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Staples has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 878 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 18th position out of 289 companies.


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Rude Customer Service

Gen-X female here and I've been going to Indiana, PA Staples for years. Now, yesterday I was dressed in yardwork attire, shorts, hat backwards, cute shirt with a cat on it with hair pulled back. Not only did the woman refer to me as 'sir,' she was also extremely rude in answering questions about when McAffee Internet Protection will be arriving. I really resent the fact that just because I'm tall and flat-chested I'm referred to as 'sir' considering no guy in his right mind would wear what I had on. My days of shopping there are over and the main headquarters will get a letter about this.


Loss of gift card balance

I went to the Staples in Altoona, Pennsylvania, to use the self service copier machine. I had a gift card with a balance of $22.20, and I had the receipt to prove it. After making a few copies, the machine jammed, and I couldn't get anyone to help me. So, I switched to another copier, but it wouldn't let me use my gift card. I used a credit card just to finish my copying. Finally, I was then able to get someone to look at the first copier, because I wanted a receipt with my gift card balance. The manager at the store couldn't do that - even though it was an in-store transaction! And the gift card was showing a balance of zero, even though I had made only a few copies. Instead, the store gave me an 800 number to call. The first time I called, I got disconnected. When I called back, the customer service rep tried to refer me back to the store - even though the store referred me to this number! Finally, the rep called the store - confirming everything that I already explained to her - and yet she was unable to refund my gift card. She tried to give me a coupon instead. No thanks. So, I got screwed out of my remaining gift card balance (about $21) because the store couldn't give me a receipt, after I made a purchase in the store, on a copier that jammed (not my fault). And I got the run around after calling an 800 number, which I never would have had to do if the store had handled this the right way. Ridiculous!


Store Manager Rude

I complained about my son not getting help loading a heavy table. She said she watched footage describing someone other than my son. I even told her his shirt was purple not green... I believe my son, and to think she wanted me to believe her is rediculous. He asked for help but everyone was too busy what it comes down to. The nefarious behavior of the store manager is just beyond.


Very Poor Service

Called Staples to set up a business account and spoke to Khairul in Canada, and was very dissapointed with his tone the fact that he was talking over me while I was talking. I subsequently asked to speak to his supervisor, and he proceded to ask me ho many employees I have and I repeated that i wanted to speak to his supervisor, and he asked me for my address. He was very condescending and rude, and I will probably go to Office max for my future office needs. If you have other employees that treat customers like this i cant imaging how many potential customers seek other business options.


Bad experience at one of your stores

I went into use the copy machine The staff seem like they were put out to help me I got eight copies And I was charged for five dollars I dont even know how much the copys were until I got home and looked at my account the manager was very nice and offered to pay for it but I thought it was only two dollars until I got home it was five I know that its self-service but when youre not used to using a machine it sometimes helps to get help


Rude Day Supervisor, Jeff Jorgensen, Mason City, Iowa Store

Updated by user May 04, 2022
Just today spoke with Mason City, Iowa Staples store manager, Andy about my issue regarding the ASUS laptop I purchased. His response was the same as Jeff, "Too bad, your didn't return the item in the allowed 30 days" and "even though you were out of the country and...

Original review May 04, 2022
On October 4, 2021, I purchased an ASUS laptop computer from Staples priced in the $580.99 price range. I bought it to be sure a had a dependable computer to use during my wife and my Winter trip to Mexico. I prepared the computer with my personal files and programs so all would be ready for the trip. We arrived in Mexico October 26th, 2021. About 1 and one half weeks later, the computer completely died. I called staples to inform them of the issue to see what they could do as I still needed a computer for use while we were in Mexico. The sales person I purhcased the laptop from did some checking and told me there was really nothing they could do but I should bring the unit into the store when I got back home and he would see what could be done to get the unti repaired. The laptop had a 30 day return warranty from Staples but even tho the unit died within those 30 days it matter not because I would not be able to return it with those 30 days. So having no other choice, I contacted a computer tech in Mexico to look at the Asus and he said it was nothing simnple and it was not the hard drive, so I should just return it to ASUS. Therefore, needing a computer I had to search and find another laptop that would accept the same hard drive as in the ASUS so I could switch the hard drives and still be able to have all my information and have a computer to use. The HP Laptop I purchased cost me another $600.00 and I had to accept I was going to end up with two laptops when I really needed only one. Then when I got back home, I called the local Staples Story to ask how they could help me with getting the compluter sent to ASUS for repair. I had already contacted ASUS and confirmed they would repair it under warranty even though the hard drives had been swapped. Your employee, Jeff Jorgensen then informed me that the computer was passed the 30 day return policy and therefore it was my problem and I should just get it beck to Asus. Customer service was not their concern, So I asked his name and he told me Jeff. I asked his last name and he hung up on me..l called the store again and got the assistant manager named Tori, she told me she would find a way to help me and would have the manager call me the next day. His name was Andi Hintgen, I was told. I waited the entire next whole day for a call but never recieved one. I am now asking you what Staples is prepared to do about this computer, this customer service and this abusive treatment of a customer????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ I would appreciate an answer as soon as is possible. Thomas E. Frank Mason City, Iowa 50401 641 424 **** pherlyn@***.com


Incompetent tech service

On January 26, 2022, Staple's tech service diagnosed and recommended replacing my desk top computer's hard drive with an HP solid state memory. After three month's my computer stopped working. Returned to Staples and was advised by its Assistant Manager Staple's does not warrant their service and suggested I contact HP. An independent computer technician discovered Staple's tech failed to install the SSD in my computer. Instead, he only glued the SSD on the frame of the original hard drive.


Transfer balance from GC to Credit Card

Shopping with you has been a terrible experience. First I got a defective product. Then you gave me a gift card for it. The gift card is completely useless your stores never ever have any latest products or anything worth buying as a matter of fact. I have waited for months but your stock is extremely limited. On top of that, the gift card I have cannot be used online. It is a lose-lose situation for me. Banging my head against the wall is much better than talking to your representative. How can you expect business from anyone who has purchased anything from you once. I have around $300 stuck in that card. I am absolutely enraged at this point. I don't care, I want my money back. Don't you have any responsibility for the consumer protection law.


Product warranty

Hello Kimberly, Good to hear from you. As I have previously mentioned, the personal Staples hires, at least from my perspective, are polite and professional while being friendly and helpful to whatever extent they can be. My mind tells me that Staples spends time well when choosing their people for frontline work. I can only imagine the consumer experience would be much improved if the focus towards customers was more towards satisfaction as opposed to tricky/dicky warrantee conditions. For instance, in my case, a friendly employee might go from polite to enthusiastic when they can be assured the customer in front of them will not leave the store shaking their head in disbelief. Food for thought. Also, this store policy may be being used as incentive for employees to earn extra commission for upselling warrantee packages. While this practice is common in many service industries, I am not convinced anyone really likes it. Thanks again for your kind response Gordon Fairbridge chinookhouse@***.com Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: Kimberly Oickle Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2022 10:10 AM To: chinookhouse@***.com Subject: Staples Feedback - Return/Warranty Inquiry Thank you for taking the time to respond with your feedback, Gordon. I am reaching out to you to apologize for the technical issues you experienced with your HP Laptop. At Staples we have a 14 day return policy on technology items and the laptop would be backed up with a limited 1 year warranty with the manufacturer HP. I forwarded your feedback as a suggestion towards any future improvements. I am glad to hear that your friend was able to assist and save you money. Thank you for your feedback and your patience. Sincerely, Kimberly Oickle Customer Satisfaction Specialist Staples Inc. CustomerSatisfaction@*** 1-87*-***-**** Ext 7169


Poor Service

On 11/13/21 at or about 4:00 p.m., I went to the Staples on West Valley Parkway in Escondido, CA. I needed an flask drive audio burned to three CD's. The lady behind the counter turned her computer screen to me to show that Staples offered the service. She checked the CD's I brought to determine compatibility. Upon checking she told me they were not compatible. Then the critical question: I asked what CD would be compatible? I would purchase them? Her reply??? I don't know. Apparently it is a rebuttable presumption that your employees are competent. The employee suggested I try Walmart. That was not a good sure Ma


Lack of service

My husband went to the Staples on Fraser Way in Abbotsford to get a phone card for his Fido. He had purchased one here in October. The lady at the till wasn't sure if they had them so called the manager over. She said that they no longer did the phone cards. Another associate overheard and showed them where the cards were kept. No apology or acknowledgement of any type from the store manager. Not great customer service. Janice Haggart


Paid extra for 2years All inclusive support and now $1.00 more ????

I just purchased a laptop yesterday and all my files were lost and when I went their chat to get help on at least getting my $89. that I was charged to have my data transferred, I was asked to pay $1.00 even though I signed up for pc support for 2 years. I'm going to return this pc and get my money back!


I have bought a headphone and was delivered at wrong address

I bought a headphone and was delivered at wrong address and worse is there is no order cancellation policy, neither there is any change of address policy. Pathetic service and my money is lost. I was confirmed by customer care that order will be cancelled just wait. I waited and nothing happened. I lost my money.Neve



I stopped in to the Sandusky store to purchase a Network Switch. The Customer Service Representative at the register did not greet me with a Hello, or Welcome to Staples did you find what you were looking for. Her first works were trying to sell me an Extended Warranty. After I paid with my credit card. She handed me the receipt and said Here. No thank you or have a nice day. She was extremely rude and I felt victimized because of my race and age. I am a 61 year old white male. Thank you!


Lack of knowledge and care

Ad on line said you had 2 pocket folders on ad verified on Friday by cashier for sept 5-11 2021. Second trip to Greer S.C. Monday Sept 6 , man cashier said no they were 50 cent sign said 25 from the week before ad would Not give price said if I could not find ad on phone he would give me the price have to see.wouldnt look on his phone. Very uncaring. I have a flip phone so I couldnt look it up. Came home to Spartanburg and found it on iPad. The Lady Friday said to come back cause 9-5 is when the ad that she found started. 2 wasted trips and a worthless person on Monday that wasnt busy but said I need to present ad. Very upset .call me at 402-419-****


Missing packages

I dropped off a few packages at Staples two of them were full of Victoria's Secret Stuff those two packages are missing and has never left the Staples there has never been asked and the post office is saying that someone at Staples blocked off with it they've heard of this happening a few times with the butler Staples I had insurance on it I'm owed money back I lost out on $150 my claim won't go through because it wasn't the post office's fault

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