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Teleteria has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 31 customers. In the Web Design and Development category, it secures the 14th position out of 236 companies.


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Teleteria Reviews


Scam Alert

Jay is worthless and so is Sara. Once Jay gets your money, they set up a site that gets no hits. Then want to charge you a monthly upkeep. He promised a Facebook pages with all these likes. The page was never made.


Lies lies scam scam

Big liers big lies scam artists , lost all my money and they lie to you and his associate Sarah is a big lier also its all bull . He is a cad and a coward and a thief



Jay is a professional scammer. The whole Teleteria group is scammers Jay Servidio Teleteria Inc. 1325 Sixth Ave. 27 Floor New York, N.Y. 10019 P 203 966 **** C 203 667 **** F 203 966 ****



Jay is rude and can not be trusted. He will take your money and then try to charge you more. The internet site never had visitors and it did not even work normally.


SCAM , Con Artist

Jay Servedio ripped me off of $3000.00 !! He is a con artist with an F rating in the Better Business Bureau. Jay gives no refunds , only lies and Dreams.


What to do after the death of Jay

I bought a casino from Jay a year-and-a-half ago. I never made a dime with it they would not even return your phone call. does anyone know of anything we can do to recoup that or to get a casino working mine was . We need to put a class action lawsuit together against his estate he probably had tons of money stashed away. Call me Robert Burns 864 325-**** cell phone



Hello my name is Christine Addae. I have a situation that seemed promising but no longer seems that way.On June of 2017 I went to a franchise website to start my on business and I partnered up with a company by the name of TELETERIA CASINO which is an( online global sports betting business).Before I I decided to partner with them I googled the company and I went on youtube and read and heard testimonials about how successful other clients became from this. my first payment to partner with TELETERIA CASINO was $6,000. I first started out with one website and couple of months later I decided to purchase two more websites which cost me $4400 and I paid even more money for the set-up of my websites and the maintenance of my websites. Not to mention the fact that I had to pay a monthly fee of $100 to keep my websites up and running. The Problem is Since I've been with the company for almost one year I have not made any money and now the young lady who originally signed me up by the name of SARA MONTAINE, stated that the owner of the company has "passed away" and they have shut the company down. I have put over $14,000 into this opportunity in hopes to save myself from being homeless and being able to help my family out because (my mother passed away on December ,22,2016). I have called Sara's phone but got no answer, I have left her voice messages to call me back and got no reply and I even emailed her..... I have emails and bank statements to prove that I sent this company money for my websites, for marketing and now the company shut down and I was assured I would make money from my business opportunity and I did not....I need help and I have no clue what to do next. PLEASE HELP ME....My cell phone number is 332-200-**** and my email address is christineaddae@***.com! I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you so much!






I paid 3000 for a website and promissed to pay the rest in monthly payments of 350.00. I spent 2 hours a day advertising. Two weeks has gone by and I noticed several countries were looking at my site but no one was signing up. I contacted customer service and they told me that Top Bet only takes players from the USA. Everything Teleteria said to me was a lie. I found out the Owner of this company died and his wife took all the money from the account. Please stay away. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM DATE 3/22/18


Will promise you the moon and starts and deliver NOTHING

After talking to Jay Servidio several times on the phone and through emails I decided to go against my husband's advice and do business with this so call "business" man. Jay promised me the world on a silver platter and wasn't able to deliver. He promised that as long as I done exactly what they told me to with marketing my website I would be making money in 60-90 days. Well, its been OVER a year and I still have seen the first dime. I have attempted several times to contact Jay without success. I have put in countless hours trying to make this work without success. I was told that this was a "worldwide" website but that it an absolute lie! His wife, Sara finally told me that they would "sell" my site so that I wouldn't lose my investment. That was 6 weeks ago and to this day NOTHING. I ignored all the bad reviews regarding this company thinking that it was just a few people that just wanted something for nothing, boy was I WRONG.Whatever you do do not do business with this company or you'll regret it like I have.


Honest review of Teleteria

Here is an honest truth about and CEO Jay Servidio. I purchased an online casino from Teleteria and purchased the highest marketing package from Teleteria. I was told through chat from Jay Servidio not to use (turns out that is what he does on his marketing and video testimonials). I am told it takes 60-90 days to see a return on investment and I have not seen a return on investment. At first the website design I thought was good,(lack of knowledge) but as I checked around SEO experts/agencies have informed me it was not with quality (checked with 5 experts). As my website was setup and running I did more research and realized that this niche is harder than makes it to be and takes a long time to actually see a profit. What I can say about is the fact that it is a market affiliate website and the truth is the problem is the marketing. Search Engine Optimization is what everyone needs to know. I do no recommend and CEO Jay Servidio. Hope everyone sees this and learns from my mistake.



I Told him exactly what I wanted in email and in person, he said that he can do it and never delivered. Paid up to $1500 for a 2500 and stop at 1500. After I was told he won't read my emails unless I sent him another $500 and then he promises to take care of me... lol. Yah ok. I think we should all put a lawsuit against him, anybody feel free to contact me. He a fast talker and has a good pitch he will take you to dinner once you sign up. Then ask you to go to the strip club with him and look escorts on back page. CC billing the host they use sucks, the actually site just links to other site. His site are build for reproduction just to sell temples to customers like us that don't know much about online business. His web designer Cory, I don't think she can build custom sites at all they are just selling temples. DONT SPEND A DIME...



Do not work with Jay promises marketing, lies, lies, and lies. Jay will just take you deposit 500 here 500 there and keeps promising he's going to complete the site. Will even take you to dinner if you sign up. There's only 1-4 employees and I don't think the designer Cory is a real web designer. I wasted $1500 which was almost have and the site didn't work cc billing their hosting company sucks. The site was impossible to even watch a video. I think all of us should get together a put a law site against him. Note* If he has good review it's because he ask his clients to post when he first start working with them, jay even sends a link with what to say so you can copy an past. DO NOT WORK WITH HIM!!!


Don't do business with Jay Servidio

The company did not deliver a website that worked for over 5 months. I provided documentation on the error that users were receiving for over 3 months and the site was never fixed. Jay Servidio would say he was doing something about it and he was going to get it fixed. Jay Servidio is very dishonest and never delivers on what he says he is going to do. Please take my advice and do not do business with this company. I filed claims with Better Business Bureau, Fair Trade Commission, Consumer Protection Bureau, and with the Attorney General. It is a shame you can not trust people to do what they are suppose to do.



AAA READ ABOUT JAY SERVIDIO and TELETERIA.COM SCAM January 2017 Jay Servidio from is a desperate cowboy out looking to pick up a few thousand here and there to try and make ends meet. Jay Servidio is not a marketing genius, although he claims to have a decorated resume all of it is full a ***. Once you land on you will clearly notice that he offers an online casino built to suit your demands. Jay claims on that he will have you up and running your own casino in 3 days lol. There is no casino, there is nothing. Everything on his website is full of hot air intended to lure you in and drop a few grand on empty promises. He talks a big talk but the guy is soft. He has no clients, he has no money, he has nothing everyone. Don’t kid yourself. Don’t try to convince yourself that this is a key to recurring revenue. It’s nothing but a scam. After your initial payment he will deliver to you a wordpress skin that’s worth maximum 20 bucks then tell you that you will need to advertise this landing page that links to an affiliated online casino and you will take a percentage of the loses that your referrals obtain. It is not a real online casino. There are several online casino solutions out there but this is not one of them. He hides behind his phone and computer. He is a soft little girl that talks a big talk, trust me, trust these words and don’t give this fool a dime. I have currently lawyered up and in the processes of pressing charges and suing him for punitive damages. If you have the itch to spend some coin, go to a casino and throw it away there don’t send this guy a cent.

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