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StyleSeat has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 268 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 28th position out of 1129 companies.


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My booking site is not working

I have been trying to resolve my issue now for over a year with Styleseat and cannot speak with some directly this is absolutely crazy. Don't use styleseat. I'm going to have to take ny business somewhere else after 8yrs. This is unfortunate


Payout issue

I am not satisfied seeing how its been a week and it was a problem just to get the payment to my account now I have a account on file it says deposit it and I still do not have the money


Stealing money

Your person charged me a cancellation fee when they never showed and they rescheduled me for a time I never picked. I would like my money refunded ASAP and would like that person removed from doing business with your company



I have my account set up to be notified of appointments before Im supposed to service my clients. I have nothing in my email. I have nothing in my text messages, confirming upcoming appointments which is causing me to lose money. At this point its affecting my integrity with my clients, and my business all together. I pay for marketing, and to be on this platform to not receive the amenities that I once received.


Stylist no show

Jessica Heath was a no show. She did not answer the other stylist in the salon calls either. Black folks especially black women are their own worse enemies!!!


Got scammed on name of keratin treatment

I went for Keratin treatment to Kenneth fielding booked him by the app. He charged me 200 dollars for service and 40 dollars for shampoo he gave me. Its been less then 24h my hair are again curly. I feel the service wasnt good at all. I request to get my money back. Kindly look into it. When i asked him he said product might be expired hence I asked him to refund my money as i dont trust him to go second time for treatment which he is offering now.


I haven’t spoken to anyone

The stylist Elaya booked me an appointment without my consent and is trying to charge my card $179. I have tried contacting Elaya through text and call, and shes not responding. Im currently waiting for a response from someone.


No Support number, No easy access for customer support

This website charged me $123 plus $24 with an automatic payment after booking with someone to get my hair done. I paid her cash in person, but styleseat charged me and wiped my whole account negative and left an overdraft on my account. After asking for a refund i didnt receive it. And tried to email the website, its upsetting I have to wait multiple days for a response I may not even get. Plus theres no support number, the support number that was provided on the website, no one will answer it and the options wont allow you to move on to talk to an agent. Im upset and wont be using this website again.


Fraud (scam)

I made an apt I was provided a confirmation number and address. The phone number given is out of service and the address provided was to a school. I was also charged the full amount at the beginning of my apt time


Allow Stylist to Abuse Credit Card System

It begins when you cant leave messages on voice mails because the mailbox is full. The crumbling of your empire begins to quake because customers are upset and you are unavailable to help answer questions as it relates to your platform. My name is Monique Esberry and I am am business owner in Colorado. Sadly my son who is a full time college student tried booking an appointment and told the stylist he would not make it at the exact time due to an accident on the highway. He communicated this and the stylist charged him $144 and cancelled his appointment. When I called her, I explained that there was an accident. She then lied and said my son always misses appointments. He only had 3 appointments with her and made each one of them. When I put my son on 3 way, she changed her story and said that he never canceled. She then said she couldnt speak to me. Next, she sends screenshots of their communication which is good on my end. He never once canceled. He also commutes from Boulder to see her which takes an hour. Denver traffic is awful. This person refused to refund us or even reschedule. This is bad because she is on your platform. I am a business leader in Denver and very influential. I support local businesses as an ambassador for the city of Glendale, Colorado. I also serve on the leadership cabinet for council woman Stacey Gilmore of district 11. You should pay more attention to how stylist are abusing the system with your credit card payments. This stylist refutes that she has a no show policy. This policy does not align with what happened. I plan to dispute these charges. I have also referred other businesses to set up on Styles Seat which they have. This revenue benefits your business and not mine. I want to speak to the owner or experienced customer engagement representative. Warning, if you do not have better policies that protect the consumer against fraud, you will find more and more of these problems that can hurt your revenue stream. I want to work together to straighten this out or I will tell every business owner I know not to trust putting their credit card in.


Terrible service

This woman accused me of taking her wallet, which I didnt, and she called the police on me after I left. I spoke with the police who called and told them I hadnt, I had my son with me who was on the floor the entire time, so my assumption is that because there was a lot going on she could get away with getting more money from me, or convince me my son moved her things. She called nonstop after I drove away, sent texts and kept asking me to look for her wallet in my things?! I had a terrible experience, I paid a lot of money for a terrible service, I had to deal with the police, and had anxiety for days.


Unexpected Tax charge

I have been using Style Seat for years and have never experienced a $23 tax charge for a $66 service or any service. I rescheduled an appointment that was initially $55 but due to the rescheduling I was notified of the $1 booking fee and peak time slot that changed the price to $66. I agreed because it made sense. What doesn't make sense is the additional taxes applied. I looked at my other receipts on past appointments and did not see where taxes were applied. Please explain because it is additional funds I wasn't expecting to be taken out of my account of a total $89.10. Please someone explain this nonsense. Kind regards, Pissed Consumer


I was scammed

Updated by user Apr 20, 2023
She literally changed my appointment from April 22nd to April 16th and tried to charge my card again after I already paid her, luckily my card was off.

Updated by user Apr 20, 2023
StyleSeat is clearly about the stylists and not the clients. They are letting this girl keep her page on their website and she out here straight scamming people.

Original review Apr 20, 2023
I was literally scammed by a stylist named Dijah S and styleseat wont give me my money back. She made up a fake number and everything and they believe messages she sent to them and refused to give me a refund for services that I did not receive. My daughter is not in none of the pictures she provided as proof. I need the number to corporate.



Booked a appointment for my daughter through the at with provider soul styles and they refused me service. I was told my appointment was not secured because I never paid a deposit directly to her. Also told the style and price posted was not the actual price. Was told if she was gonna see me daughter today it would be an additional day of charge would like full refund warming post about providers please


Resolved: Charged me full price and Jasmine Nicole cancelled the appointment

Updated by user Mar 31, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund. Stylist rectified the issue, charged me 25% for missed appointment.

Original review Mar 31, 2023
The stylist told me not to come because it was too late, then charged me the whole amount of hair visit, instead of 50%

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