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TeleTech has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 151 customers. In the Professional Services category, it secures the 7th position out of 763 companies.


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Was i fired from the company

Ok I am needing to know was I let go from your company yes or no now it is really getting annoying . I have not worked for you company in months and I need to know if I was let go or you still have me employed an if so why


To warn people

HR doesnt know what they are doing.One Rep says one thing the other says something different. The supervisor are not on your side, to help you at all . Payroll screwed up pay checks !


Can't get in touch with my recruiter

I just received all of my equipment yesterday. My recruiter told me to reach out to her when I got all of my thing or even if I didnt. Ive reached out to her to let her know i got my things and finished bot testing. There is a class today but I dont know what time or what to do and shes hasnt responded back to me


Technical support

Computer wasnt letting me complete set up ,but I was able to get on the phone with a representative and complete the set up.


Need an immediate answer to something

Yes. No ever contact about incorrect pay or termination letter. Worked everyday from 9am-8:15pm Monday,Thursday Friday, Saturday fired because had to take son to ER for Covid. Fired by Erin Landry on 10/01/21 but didn't get termination letter or correct pay today? My employment status is incorrect and always ignored just like when working by supervisors and leads when asking important questions or any questions. Please help so want have to deal with this professionalism.


Im an employee

I had worked with TeleTech for a year. One day I went to log in, and the system wouldn't let me in. I have tried and tried to contact management with no return calls, I have not been sent a separation notice or anything, just a request to return my equipment. They have shorted me like 80 hours right before this happens as well. I thought this was a great company, but I was wrong.


Nobody to talk to for zoom meeting

All my equipment is waiting and I would like to know why nobody tried to help out for the zoom meeting so I wont miss anything


Ttec has been great.

I was asking in reference to when my equipment would be shipped because I just went through hurricane Ida and they said as soon as it ships I should get an email and then if I dont receive it by Friday or Monday I should call them back had no problems with them so far


Paycheck not received

Cannot contact -no response - Havent been paid for work done during training - Trying to contact TTEC-



I have applied for a couple of virtual jobs but have not heard from the company. Please let me know what the status is of my applications. Thanks0


I have a question on payroll deduction

I started my training with ttec I'm may and out of nesting June 7. On June 8 I resigned from training June 8. With oveda.scott@***.com. I returned the ttec computer o. June 15-17. UMR rep states that I was enrolled from June 1st till the 15th. I was charged for insurance I never got to use. I did receive my insurance card June 4-6. The following week I resigned. I received my last check and was deducted 690 for insurance I never used. I would like my refund I'd was lppln


To talk about my computer

They gave me website to go to but I didnt get a chance to write it down They gave me the website but I wasn't able to run down I am needing care and concern my computer and I'm having issues getting in with the gray car.


W2 info needed

I still have not been contacted by ttech in regards to my W-2 and I'm running out of time to file my taxes


I want to make a complaint

I wanted to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with TTEC. I wanted to let you know that I have invested my time, which included moving from Illinois to Tennessee for a great job opportunity. I also wanted to add I did all protocols and procedures that was requested from TTEC which included PASSING ALL TESTS! It is very unacceptable for a technician/your employee Gary Halatek to inform me that a "MFA does not connect to my id information to the global affect." It is also very unacceptable from Kelley Hernandez to state on the email she wrote me that the TCI failed as making me at fault! This makes me believe that TTEC is NOT reputable company. The solution that was provided is to reapply for the job position that is no longer available; If I was to reconsider to apply again for a position for TTEC I believe the outcome would be the same. Therefore, I have considered not to apply or refer a friend/family member with TTEC.



Updated by user Feb 01, 2021
I have called TTEC main office and left messages with mo reply...I have sent emails, no reply.

Original review Feb 01, 2021
This company is a joke. They do not advocate for their new prospects and treat new hires like they are on am assembly line. They hire people to work from the privacy of their own homes to answer the phone then to only suspend and terminate based on background information, most inaccurate. No opportunity to file dispute or to speak. I also still have not been paid for hour worked. This company should value its employees...especially ones who want to work, show up on time, and work to better the company. I have consulted with attorneys.

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