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2.2/5 - based on 39 reviews

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Swift Lock has a 2.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 39 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 18th position out of 211 companies.


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Swift Lock Reviews


Bad flooring

Want to know how to get a hold of company Lowes where I bought it from has no idea how to get ahold of them !


Not available any longer

If you have any available Swiftlock Eastport Oak Auburn available in Southern California area, please contact: dshaw789@***.com. Need to replace some that was damaged. Thanks.


Defective Product

The laminate we installed is so slippery. My husband fell and broke his hip. I was putting up a bed. Headboard slid off the wall and landed on my toe. Called Lowes no luck. We are seniors on a fixed income. Just survived hurricane Micheal.


Terrible to install

Tried for 2 days to install just could not get this floor to stay together , get out 3 - 4 rows from wall and it's came apart very frustrating. Tried everything possible except glue I returned to store and purchased a better product


This stuff sucks

It is almost impossible to put this stuff down. It will not lock together in the ends. There are going to be raised seams and cracks everywhere. I hope whoever designed this product contracts some sort of horrible, painful STD. This stuff is crap.


Expert in flooring

I have done hundreds of flooring jobs, including laminate click together. This is the worst flooring i have ever had to install. I average 1,000 sq feet a day and its taken me 5 hours to do 50 sq ft. Don’t buy this flooring, your money will go to waste.



Swiftlock sucks! Nothing swift about it!! I did a bunch of laminate installtions in the past with no problem, this *** was a pain in the *** to get the joints to lock and they chip very easy. It took me all day to do a 10 by 12 room which should of only took 4-5 hours but at least the end result looked nice.


Buckling laminate floor

I bought this remodeled condo 3 months ago. Loved the floors at first, however now I am finding numerous areas that are buckling. Haven't looked into repairs yet but really worried that it is going to be an expensive job.


Worst product ever

I am the owner operator of a Handyman service, I have been in business for over 30 years. A customer bought 840Sf of Natural Maple Swiftlock laminate flooring. After 6 hours of work I was able to install less that 30Sf of this crap, the locking tabs broke on 90% of the planks, they would not lock leaving a gap between rows, the edges chipped, rolled or heaved leaving a ridge. After my 6 hours of struggle, I told the home owner there was NO way I could work with this product and make it look nice. I told her to return it and get a better product. If I could give this product a negative star rating it would be -20. I will never bid of another job if Swiftlock is being used or on site. In fact I would not use this product if it was given to me for free.


No problems at all...

had swiftlock installed on my upper floor of 1500 feet in 1 day..that was 7 years ago and it still looks like new..have had us, kids , toys, dogs, cats, etc. ..moved furniture across it and NOTHING harmed it..I just dont believe all this so called reveiws aon here slamming it..am not a pro installer but had no problems whatsoever ..and still havent...I am looking for about 200- 225 ft. of moroccan hickory style laminate floor to do another room now, but, alas, Lowes does not carry anymore...does anyone have some or know where some is hidden away...great floor for us....contact me as soon as possible or I just might put some of that ceramic flooring down as it is in a kitchen...


Fraud, the name should be pain and suffering

I did one room with another brand and suckered in by the name. Swift lock is garbage, I wouldn’t take it even if it was free! Stay clear of this nightmare.


This *** is garbage

Words can’t descibe just how bad this stuff is, you’ll have to muscle it every step of the way they should be sued for false advertisement nothing “swift” about this locking mechanism


Need clearwater oak honey L601* 081 new or used planks

discontinued product. need to replace about 10 planks due to water damage. dimarker4@***.com akron ohio. shipping is no problem. so if you are replacing this floor,take your time removing it because there are about 100 people looking for this floor on the web. I had no major issues installing this floor. I did have to glue some of the joints because they wanted to separate. I put in about 400 square feet. and was not able to get all of it at one store. this made me a little nervous because not all of it was made on the same time and i was concerned that it would have a different shade but it all did look the same. hope somebody has some of this flooring. thanks mark


This *** shouldn't be sold

Pain in the *** knees n mind !!! I wouldn't refers this to nobody!!


Tough to install, zero water resistance

Had to connect short sides together first, making sure edges were absolutely smooth parallel to each other. Then take whole row turned up at 45' angle slide/click into previous row. Worked best when you had two people holding 15 ft. long strip of planks, then working down seam to make sure edges click together before flattening down new row. Even then didn't always securely lock up and you would have to re-do 2-3 rows! Real problem is product doesn't hold up to any wetness. Yes I have a not so good dog, *** penetrates seams if not caught immediately edges swell up. Also smell holds so we get a repeat pee-formance! The center layer of this product is like pegboard. I've torn it out went with Lifeproof /Isocore solid vinyl from Home Depot



Purchased laminate flooring item # 245168 Model 367761-***** from Lowe's in Petoskey, MI. Had an installer ATTEMPT to put it down, finally after 2 weeks of struggle, she gave up and said she could not spend any further time on it. We decided to take it back. Lowe's did give us an in-store credit, but the installer is still charging for her time. Basically I have paid for an installation that never occurred. This product was not snapping into place, tongue and grove was chipped right out of the box. She would put one piece in and the previous one would snap out of place. So now I am not only don't have a floor, if I do have a floor put down, I will be paying double. I should be reimbursed for this installation fee. There must be something you can do for me!

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