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Target has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 3300 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 7th position out of 289 companies.


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1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403, United States

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About my bill

June bill I had to pay in July. I was trying but my bank was up date that time Then had a new baby arrived we was busy with that because he had some problems. July I received an other bill with fee change $ 31.00. Then I called , lady said if you pay today $ 32.08 I will right off the. Fee . Same time I paid my $ 32.08 ,by on line banking , My fee should be right off , Today I Received an other bill with the amount of $ 72.24. It should not be No bill at all. If I have to pay $72.24 Fee,then cancel my card I never use your store at all thank you. I always tried to pay in time.



Call target rochester minn 507 536 **** have them tell Mario Kevin likes say hi Mexican girls scare Mexican girls when Kevin says hi call Mario and ask for Mario target 507 536 **** say have them tell Mario Kevin likes scare Mexican girls when Kevin says hi call and ask for Mario have them tell Mario Kevin scares Mexican girls when Kevin says hi call target 507 536 **** Kevin


Bad customer service for online ordering

Online order asked me which target when I started ordering. After selecting I made my order, then paid using pay pal. After I arrived at the location they served everyone around me and when I asked what was going on with my order they told me it wasn't at this store and I would have to go to the other one across town. The entire reason I was using the "drive up" feature was because I just had surgery on my toe and needed to get sandals to walk around in. So here I am driving across town now with a bad toe while waiting on hold for the online customer service rep. When they answered they were extremely uncaring and rude, and ultimately after explaining 3 times what happened to them they said they were just going to transfer me to the physical store. I informed them that the physical store wasn't hte problem it was the ordering system. They said "I don't know what you mean" which I replied, "Do I have to repeat myself again?". To which they simply said, "yes". After explaining the entire situation again and stating it's the online order that caused this they said. "it's your responsibility to check the location at checkout". Which was ultimately very frustrating because I had selected the correct store at the start of my order. After stating that they simply repeated themsleves at which point I asked for a manager. After being on hold for 10 minutes I kept them on speaker and limed into the physical store and waited in line, barefoot to speak with a clerk. While waiting in line the phone call was clearly disconnected on from the other end so I never got to speak to a manager, no was a follow up made. HORRIBLE customer service experience.


Have not received money back

Hello hope you are well. I made a purchase which was cancelled Order number 908193****181 I was charged from my card but the money hasnt returned back. Kindly help me with this I am worried.


I bought a switch game and I forgot the receipt

Please I bought a mario game and a Johnson Johnson cream at the silver lake target yesterday before closing on the self check out is there any chance I can get my code please I paid 83 total


I guess there is a real problem hiring people because it's apparent they would rather have bad employees than really good customers. I've spent thousands of dollars with that sad org. no more.

Store is always FILTHY!! ALWAYS lines out to the back of the store- cashiers that are so large they must sit down to do their work which means they are slow as molasses- So I stood in line- see another register- walk over to that one when a young man opens another register- and He asked for people to step up- and I did- The the cashier in front of this register started running her mouth- that he wasn't supposed to open the register- a supervisor from the self cashier walks over and tells him he can't have the register open- and the EE asked did something change while I was on vacation- and the Super said yeah- and I said yeah because Target has no problem with people lined up out the back of the store. And then the super laughed at me- and here goes the other cashier- flapping her jaws- I asked her several times to just stop- and she kept on- and I said you don't want to take me on today- and she kept on and on- I finally told her to *** and OMG the outrage- You obviously are looking to only have customers from MAGA group anyway- obviopusly you want no one else to shop there and given I was banned- It will be a cold day in *** before I spend another hard earned dollar at the loser company- Enjoy your MAGAs


Horrible customer service

My daughters gift card was stolen, and we have the receipt, we called all of her cards and replaced her permit, but the one store that cant help us is Target. I asked to speak to a supervisor 4 times and he wouldnt transfer me. I asked to do a survey, and he hung up.


I made an order last night to wrong place ,I want to transfer my order to my area at davenport, please.

They can ship my order for me to my address 393 Pentas LN, Haines city,FL 33844.Thanks.My order go to the Target at Brandon


Store experience

I can not find how to send a message to Target customer service. The level of incompetence at the Palm Desert Target is unlike anything Ive ever experienced from a corporate run store. These people have clearly never been trained on what to do when a customer gets hurt and they don't even have basic common decency to know how to act. I would love corporate management to pull up the cameras from yesterday around 10:45-11am to see when I slipped in water in front of the customer service desk. A HUGE puddle of water that was right under their nose as the young man and woman stood there talking. There were those two people at the desk on one side of me, and 3 cashiers on the other side and not one single person came over to help me up. As I slid around and lifted myself off the floor, theyjust watched and then the guy behind the desk asked if I was ok and I immediately stated No, Im not. That really hurt my knee. He and the girl then just stood there staring at me. He then goes, You just fell somehow? like I did it for no reason out of the blue. I said, No.I slipped! Theres water all over the ground here. He then stated, oh it must have been those kids that were here. The girl told him to go get some paper towels to clean it up. He did and then she just stood there looking at me as dumbfounded as he had. I asked her to check my gift card balance which is why I was coming over there as he went to clean up the floor. I kept checking my knee because my adrenalin was going and I couldnt tell how bad or ok it was. I complained that I was on my way to my granddaughters birthday party and now my shirt was all wet on the back and I had to have Target floor on me all day which is disgusting. I was hurt, humiliated, and embarrassed. After a few more minutes of complete disinterest in my wellbeing, I finally told the guy that I appreciated him cleaning up the whole floor but maybe he could offer me something for the backwash that had been dripping down my leg for the past few minutes. He tried to hand me a paper towel and I asked for a sanitizing wipe instead. The girl called on the radio for Rocio to come up. Rocio comes over and I asked for sanitizing wipes for my leg and tell her I fell. Rocio turns around to go get them. I asked the girl if she thought she should call a manager since someone just fell in the store and she informed me that Rocio WAS the manager! Seriously?! That was the manager? She sure didnt act like a manager who was just told a customer fell and was hurt in her store. Then Rocio comes back and hands me.wait for itan alcohol wipe. Like the little square ones the clean your arm with before you get a shot. Wtf am I supposed to do with this? I tried to open it bigger but it was still too small. My whole leg was dripping wet. This is Target and you cant find a sanitizing wipe? At that point I expressed my frustration with how nobody helped me up, nobody seemed concerned at all, I had to ask for something to clean myself up, I had to ask for a manager, nobody even offered to take an incident report, I was dirty, I was wet, I was hurt, I was embarrassed and being humiliated by the staff and everyone was acting clueless how to handle the situation. She then got defensive with me and said Do you want ice? What do you want? You want a shirt? Go get a shirt? I told her I didnt want anything from her! Why would I want help from someone who clearly doesnt want to help me? I was so pissed off I just walked away, got my granddaughters bows and bags and left. I was so angry I forgot I had another gift in the car and had to return to get another bag at which point I see the two useless customer service people presumably talking about it (they were gesturing towards the floor and making dramatic faces) and laughing hysterically about the situation. Not one single thing was done correctly from start to finish. Hire better people and train them!! I will be filing a complaint bc this experience was so beyond horrible and didnt need to be that way! I also called yesterday to file my own incident report. However, the gentleman on the phone said that I would receive something in my email and I never did. He struggled a little with spelling my name so not sure if he got the email address correct. Please let me know if you received my incident report as well.


*** bathing suit and *** children books

Shame on you target! The majority of your customers are straight law, abiding families, with children, and a father and a mother, and theyre not looking for alternative books or clothing, when that could be found on a site for homosexuals, transvestites, queers, or whatever you wanna call them, but keep it out of target because were all not going to shop there anymore yet you do have great products, but its the principle and not the product Shame on you target for being so promoting such a minority group of people who demand more than they are entitled to because they think they are special because they are ***



Nope will never shop Target. And quit buying AB Beer products. Amazing on how many Corporate people WANT to rub elbows with those who are part of a system that is destroying America from within. If Target, whom has been supporting such groups for 10 years now, wants to promote this Woke Anti Religion, Anti American thought, then open a separate store for them!!! We ALL will go before a Divine being, not just a Christian one, it may be one whom you believe and have faith in, and have to explain why THEY CHOSE to side with Evil. How they know there are more than 2 sexes. How they contributed to a down fall of society, thus the destruction of the USA, which is based on and created with Divine inspiration. AB InBev understands now the bridge to far, but will others take heed? Going to make this clear as possible, these "boycotts " are NOT just a right wing political thing. Ummm I personally now many Independent, and even some of the Anti American Democrat Communist Party voters, whom have had to open their eyes to whats happening. This will fall on DEAF EARS. Oh and this will *** of the woke, the CANCER that is the Democrat Communist Party, and others, but God Bless those who may read this, God Bless the USA (which IS much needed).





You're trans gender ***

Original review May 23, 2023
I used to shop at target all the time since you opened I have stopped for the last two years I will never shop at target again Keep on with your woke *** its like the old saying goes go woke go broke we will *** break you as a corporation you have to be the dumbest bunch of incompetent indoctrinated college but holes That I have ever seen remember you cant fix *** stupid pay attention watch and listen and watch your numbers go in to the *** toilet we are done supporting you take your George Soros diversity rating as a company and shove it up your *** we dont give two rats *** about George Soros and what he *** thinks what is NGO *** I think its time that you wake the *** up and get control of your company and quit allowing stupid *** NGO companies to tell you what the *** drop do Remember you cant fix *** stupid


I'm pissed

Updated by user May 27, 2023
Target has received my complaint, and chose to close it out without a response or taking any action. EVIL company.

Original review May 23, 2023
Are you kidding me?! Gay pride *** in the children's section?! I live around the corner from a Target and go there three times per week. But no longer. Goodbye target. Hello Walmart. You have caved to child perversion and gay grooming. *** you, and the gay horse you rode in on. My kids are no longer allowed to darken the doorway of your evil stores.


Damaged merchandise has arrived

The only order I made online and it has taken a long time to arrive, I arrive with open boxes and damaged dishes three out of four broken !! I call customer service and there are no people, only machines that do not solve anything!


Target sucks

My mother in law bought a stroller carseat combo for our baby girl. She was super stoked about being a Grandma... I was 3 months pregnant when I received this gift. She purchased this at Target. Two weeks later, I lost my baby... I've been very dysfunctional since. So, when I tried to bring the unopened item back to the store for store credit they told me no because it was a high $$$ ticket item. I called customer service number multiple times only to reach not one person. I was prompted to the online chat. Which again gave me zero solution.

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