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Spywhizz has a 1.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 124 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 56th position out of 1129 companies.


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Spywhizz Reviews


I was told to contact this company for being able to help me acess txt messages on a phone I do not have and you would help me to acess the messages on that phone. Please help me!

getting help accessing a phone I do not have in my possession via the Verizon message plus App. I need help and I was told that this was the place to go to find the kind of help I am needing. thank you very much.



I sent a money order on 3/14 to spywizz for services never performed, how can I get my refund???????


Stole my money

Did not do anything he offered. Why are they even allowed to place ads if so many have lost money. People are already in bad spots and this is a tipping point. Save your money and check y our reviews



2 weeks ago I paid $130+ for their services and have not received anything from them


View another phones texts

I recently downloaded verizon message+ and tutorial said direct contact to you and you could connect me to view my finances messages from my android phone


Check texts of gf phone

I recently downloaded verizon messages + and the tutorial said I can contact you to set up and manage tracking my finances text messages. It was the easiest to have you do it


I have read about spywizz company and i wanted to make payment with my visa card but no option to makle payment

i am in Ghana and we dont use the money order system here in Ghana we use paypal, bit coin , visa master card.i sent a mail to spywizz two daysnow no reply has been given me and im worried


You guys are scammers

You guys are scammers I sent you guys my money I transaction I did everything that you guys asked me to do when it involves me sending me money and got no response after I want my money back!


Rip ofg

You may as well Throw your $50 in the trash this mf is a low life thief.


Iwant to know if you can install this app on my exwifes phone for me i dont have any access to it thankyou

I would like to know if you can inst d easy spy on her phone for me thanks without letting her. Know


I wanna have access to my woman's phone

I think my woman is doing something that I don't like but trying to get evidence and I would like to get access to her phone completely to what she has been doing and who she has been chatting with


Paid my $50 fee and got nothing

After MANY MANY hours MANY MANY TIME of me searching the internet for an app that would let me spy on another phone remotely. He said he would personally install the app to the Target phone for me in less than 2 to 3 mins. So I run all over town trying to transfer money from one account to another to pay for this transaction. I make my $50 payment with a money order like I was told, mailed it off to a John Martin, PO Box 401375, Las Vegas, NV 89140..Well that was the last time he had any correspondence with me. Including the several unanswered emails I sent to him the past 5 days, definitely not the 2-3 hour time slot he said was needed to install Flexispy to the target phone and email me the info I needed to get started monitoring the target phone.. I want my $ back. This is the biggest rip off I have ever seen. Well one of the biggest anyways So what is my next step. Seems to be no way to find him or talk to him. Because he damn sure isn't going to step up.



Paid money and got nothing no response what so ever


Need a number to contact spywhizz

Need a number for spywhizz can u help


Sent money but did not get my flexispy download

I sent $50 to Skywizz but never received my Flexispy download....I have contacted pissed consumer.com and filed a complaint....182**** is the number of my complaint/review!


I sent the money western union and they did not send my copy of flexispy

They ask me to send $50.00 western union and I would get my download to flexispy but they never sent my download!!!! I want my $$$ back!

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