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Speedmaster has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 103 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 52th position out of 513 companies.


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Defective intake manifolds

Customer service, About 4 years ago I purchased a PCE148.1052 and am just getting things together. To my surprise after putting water in the engine and turning the waterpump on I had water shooting out the bolt holes on one end of both manifolds. When I took the bolts out of the leaking holes you could see the water squirting out of the casting about half way up. that was the third attempt at fixing the water leak. I hadn't taken the bolts out of the holes in the previous two attempts. I thought initially it was a gasket problem and took it apart and checked the mating surfaces for warping with a straight edge and found no more than .003"-.005". variance in the sugace and nothing visually suggested it was the surface. I am using a FELPRO 1275S-3 gaskets @ $35.99/ea. Last time when I explored the casting flaw (void) I decided to take a die grinder and high temp epoxy and grind out about .125" around the visible hole and work in the epoxy and let it completely cure before reassembly. I had high hopes for success. I was bitterly disappointed as it leaks from a different point once the water pump is engaged. My suspicion is you had a bad run of castings and didn't catch all of them. The worst flaws were on the same end of the casting as they are the same on both sides. I have purchased several thousand dollars of parts from you and I would like for you to send me a set of good castings. I know I am way past any warranty but these flaws were not visible to the naked eye and you don't generally pressure test and intake manifold which is the only way this could be caught beside x-ray or sonic testing. My mechanical background high lights: I have an A& P license from the FAA to work on aircraft I am certified for field overhaul on Pratt and Whitney PT-6 41, 42 and 45 series turbine aircraft engines I retired from Virginia Tech Center for Injury Biomechanics where I designed, drew (autocad) machined and fabricated various machines and fixtures used in Blast and impact related studies. I rebuilt my first automobile engine when I was 11, under the supervision of my father I am an accomplished welder and machinist I am fairly certain this was a known problem, you seldom have voids inside castings like this and this set didn't get caught in QC. I look forward to your response. Sincerely, David E. Mellichamp 540-641-**** dmellich@***.edu


Purchased a aux power vacuum pump. It looked good coming out of the box but looks don't make product any good.

I installed system and pump didn't come on, So I called tech support 3 times and i was amazed they had no clue how the system was suppose to work. So I troubleshoot system and found a bad vacuum pressure switch, Called about a replacement switch , they don't carry switch nor could they tell me how switch worked, I asked if i could by another switch and they said they only sell complete units, I would need to go to their vendor and go thru them, I don't think I could of found a worst company had I Googled worse company.


Very poor quality

Purchased a set of tall chrome/ finish valve covers for a 351 Cleveland Engine. The quality of the finish is very poor. You can't even buff out the imperfections. The thin layer of chrome is already fading away. They wouldn't even warranty these Chinese made valve covers...


Bought BBC head and intake kit

The "kit" works awesome, I called them to go over what combo would work best for me and it has not disappointed. I will definitely buy from again. The heads flowed and cc'd as advertised.will but fr


Parts need excessive machine work.

I bought 2 alum. Sbc.blocks. main journals are way too big. Every call waited 30 min. Then disconnected. Mitch and Stan were no help. Finally James E. Thesupervisor got involved. Blocks were said to be final machined.Not true. I called C.e.o. Jason Kencevski in Australia 3 times. I need $$ to cover mach.wRK


Product detail was incorrect in your listing

Ive had pce314.1171.01 covers ordered thru JEGS ,listing says valve covers have baffles, talked to Stan he agreed that listing states baffles, lm ok with adding baffles myself. Thanks for your quick response.


Not replacing a faulty machine

I purchased a kinetic power log splitter at tractor supply when they first came out approximately two weeks after I bought it they were pulled off of the shelves, and I was not aware of that until recently and the problem was the ram strips out due to a mechanical part, spinning when it tries to engage they ordered tractor supply to pull all units to the back of the store until further notice. I went there to buy the port that I needed was told they discontinued it and they're not manufacturing it to call the company. I called the company they will not refund my money, They will not refund the splitter in exchange , someone is going to get hurt if I continue to use this I will upload pictures and a video. The bolt that holds the fly wheel one came through that metal housing. The push bar broke off of it, overall a poorly made machine for top dollar and a company that says they stand behind their product. They claim they want to be an industry leader they will never achieve that.


Still waiting for parts and poor support

Updated by user Mar 15, 2023
I called SPEEDMASTER March 3, 2023 and the heads still aren't ready! They said at least 2 more months if you can believe that.

I told them to cancel the order and now I have to see if they are dishonest about refunding my money. Considering how they've been I went ahead filed a dispute with my cc company.

Original review Jan 02, 2023
I ordered the cnc ported 440 mopar heads and it's been going on 2 months and all I get is a run around. It took 3 emails just to respond and get "they'll look into it". I've done business with them for years and have had only good things to say, even recommending them to others. That's over with.


Parts that do not fit, and they know it, but they don't fix the problems.

I purchased a 351w blower kit and the manifold did not fit between the heads, I contacted them and they said they have had this problem before just take it to a machine shop and have them mill down both sides and they would take care me after. Well they lied I have emails and text messages from them and now they won't return my emails. But it gets even better after I milled the sides of the intake to fit I tried to install the distributor and it's not even close to fitting. The front of the intake is about a 1/2 inch off and the distributor hits on the back side. The only way to make this work is to grind the front water jacket area down and make inserts and have it re-welded to fit. I don't like throwing a company under the bus but this company doesn't care about customer satisfaction at all, so buyers beware.



Far from a pissed off customer, my interactions with Speedmaster was more than acceptable. Speedmaster was protecting my credit card information as a first time buyer which is more than appreciate it.


Missing parts on my aluminum heads

Rocker arm head studs missing on my aluminum head I ordered on November 10th at 1:05 p.m. if it is your fault can you send the rocker arm studs or if it is extra than charge me , but I need these to pursue in my build ,and also aluminum valve covers you sent had no rubber rings where the baffle is


Customer service did not listen to my complaint

Bought product from your vendor rig @ cruisin the coast the agent apparently wrote the wrong part # for the spacer and sent the wrong item. It does not fit the maniflod and they sent an adapter with threads on both sides not a spacer .I wanted a 2" spacer that fits the manifold I purchased from him @ the show at the same time. Your customer service has turned a deaf ear to your mistake for the wrong part #.


Absolute no customer service in Australia, take your money and don't get your your 302 clevo power steering pump bracket.

Lost 6 weeks of V8 rego from part not showing up , even after calling twice and being told they are on the way. I am moving very shortly , and this has put me back 2 months work at least. Refunded me and deleted review option for me , because they didn't want to look as poor as they are.


Great !! Customer assistance

Jasmine N . in Rialto location customer assistance was great attitude and willing to accommodate me with purchase orders in quick response time in order to get the parts required. When you get this type of service you want to keep them to build a great business.I have a business also and part handling in a timely manor makes all the difference !


351W Block is junk

I purchased a 351W Aluminum Block which was junk. The surface looked like Swiss cheese with casting porosity all over the surface. One motor mount boss was cracked to the helicoil. The casting around the water jacket drain plug was not complete exposing half of the threads. The holes for the oil pan were misdrilled by 0.50''. The steel cylinder liners were installed at various heights. This is a scam operation. The staff is the most rude and once they have your money ''screw you''. Speedmaster ''employees'' are not on the premises but scattered throughout Rialto, CA. In fact, James Emerson, who I was forced to deal with is working out of his own business, AT Racing World, another less than reputable operation. Although Speedmaster advertises a 12 month warranty, it is for exchange only. Why would I want another piece of Chinese crap. I just want my money refunded which ANY reputable business would do. It's no wonder why there are hundreds of BBB complaints giving Speedmaster an ''F'' Rating as well as on dozens of auto websites as well.


Ford 9 inch 3rd member is junk

Purchased an ford 3rd member, rated 850hp in a 650hp car. Didn't last 5 miles before making noise. After about 20 miles I took it out to find metal shavings in housing, ring gear edges are sharp as a razor blade. When I called them and sent pics, they approved the claim to be replaced on a Monday, after waiting 5-6 days for info to send back the unit they called me stating they looked at the pics again and don't see a problem with their rear, blamed the noise on something else. He had no response to the ring gear wear. Also had me talk to their builder that just started working there. Their customer service is the worst I have seen in a long time.

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