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Speedco has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 298 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 17th position out of 1094 companies.


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10601 N Pennsylvania Ave., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73120, United States

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Poor service

We have been here over 8 hours to get breaks done on trailer and still not done! We will go elsewhere to get the truck brakes done! Dont go here



I feel like Im being discriminated against, I have a applied to quite a few positions and I keep getting denied without getting an interview and I feel like the reason why Im not being hard is because Im a woman I am a very hard worker and I catch on fast, and I feel like Im not getting the opportunity to prove myself And I thought this company is not about discriminating against race, sex, and religion.


Customer service

Updated by user Aug 15, 2023
I want you review and call me for more information

Original review Aug 15, 2023
I went to speedco by atlanta ga trying to change both rear axle oil change and grease also inspection one hour later I went to my mechanic to fix air bag and he told me the rear axle hub seal leaking oil I said fix it he open the hub then he find out the oil seal was ok but he find on brake shoes a lot of grease and he said that they over grease and the rear front axle need to be oil change I told him I change both he look at it again he said they change only rear axle I spent over$700 dollars changing the brake shoes just because of them. a week later I went to the same location and I explained them about what happened and they drain the oil they saw look like milky and they change it but they charge me again I was trying to explain them but instead of solving the problem they under intimate me they treated me like sheets specially there manager. I will like to said thank you for worst customer service and I will never be there I will never advise to all my friends.


Rude employees unprofessional work will never come back to Amarillo tx speedco

Speedco in tx amarillo staff is very rude they do unprofessional job dont even waana listen to customer! They are lazy ! And when you tell them something they did wrong they say next time dont come to this one


Wanted to talk to customer service but they make impossible to call and if you email a question they will charge you a dollar but to call you first must give way to much info

Store 950 in Walcott,is. Opens at 6am but they dont start until an hour later after they have coffee and breakfast, and they also dont know to give our company discount. Wanted to talk to customer service but forget that nightmare. But of course loves/Speedo do not want to hear from us anyway


Horrible service

I drive for PTL and come in with a flat tire to your Roscoe, IN. location to get it fixed at 10 am on sunday july 23 2023. I told hi. That i needed tore replaced and a DOT inspection on the trailer. He took my company information and said he would call me when he was ready. Well 2 hours passed and i havent heard anything so i asked if it was still going to be a lottle bit and was told yes. Well here it is at 2:30 pm and still havent heard from him. So i go and check to see how much longer it was going to be as he has been working on other trucks that had come in after me. I was informed thaqat it will be sometime after 3 pm that i had to wait onn some mechanics to get there. Why wasnt i told this at first and if he i working on other trucks is he not a mechanic? Yall have gotto do better. Seriously.


Complaint on management

I head oil change in Oklahoma City,OK I know the dd15 detroit engine is so sensitive. One of the technicians broke a parts on my oil filter housing. I head a luck- I find out before my engine was broke. I stop right a way and find out the problem. I called Speedco and let the manager know what happened. I bought the part's and fixed. And called back Speedco Oklahoma to pay off the parts what I installed. Manager sead he not gona pay anything. I have video and pictures before and after. Please help me out this situation. Also I send all the resets to the manager in Oklahoma what I paid in the Freightliner dealer.


I was over the pit 3 hrs to get my truck and trailer serviced asked the manager how much longer it would be he told me I could leave if I didn’t want to be here.

Manager is hiding in the AC and can care less about what is going on. DOT inspection was done at the register I never turned on a light or anything.



I left a set of Steer tires with warranty. But management was being changed and fired. And they kept my tires for a year. Giving me the run around every time I called. Now they're saying that I don't have Warranty. And they do not want to make them good. Being that it was Management for not attending the store. And now I'm not even getting service from the service department. Not responding back at all.


Resolved: Trailer tire got busted on my way out from their bay. They have damaged drive way which still has metal folding to the side. Metal hit my trailer front side tire.

Updated by user Jul 22, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Jun 22, 2023
Damaged driveway which has metal folded to side hit my trailer front side tire. I showed to them but lady said we never this issue Manager without looking at said you hit the curve. It was funny they just want to charge me no matter what. I need to get my money back from them.


I changed my truck oil from 0275 **** n main palestine AR 72372

They not close my engine oil cap and also not greese truck and trailer i ask tell that guy 2/3 times but he not listen me at last i said you greese truck and trailer he said yes i do but i check then they doo nothing no greese on any part of truck and trailer i said check gear oil and differential oil he said I checked when i ask for show me the oil he said we dont have that tray that guy he *** up my truck if im not check that


Bad customer service

Went for pm service got a half *** job was lied to and my truck was a mess when they were done , took it somewhere else to have it finished because they didn't have a clue what they were doing... total *** show


Refusing service

I stopped at the Speedco in Sidney,NE To get PM service. I arrived at 0730 this morning and spoke with the technicians , there were 3 people behind the desk. I was told they didn't have the oil nor fuel filters for my 2023 Volvo. They also said they only had Love's brand oil. They couldn't do the PM service so i left. Later today my fleet manager Igor called after he spoke to the same technicians and they told him they didn't do the PM Because i didn't provide the VIN numbers for the filters. That was a lie, no one asked me to get the VIN numbers they just stated they didn't have them for my make and model truck. Now my fleet manager thinks I'm a liar because of what they said. After speaking to my fleet manager i walked back in the shop to sign my truck back up for PM service. I also asked them why they told me they didn't have the parts when i came in at 0730. 2 of the same technicians that i spoke to this morning was the same ones i was speaking to. They were grinning almost laughing and pretended like they didn't remember me. They had no answer as to why they lied to me this morning. The main technician that told me they didn't have the parts keep his head down and never said a word to me as i was telling him he was the one who lied to me. I'm working for a company so i have no choice but to use Speedco for truck PM but i will never use Love's for anything with the Trucking Company that i currently own.



Was in for pm. Was advised my water separator housing threads were stripped and filter would not tighten properly. Wasnt leaking or loose before. I can only assume that The mechanic tried to overtighten the new separator or had left the old gasket on which would have stretch the threads while trying to tighten. This is a part that I change my self regularlyAnd have never had an issue with it ended up costing me an extra $200 on an already over priced p.m.


Taxes w2

I changed addressed after I left my previous position at speedco and I am in dire need of my W2s since they were likely sent to the previous address!


Terrible service

I chose to start using speedco because it's all they do and they presumably know avast they are doing,, got a full PM in okc. Had to pretty much walk them thru the grease certs on my truck, drove about 1600 miles and ended up at loves which is the same company, they didn't have my filters but told me they would get them there from peterbilt, so I left and made a delivery while waiting, came back about 45 minutes later he said the filets would be there in an hour, waited an hour and 15 minutes, went on and asked him to see where the driver was, he called and they said it would be another hour because they didn't have an order for them,, this is now 6 hours I've been down for a PM. I told him I could not wait another hour so he sent me to another loves,, when I called the other loves, on my way he told me it would be about 5 or 6 hours before he could get me in,,I mean the problem is theirs but they are visiting it on me at this point. He also said they don't have the filters on stock, I mean it's a brand new trick and that's what they do, oil changes. Just so sick is terrible service,, people trying to make mega bucks from us and not at all set up for it,, the first place didn't know what they were doing, the second place didn't know how to place an order and filters not in Stock, 3rd place, filters not in Stock and they put me in the back burner when they are the ones that have me in this situation in the first place, unbelievable!!

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