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Stemologica has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1200 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 7th position out of 955 companies.


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Krizikova 213/44, Karlin, Prague, 186 00, Czech Republic

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Stemologica rip off

ordered said cream .like so many others,and was under the impression that the £3.95 was for samples . Then if you liked the product,you could send for the full sized creams.As i got the goods in November 2015 i waited a month as it was for a Xmas present . Got a shock when i checked my bank statement, to see it had just over £200 deducted. Wasn*t prepared to pay that for something my wife had not tried.Tried many times to contact the stemologica site ,no joy ,tried phoneing kept ringing out. Went to my bank to change my account as i figured out this was definitely a scam .Bank obliged ,but said it was a police matter and it was my place to contact them .Didn't pursue matter. Didn't know so many others had been affected, till i found this site.So it was a costly lesson on my part. Got to be careful in future.


Short Review on March 11, 2017

Total fraud scammers do not give them a single credit ca4d/ bank detail


Retinola Scammers!!!



Stemologica Face Cream Free Trial Review

They took $189.98 without my permission


Stole my money by claiming to refund the product I returned to them.

I bought Stemologica on Impulse, but changed my mind because I had a skin care regime I was happy with so it was nothing against the product itself. They said they had a money back guarantee when I purchased it. I returned the product and it took 11 months to acknowledge that I returned the product to which they said, they refunded my money. This was a lie, because I never received a refund and when I questioned them about it numerous times, they said they refunded my money. Finally I disputed it with my bank and when I told them this they said "Since you appear to have disputed the transaction with your bank, we are powerless to revoke/refund any charges. This matter is now at the hands of our Risk Dept." Very shady company.


Illegally took money our of account and has not returned any money yet

Initially the Company got a hold of my credit card information, charged my account for some trial samples and refused to return the amount. I said I had not authorized any transactions or provide any credit card information. They did not agree with me and that cost me over $300 and they said my name would be removed off their list. 6 months later another charge was put on my credit card under a new name. When I contacted them using the old information they apologized and said that the charge was in error and 3 months later they have not refunded the money into my account. I will be seeking legal action.


Scam Retinola

A few weeks ago I ordered a sample of Retinola for shipping costs only. A few days ago I received a package and was surprise to find such large samples. I checked my credit card and found I was charged over $350. I will be returning this stuff and will notify my credit card today. Please beware. I really hope I can get my money back and I will be returning the product which I did not order. If you see an ad and it looks too good to be true, chances is it is. Do your research before you give you card number to anyone. A very disgruntled and upset consumer. I am getting stressed here because I need to type at least 100 words and I am very busy. I have said what needed to be said.


Charging Credit Card

Hello, I to have been scammed they are taking money from credit card and you can't speak to anyone just through email. Two years ago they said they cancelled my account and then just last October they charged my account. They have yet to refund my money and wont return my emails. People please DO NOT order anything from this site. They are scammers. I do not have pictures of product but they have quit corresponding with me and I keep emailing them everyday.A guy by the name of Andrew (customer satisfaction specialist)is the guy I am so called dealing with. But he has quit responding to me.



I tried one of their so called "free" products, entered credit card info only for shipping as per their offer. That was the first lie.... So after they charged my credit card an astronomical amount, I called, I argued, I shipped the product back, they said we will credit you back. Lie #2 Weeks after the products were received back, I know this as I was able to track said package. I had to call Stemologica MANY times to get my refund. I actually had people attempt to fight with me on the phone saying they did not receive the package, which I called them out on. Then they tried to offer more product instead of a refund, I refused. Finally almost 2 months later I got my refund. Funny part months later, just shy of a year, I check my credit card statement and here is a charge from Stemologica. I emailed them, I was advised it was a computer error. I told them to refund my card and remove my information from their computer, advised that it should take a week for the refund. Week and a half later I call again asking about my refund, now advised it could take 30 days. 30days later still no refund and funny enough know one from Stemologica will reply to my emails. I have started a case with BBB and advised my bank that this is a fraudulent company. I will post on every and any website possible to get the information out about this company!!


Stemologica Big Ripoff!!

When I set up a account with my local cable company that had internet in the bundle, I received a request to do a survey. It was set up to lead you to believe it was with the cable co. For doing this survey, I was to receive a free Stemologica beauty cream. It stated I would only have to pay for shipping. So like a *** I entered my credit card info. I got the cream in the mail, and this company charged my credit card $300!! I called the cable company which told me that they have no survey of any kind, to contact my credit card company. I had to cancel my card and after a so-called inquiry I was told there was nothing that could be done about it. I want to warn everyone not to be tricked by this company.


This company is the biggest Scam!!!

They are the biggest scam!!! They offer to your free gift and you only pay for is shipping and handling . after that they will have all rights to your credit card, take out your money as much as they want!!! Started with a thank free gift and you end up paying through the nose!!! WHERE IS THE JUSTICE ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING. I Do NOT want and NEVER ordered these products.I have been charged £69.95 every single month!!! I have NOT authorised you to charge ANY of my cards. Take this e-mail as an instruction that I revoke any previous authority you believe you have. The ‘Customer Service' number is a SCAM! I do not believe it is a genuine service, as how it could ever be described as such when it is CONSTANTLY engaged , day and night, defies belief. You have turned a gesture of good will into a vicious, unpleasant, antipathy of the same.



A copy of the e-mail I've sent, in addition to a SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST for all personal information held. Please can you CANCEL ALL future orders IMMEDIATELY!!! I do NOT want and NEVER ordered these products. I selected a FREE GIFT as a thank you for completing a Customer survey. Ever since, I have been inundated with further orders (and suspect I’m being charged for, but you never disclose any payment information) I have NOT authorised you to charge ANY of my cards. Take this e-mail as an instruction that I revoke any previous authority you believe you have. The ‘Customer Service' number is a SCAM! I do not believe it is a genuine service, as how it could ever be described as such when it is CONSTANTLY engaged , day and night, defies belief. You have turned a gesture of good will into a vicious, unpleasant, antipathy of the same. #Appalled


Stemologica cream rip off

I had a problem with them which I cancelled my order but the company still took the payment out of my account along with the $179.95 I paid for the first three samples I had purchased. I called them but they claim to not have anything on file that I cancelled. The representative I spoke to was rude and would not listen to what I was saying and continued to interrupt me at all times. They took out and additional 109.95 and did not receive anything for those funds. I asked them to return the money to my account but they claimed I owed it, for what I don't know. Considering I paid already for my trial package at the beginning with the $179.95. I don't have an issue with that, but why take the additional $109.95 for nothing. I gave up on them and never got my $109.95 back. It's a lot of money to just take out for nothing. I'm on a fixed income and didn't realize how much it would cost on a monthly basis. Now I'm to scared to order from the internet.


Stemologica Scam story - beware!

Claim for £149.93 for the returned items and £197.93 charged for the ‘samples’ 1. 7th March Trial Order placed 2. 9th March confirmation emails received from Stemologica and Beautemer detailing my account information on websites: a. Beautebelle for the Beautemer items b. And cellapure for the Stemologica items 3. 1st April Beautebelle debited £99.98 and Cellapure £97.95 at which point we looked at the website and realised that according to their T&C’s we should have returned the items and thought nothing of it, other than we had been conned. 4. 1st May Beautebelle debited £79.98 and Cellapure £69.95 and we duly received another unwanted shipment. At this point I searched for and found the emails and our account details, logged in read the details of the T&C’s and found where to cancel any future shipments, none of which was clear at the start. 5. 3rd May the second shipment was returned recorded delivery – separately packed to Stemologica and Beautemer as they had been received - as they advised and a refund requested. Photographs were taken of the unopened boxes and the stages of packing and copies of the parcel tracking was retained and a covering letter was enclosed. 6. 7th May proof of receipt was copied from the Post Office Tracking website 7. 26th May following a long conversation with ‘Rich’ at the US customer service call centre (he was the “Customer Satisfaction Support Specialist” on duty), I was advised – as I believe everyone is routinely – that the products were received damaged and opened and I was offered as a ‘goodwill gesture’a total of £40 refund, conditional on: a. Not seeking further compensation b. Not disputing the charges with the bank c. Confirming that I ‘had not been contractually bound to receive the products on a recurring basis’ This was confirmed from Beautemer by email 8. The identical email was sent from Stemologica offering £30 refund 9. 26th May I emailed copies of the photographic evidence to support my contention that the items were undamaged and unopened and requesting a full refund. 10. 27th May the email was re-sent to a different cellapure email address as the main support address “does not accept attachments” 11. 4th June an email received asking me to accept the ‘goodwill offer’ so they could process the refund 12. Initially I accepted the offer to draw a line under the sorry affair, but when no refund was received by the 22nd June my husband began a series of calls to expedite payment. 13. 5th June email received: “Thank you for your acceptance. We are more than happy to credit your account with the promised amount. However, the payment processor your transaction went through, sets a monthly limit or refunds/credits we are allowed to process with them, and since that limit has been exceeded, we will have to wait for them to suspend the restriction, in order for us to effect the refund. If you are happy to bear with us for a couple of days, I will bookmark your account and try again, beginning of next week. Thank you in advance for your kind consideration! Kind regards, Yana” 14. 12th June emailed them to expedite as no payment received 15. 14th June email received: “Dear Mandy, We apologize for the inconvenience. We have been unable to issue your refund due to a system error. We have filed an "issue form" to our finance department. Our finance department will take a look into the account and resolve the issue in a timely manor. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience. Kind regards, Sharon” 16. 22nd June tel call – refund confirmed as being actioned and an email received as confirmation 17. 28th June with finance to refund 18. 2nd July – ditto 19. 3rd July – advised by ‘Jordan’ that a full refund was in fact going to be issued for the returned goods as it was noted on file that photographic evidence had been received but that this would require ‘an extended time to refund’, but that they were ‘working on it’ 20. 9th July – escalated the call to a supervisor who advised that it could be 1-2 weeks before the issue of the refund is resolved 21. 23rd July – advised on the call that there is a technical problem preventing them from refunding the money to my debit card, although the details they had were correct. Email received: “...., I will be sending an email over to the technical department regarding the refund issue. I do apologize inconvenience. We are working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Chiquita” 22. 11th August – advised that they were unable to process the refund (technical problem) and that their Finance department would call within two days. No call received. 23. 28th August – called and informed them that I wanted it noted on file that I planned to take legal action to recover the debt if no refund had been received by Friday 11th September 24. 16th September – final throw of the dice I sent this email: “Good morning It is now almost 4 months since I first requested a refund for the returned products. I kept photographic evidence that they were securely packed and unopened and I still expect a full refund. As no money has reached my account despite repeated telephone calls to your customer service department, I can only presume that you have no intention of sending me the money due to me. If a FULL refund is not received into my account within 5 working days, I have instructed my solicitor to pursue a claim through the courts for a full refund, legal costs, and damages for the undue stress that you have caused and the time I have lost from my business spent chasing payment. Furthermore I have prepared statements for the BBC television consumer affairs programmes, Watchdog and Rip Off Britain and the Trading Standards Authority. I have no intention of allowing your company to keep my money and I will use all the resources at my disposal to bring this unethical practice to the attention of the public, unless I receive payment by this time next week.” Needless to say nothing has been received and I am sure they probably field hundreds of such emails every week.


They got me too but not for long!!!

Dec.17,th I was on Cosmeprof website ordering products. I am a licensed cosmetology instructor and have ordered many times from them. At the end of my session a pop up said would you mind taking a short survey for Cosmeprof. Of course I said yes. The survey asked me several questions about Cosmeprof and at the end of the survey it said "congratulations" you have won a prize for taking our survey. click here. So I did and it showed me a small kit of skin care Called Stemologica. Never heard of them before, so I figured it must be something Cosmeprof was promoting. I said yes I wanted the "gift" and the sight directed me to verify my mailing and billing address, which I thought was odd, as Cosmeprof has all of that info, however I did. Then it said I would have to pay $5.95 for shipping and if I wanted to expedite the shipping add an additional 2.95, which I did. This little, and I mean LITTLE kit looked like a good stocking stuffer. At NO time did it say I was signing up for anything or it was free for 14 days.....nothing at all! My bank contacted me about an hour after I paid the shipping charges and told me that a company StemOkit was charging my account 3 times for $5.95 and $2.95. I told the bank that I had made 1 charge of that combination and to decline the other 2. The baki said that the charges raised a red flag because it says Istanbul. Still thinking this was somehow linked to Cosmeprof, I allowed the 1 charge totaling $8.90. Moving forward On Jan6th I see a charge to my bank account for $149.95 from Istanbul. I immediately called the bank and told them I had purchased nothing but a shipping charge on December 17th. The bank disputed the charges for me, and then the next day I see another charge, this time from Gold Istanbul for another $149.95. I called the bank. They also hit me for $4.95 twice for processing an out of the country processing fee!!!I have no Idea who gold serum is, nor did I order anything. I disputed these charges and the bank gave me the number of both companies to try to get them to reverse the charges in lieu of the hassle of the bank having to investigate fraud and so on.... Both of these companies are ONE IN THE SAME! STEMOKIT (855)306-****. I get a customer service rep who insists I signed up for their service and if I had returned their "trial offer" un opened, I could have cancelled with in 14 days, but I failed to do that and now I am on service with them. I told her about cosmeprof and the survey etc. Her response was "I know nothing about that". I told her what her company was doing was fraud and they had better reverse all of the charges or I will report them for fraud. She put me on hold for about 10 minutes then came back and offered me to cancel my subscription and return $80.00 from each of the $149.95 charges. I said "NOT GOOD ENOUGH, let me speak to your supervisor. She placed me on hold, then hung up on me. I called back on the Gold serum number (855-343-**** and the same customer service lady answered their phone. I told her I was on hold for the supervisor and she said, yes, I was trying to patch you through. David, the supervisor, basically told me the same thing the customer rep told me and offered me $80.00 of each of the $149.95 charges back. He insisted I signed an agreement with them therefore I was on the hook and he was doing me a favor by offering me $160.00 for over $300.00 in charges that I didn't order and only ever received this little tiny sample kit that I paid shipping for. Again I told him this was fraud and I have disputed these charges with the bank. He said "did you already dispute the charges?' I replied "Yes" and he said "then I am giving you nothing back" I asked him for his last name and address of his company he refused to give me either. The only thing he would tell me is that he was in the State of South Carolina and his extension # is 3044. I have filed fraud charges through my bank. So far the bank has given me $149.95 back. I have also filed fraud charges with Internet crime complaint center (IC3) it is a division of the FBI that investigates internet fraud. I tried to file a complaint with the BBB, but they only have Stemologica listed in Louisville, Ky. No address just a P.O. box. I also contacted Cosmeprof and spoke to their corporate office. Cosmeprof/ Armstrong McCall on the west coast, knew nothing of this and are investigating it themselves. All you people out there that have been scammed by this fraudulent company GO AFTER them!


Stemologica and Beautemer are unethical and scam based businesses - BUYER BEWARE!

Like many others on this site, I ordered two "trial" offers. It was advertised on Facebook with a picture of Ellen Degeneres next to it with the implication that she had such beautiful skin and it was as a result of using their products. This will be the last time I order anything through Facebook as it seems they do not check out businesses to ascertain their ethical worth. When I ordered these, there was nothing to indicate that these were under a proviso that you must return them within 14 days or your credit card would be charged for the full price ($149.95 each product for a total of $299.90). I only discovered that after contacting my credit card company to challenge the charges. When my package arrived, there was no paperwork or return address on or in the box. Since I was unaware they would set up automatic monthly charges for subsequent shipments (none of which I received nor ordered), I didn't think twice about the lack of a return address or paperwork. My credit card company has cancelled my card and made me aware that they have an arrangement to inform companies of a credit card change and will not do so at my express request (imagine having to do this to protect yourself). They were not so sure that I would be successful in having these charges cancelled, but did do a reversal for the time being. I really wish there was a way to make others aware of this nasty piece of work of a company and short of posting a message on Facebook, I am not sure what else can be done. It boggles my mind to think that they may get away with this tactic. I hope this message helps others to avoid this kind of scam. Do your due diligence and check BEFORE you purchase anything on line. I know I will be doing so from here on in.

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