this subscription or whatever it is please I cannot afford this at all. Do not want any more, thank you for your time and matter in the situation Miss Cannon for 735 Velma Ln., West Palm Beach, FL cancel please


Plate Collection

I would like to know what is the value of 1996 Saint Anthony Braden Number 84-B10-3330.4 By Hector Garrido


Replacement product

I had received Product #14-0021*-*** around 5-9-2023 and opened it on 5-11-2023 and found one of the lamp post was broken .I had paid in full at that time. I contacted your company rep. at that time and explained the problem and she said they would send me another one in 5 to 7 days . I received it today 5-22-2023 . The problem with this one (2 problems) they charged me again for it and it has 2 broken light post ..I would like it replaced again , and please check it to make sure it is a good one , Credit the charge for the second one . I expect a good one considering what the cost . Thank You C. Raymond Swisher


Delete/cancel/suspend the reards program on my name

I do not wish to participate in your rewards program. I don't believe I will benefit from it for I won't need checks or any of your services for a long time. please suspend rewards program in my name. i do NOT wish to see any more charges on my Bank Original Order Number is 992013****24-1


Cant get a response from Bradford Exchange

Ive called, tried to e-mail them, wanted a refund but no response. The e-mail address I emailed, is not valid. My e-mails both got sent back. Pictures and complaint were sent back stating Not A Valid Address.


I have bought two rings the Dallas cowboys ring stone was missing when I got it then I just paid two hundred for mothers ring and the one of the stones fell out second day and still have one payment l

Rings wrong color stones and Missing ones bought two rings from yall and stones fell out of mothers ring after two days and octobers is not white and my Dallas arrived with a missing stone I do not have labels to send back and this rings are not cheap to me but apparently made cheap


Poor customer service. Genuine stupidity on the other end at customer service

Bought a ring for my wife and had it Xpress shipped for Valentines Day. It showed up and was the wrong size so we did the instructions in the box that say we dont have to contact just send it in and use the label, which we did. It then took weeks for them to send me an email and it was just an advertisement for more stuff for sale. Nothing to do with my order at all. I had to call customer service five times to get through. Then they tell me that the ring that I asked to be replaced in the first place which they gave me money back for without saying anything, and never send a replacement now charged my card after I had to re-purchase this and send it again there now trying to send me a replacement two months later. How ridiculous. Theyve now charge my bank account $40 that they say I cant get back for another three weeks due to their mistake. And when I told the guy customer service well, I would like to speak with somebody else because what youre saying to me is absolutely wrong and terrible customer service and they said to me nope there isnt anybody else you can talk to you, sir I would recommend if you are looking for a piece of jewelry that you go to a pawnshop. Youll get better quality and better customer service.

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