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TextNow has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1300 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 3th position out of 1129 companies.


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420 Wes Graham Way, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 0J6, Canada

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Product delivery service

Item ordered took over two weeks for delivery no tracking number or customer service was made available very poor business ethics


My number disconnected after 3 months ofb12 month subscription

I purchased a number from TextNow for an additional number for my business! I went to use it this morning and it is discontinued! Wonder how many customers this has happened to!!???


Paid for one year and number isn’t working

I purchased a one year subscription to Text now because I wanted a back up number for my business for 4.99 and I honestly have not used it for about a month and tried to use it this morning and realized it was disconnected! What the heck!


Keep getting texts blocked

I keep getting blocked and it tells me to prove that I am a human. Then I have to press and hold a button. How do I get this to stop? I have JavaScript turned on and accepting cookies.



I would like to cancel my Sim card and get a refund please. It will not work in my phone and I have a phone now and don't need the SIM card. Thank you They will not accept Email for cancelling. I want my money back from Text Now. Thank you. They won't give it back.


Cant use without wifi

I paid full amount to get wifi anywhere and as soon as I'm outta range of my home wifi it stops working. Totally bummed.


My grandma never got her SIM card she paid for.

We have been waiting for almost a month for this SIM card, and they never sent it to us. But we've already paid for it, and we would like a full refund. And we believe they are taking money off of my grandmas card. So would you all please send a refund or give her, her money back please and thank you!


Account was closed due to false information by text now

Updated by user Jul 21, 2023
Customer service disconnected our chat while I was trying to verify

Original review Jul 21, 2023
I paid for the service and tried to send a message but the connection was interrupted so you assumed I was a Spam bot and now refused to give me access into my account which is my two-factor authentication method to get into every account I have. Customer support refuses to help. You said I violated terms of service but then cannot give me specifics on what violations I assumably violated.


Baf product. Sim card and now past 2 an Eastern time why is Techinal problem

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Because they just cost me a whole lot of stuff because they are so incompetent I can't pick up one *** email or voicemail and now I can't call out they're telling me I got to say it send a message

Why the *** can I take a voicemails why can't I make a call out I have Wi-Fi I'm connected tell me why you had to screw this up for me so bad that I lost everything never ever ever use this company it is the worst company it cost me everything and they do not have any support any customer support it takes forever to get to one person and then it's like oh can't help you bye and hangs up after waiting for like 3 hours no don't use this company I mean I don't care if you think you like it now you won't like it later I can't pick up one voicemail it's telling me to send messages to keep my phone number well I send them everyday don't use don't use don't don't use don't use don't use


I logged out for just 2 hours and it is asking me change the phone no and I don’t want to change it

I logged out for just 2 hours and it is asking me change the phone no and I dont want to change it. My email address findritum@***.com My phone no 678806**** My mobile no 678622**** Please help to keep this no


Not happy with phone.

Downloaded this app and it was to be free talk and text, well I can't get it to work. I can't put $on this and it not work for us. *** needs this tablet, new Cancer stage 3 lung , Heart failure with new stent,gall bladder today surgery done with drain tube.Need phone for his care


Porting issues

I haven't tried to pour out of text now for over a month and they don't have a phone number to call. I have email correspondence with them but they told me to contact intelloquent porting department for the issues that I'm having with porting out but when I call and telloquent porting department from the phone number that they gave me in the email, intelligent tells me that they don't have anything to do with porting out text now phone numbers. The Canadian phone number listed on *** customer for TextNow also doesn't work. There's just no answer and it says user busy every time. If you're using it as a second line it's not so bad but I was using it as a main line and now I'm having problems getting my main line ported into a different company. I had three phone numbers with text now and one of them already got ported out and there was no problems but I don't know why we're having so many problems with my main one.


Never got the SIM card I paid for.

You get what you pay for. Virtually no customer service. Disappointed. I tried the web site. I found a phone number on the internet. Nothing helpful whatsoever. I will not be recommending this to anyone. Its free but it would be nice if they cared enough to provide some level of service & accountability.


I paid for absolutely nothing but *** customer service

I just recently downloaded the textnow app. I tried connecting to face book google iCloud and a few others. It wouldnt allow the verification code to go through. I saw ad saying if I purchased it I would be able to sign non those apps. I I paid for the SIM card thing. Turns out it didnt work for that. But not only that its being shippped to a address I dont live so it was a total waste.what I really dont understand I this text now app wont allow a refund or to every cancel it. I wanted to cancel I less than fine minutes after getting it . I spent five hours staying up late last night to get it canceled with out any luck nor did anyone reply ti anything i said. Theres some kind of support tab in the app. But that is the dumbest automated messenger Ive ever come across. It doesnt understand simple English. Im wondering why is it so easy to purchase stuff but impossible to cancel. Does textnow need money that bad they get you for five dollars. I google FREE call/text apps. This one popped up. I know nothing is really free. But if I am going to pay its got to be worth it. I wont even receive the damn SIM card cause its going to my ex wifes house she sure as *** isnt going to give it to me. You would think that you would offer the ability to edit or cancel an order what you really offer it the endless runaround that lead me you now where. As soon as Im done writing this to textnow Im deleting the app. Ill never want to spend money there and even if I didnt spend money and just used it for free I still wouldnt. You guys should really focus a little on customer as much as you do focusing in on screwing people over for 5 dollars


Never received SIM card

I paid for a SIM card I never received. How do I go about finding it or getting it replaced. Please help that would be awesome

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