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State Of The Arts Promotions has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 16 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 5th position out of 55 companies.


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Over 35 years they helped Artisans make more than 10 million dollars. Then they had one bad year where the promoter had a heart attack and the same artists turned against him.

Out of 195 artisans in 3 stores 175 were paid back in full. The other 20 were scheduled to be paid at the next store. But one person, maybe not even an artist, threatened the landlord of the store on Pearl St. Mall to picket in front and create a disturbance unless he canceled the lease. Rather than hurt the vendors Tim turned the store over to one of them and took no profits from it. Then a month later had another heart attack. People have delighted in attacking him. The lowest part of human nature. Sad. Tim did so much for this community. Helped form the Neo Data Foundation that gives 100K to Artists each year. But none of that is mentioned. Just very sad the way we like to attack good people. You all should see the whole story. Not the one the media tricks us into believing.


Same as others but not the end

Yes, ridiculous that this guy is allowed to continue unabashed but we are taking him to Small Claims plus using our Collections Company to at least look to have some dark fun with him because he's not anywhere near a business person and as we know a con man. We provided rental equipment and services for his event and received the usual promise after promise on payments which never occurred. We tried a payment plan of course to which he said maybe then went quiet again. Not sure how the guy can stay in the area and it's our duty to make sure his opportunity to make money reduces to hopefully zero.


Con artist, liar, tax evasion, fraud, scam

Tim is banned from shows for 3 years through Boulder's Parks & Rec department. He did not have an actual permit for Okotberfest, nor did he have conditional approval, which is normally given in between the permit application and approval phase. He had to pay fines for Jazzfest's chaos and breaking laws regarding alcohol and noise. His activity with 29th St. Mall was canceled after complaints from concerned vendors. He is now at Boulder High, who I spoke with and has received an unusually high amount of complaints and concerns regarding his show. I told the school they were inadvertently supporting a man who rips off small businesses and how could they think that was OK. They said they don't care, he is willing to pay for the space and they have no bad history with him. I was truly disappointed. He is a thief, a liar, and a fraud. I don't know how he can continue having a business license.


Tim Newberg Finds Any Way NOT To Pay Vendors

Nearly 1 year later, Tim Newberg STILL owes me for merchandise sold during the 2016 Dickens Store at Cherry Creek Mall. He has promised to pay many times and sent out numerous emails with excuses including health problems. But he hasn't paid. Tim Newberg approached me September 2016 at a fair in Colorado Springs, praising my artwork and saying it would sell extremely well in his holiday venue, A Dickens Store in the high-end Cherry Creek Mall in South Denver. When I asked about sales, he told me his vendors whose work was equivalent to mine averaged $6,000 - $10,000 at his store, which ran for 2 months and was - according to him - voted "most popular" store in the mall. He convinced me to buy the most expensive space in the store, right at the front. I paid $650 for this space and was told I would also owe 30% on all sales. Given the numbers he had thrown around, I thought it would be profitable and feasible. Tim Newberg also told me I needed to make special signs, as the Cherry Creek Mall was very strict and would only permit framed signs of certain colors and that my regular signs would be insufficient. By following his advice, I spent $5,000 between merchandise, signs, and display items for this show. He was also very particular that each item have a special price tag with my code on it and special packaging. I spent close to a month getting merchandise ready for the store. The set up was very disorganized, and Tim Newberg had not followed through on patching walls that he had promised when we first checked out the venue. At least one of the people working the cash was another vendor who expressed a competitive attitude toward my work, so I certainly could not count on her for sales. My husband and I checked in after one month and were given an excuse as to why we would not be paid until the end. The show ran an extra month, but after experiencing the reality of the space and Tim Newberg, I took my work out after the first 2 months. When I asked Tim to pay us, repeatedly, he gave excuses and went into long, dramatic details about his personal and family situation, including his health. He has never paid. I checked with other vendors and several of them told me he does this same pattern over and over, of luring unsuspecting people in, then getting them to buy the space, then not paying. Beware, vendors. Tim Newberg also runs a Boulder Oktoberfest and is planning to do a show on the Pearl Street Mall for the 2017 holiday. Do not work with him. You will lose money from what has been sold and he will convince you to spend a fortune you will never recoup.


Fraudulent Activity

Consider researching more-He now has an alleged 3 year ban from the City of Boulder on any city permit as enforced by the Bouolder court, never had a permit for the Octoberfest in City Park, never had a contract for the Octoberfest in the 29th street mall-where did all the $$$ go from those beer sales he sold on the steins that will never happen? Now apparently at the HS for an Autumnfest? Have not been able to confirm if there is a contract in place there either. Hasn't paid the city the taxes collected from Jazzfest yet either I bet. Will we get into trouble for not having those paid? And the store for the holdiays on the Pearl St Mall-legit or not> I cant see any of the names he is using for this store registered with the state as a business....why cant anyone do anything legally ?


3 year ban from city of Boulder

Apparently the city imposed a 3 year ban on tim from holding any city permit and it was upheld by the court. Am trying to get public records of this.


Tim Newberg givin bad rap

I've done business with him for over 30 years. And thousands of us have made a lot of money because he's worked so hard. Last year he had a heart attack and couldn't work for 6 months. He was cheated by the malls. Some of the people on the news cast lied out right. Others told 1/2 truths. Bands have tried to cheat him by not showing up with all their members. When he didn't pay them they freaked out. It's easy to mud sling. Hard to make things happen. Stop whining so much. We should all appreciate that even though he couldnt work he's paid back most of his debts and is trying to get everyone else paid up to. Most promoters go bank riot when things go bad. That's easy. Don't let a few whiners ruin it for all of us. Keep up the good work tim.


*** artist, city needs to revoke his event permits

He is a *** artist. He lies, he cheats, he does not offer refunds when changes occur to the event type, location, and date. He is disorganized and, in the face of confrontation regarding disorganization or vendors paying extra for booth spaces he does not give them, rude and hostile. He rides around on a little scooter and simply steps on the gas to get away. Simply put, do not do business with this man. Write Cherry Creek Mall and the city of Boulder and ask them to quit doing business with him. He is not a supporter of small, local businesses or the arts. He is a supporter of himself and how to make a quick buck. He gets away with it - somehow. Stay aware, file complaints, take him to court. He deserves public exposure and shaming.



We've worked with state of the arts many times and have had great experience. I know last year the owner had a heart attack and still 3 weeks later he was at the Arvada show doing his best to make it work. We all have hard times. I know a lot of people would have given up but not Tim. He kept working through Christmas at the Dickens Store even though the Mall over charged him and he was recouperating from the heart attack. He's paid off most people when promoters close their doors for ever. We all need to work together and stop whining when it doesn't work out perfect every time. This is the first year in 35 years it hasn't been perfect. So let's get together and try to help each other.


Just google his name, Tim Newberg... I wish I had

I put alot of time and money into helping Tim Newberg and A Dickens Store, Cherry Creek Mall, 2016, be successful. I flew to Denver and stayed in a hotel for 14 days and worked at the store every day. The first day I arrived I spent hours straightening the display he had offered to maintain for me (NOT!). I then took an inventory and discovered 14 items missing. None of them had been accounted for in the stores accounting system. There were odd small charges at price points that were clearly not mine in the sytem. When I brought it up to him and his "store manager" he and her assured me they would look into it. To this day (6 months later) nothing has been done. (see comment from store employee on this website) Once I was in the store working suddenly my items started showing up in the store accounting system. I do not think he ever thought he would have to face me as I had been sending items from California. He offers me booth space in other shows to compensate for the $1985. he owes me. That's right nearly $2000.00. WOW! What a con man this guy is. I am in continual contact with him and each time there is a promise of payment. Then nothing happens. Do not believe anything he says. Do not support him. He does not deserve to be in this business. Consider yourself warned. If you are talking to him, turn and run the other way and feel fortunate you have been saved. I accept emails regarding this issue at www.ibysmart@***.com If you live in the area and have an idea of how to get our money from Tim Newberg I am in.


Tim Newberg and State of the Art productions is a scam

Tim still owes me $1700 from sales during the 2016-17 season st the Dickens store in Cherry Creek mall. Keeps saying he'll pay, but never does. Stay far away from him. It's basically a Ponzi scheme.


The Dickens Store, Colorado- Wrote Bad check and never paid

The Dickens Store - Owner Tim- advertised for Craft Vendors for Cherry Creek Mall and Aspen Grove Mall. we placed our goods on consignment and whatever sells we get paid less the commission. The one check that was written Bounced and everytime we tried to contact him he ignored us. Never paid. Other vendors need to be warned before doing business with this man. He has other venues here in Colorado, In Boulder and Arvada. Flat Irons Mall as well. He changed the company name to State of the Arts Promotions. New Events he is doing, Cherry Creek Mall Dickens Consignment Shoppe Nov. 1-Dec. 31 and Arvada Handmade Art & Crafts Thanksgiving Fair Nov. 25 & 26.


Yet another Vendor that Tim Newberg and his multiple companies have stolen from

Like so many others, I got mixed up with Tim Newberg. He approached me at another art show (Please, art show organizers, ban this man from your show so he cannot steal from your customers). I paid an upfront fee to be in the Dicken's store in Cherry Creek. Nearly 1500.00 of my art that was sold was never paid, despite multiple requests. When I threatened to sue him, he said he was going to file bankrupcy as a thinly veiled threat. He runs all sorts of new shows in order to keep the money coming in. They are disorganized disasters. I did one such show with him in an effort to recoup some of my money. They promised overnight security. I overheard him and his wife discussing who could they call to do said security...the morning of the show! People left expensive items with the understanding it would be safe. Sadly, it appears I will have to take him and his dozen false companies to court.


Non Payment from Tim Newberg/State of The Arts Promotions

Tim owes me $482.00 from the Holiday Dickens Store at Southwest Plaza Nov/Dec 2015. I have emailed, text and talked to him every couple weeks since January to get payment from him...always an excuse or he wants you to trade what he owes you for another booth fee at an upcoming festival. I'm also surprised the City of Boulder allows him to continue marketing his festivals when he constantly rips off his vendors. I will take him to court for non payment if I have to. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS GUY AND HIS FESTIVALS-COMES OFF AS A REAL NICE GUY BUT HE IS A CROOK AND WILL RIP YOU OFF WITH A SMILE ON HIS FACE!


Review in Shopping category from Grenoble, Rhone-Alpes

I completely agree with you. Tim is a complete liar and scam artist and he should be put out of business. I can't believe he makes his living from stealing from local artists during the holidays. He is completely dishonest and a thief. I have no idea why the city of Boulder or anywhere else would allow him to do events. He still owes me over $1200 from 3 years ago in his holiday store. I didn't have enough money to buy my kids decent presents that year because Tim stole from me. I strongly advise any vendor not to do business with this man or company. He should be avoided completely. He is the absolute worst event organizer I have ever come across. All of his events are failures, as he doesn't advertise enough, or deliver half of the things that he promises. He will tell you anything to get you to send in your money. I know several other vendors who have had similar experiences with this guy. I just realized that he has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. How and why this guy is still planning events is a mystery to me. I guess there's a sucker born every day. If you read this then you have been properly warned.AVOID Tim Newberg, State of the Arts, The Dickens Store, Jazzfest, Springfest, and whenever other name he's using to hide behind.


Nonpayment from Tim Newberg that runs State of the Arts Promotions and the holiday Dickens store

Tim Newberg from State of the Arts Promotions and the Dicken's Store is a dishonest thief. He takes about $600 per booth at the Dicken's store (3 months in advance) plus 30% of the sales from local artistic vendors that sell their handmade items there over the holidays. These artists work very hard to get recognized for their talent and are trying to earn a very modest living doing what they love. He then doesn't pay the vendors their percentage of their sales that he owes them. He lies to us and gives us the run around that the checks in the mail. He also claims that all goods sold at the store are handmade by local artists but then has imports at such low prices that small handmade businesses cannot compete with. I've talked to at least 15 other vendors that have not been paid by Tim Newberg. Apparently what he's been doing is constantly changing the name of the establishment to avoid consumers finding the negative reviews about him. In addition to running the Dicken's store he also run a lot of the outdoor summer festivals like The Boulder Spring fest and the Boulder Art & Jazz Fest. There's just a booth fee involved in these types of venues and the vendors don't give him a percentage of their sales.So beware that that is not typical if he does ask for that.However I would be very leery of doing ANY kind of "business" with this man. It was the most unprofessional, unorganized so called business and personal transaction I've been involved in! I don't know how this man sleeps at night after stealing from countless, unsuspecting wonderful people! Now I will have to go out of my way to take him to court to get my money. What a piece of work! BUYER BEWARE!!!!

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