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Spark Driver has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 364 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 18th position out of 1129 companies.


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Spark Driver Reviews


Change Zone

Hi, I applied to Spark Driver last year sometime. I dont want the zone Im currently in. I was wondering if it can be changed to the Kenner Boutte zone please.


Resolved: Un paid money

Updated by user Aug 01, 2023

Pay me my earrings.

Original review Aug 01, 2023
I been calling customer service for three weeks about my unpaid earrings.No one is help me nothing resolved somebodys always refer me to somebody else and I still havent got my earnings. Of 208.98 I need that money and I work hard for it. And the ddi website doesnt work right as I supposed to.


Several issues

I am a spark driver and have been for almost 2 years. Recently there has too many repeated issues with store #1487. To start with the software program has serious problems. Orders that come up have that have been either already picked by another driver or have been delivered the day before. This is happening all to often and causing all of us drivers the same loss of pay, waste of gas and time. We get compensated a measley $2.32 when we should be fully compensated for the full amount or at least half. Now that leads me to the issue with the store #1487, when this happens we sit and sit past the 30 minutes with absolutely no communication from the store associates on duty. They are getting paid by the hour, walk past us, ignore us when we try to get there attention and we drivers get compensated such a low amount. Now I must say that yesterday this happened to me 4 times in a row, and so far today twice in a row. As I'm writing this message to you the same two orders that I accepted are still coming up when they were picked up by another driver. Just since yesterday I've lost around $200 in pay due to this. This is an ongoing problem as is the lack of communication. When I talk to customer service about this they always say the same thing "go work in a different zone". I live in this zone and this is the zone I want to work in. I truly enjoy working with Spark as a driver and have developed great relations with the repeat customers. The issues that are ongoing are ridiculous. I hope to get the opportunity to speak with someone higher up in management about this problem.


Driver was remarkable

Driver was pleasant and professional. She went out of her way to help me get my order inside. I tried to go back to my order and find a way to raise her tip. No success.


Bad experience with drivers.

I will not shop at my local Walmart because of your drivers.Ive had 4 different bad deliveries. The last driver hung up on me when called to ask about my order being shorted. That's all I have to don't use Spark.


No Solution/ Resolution Offered

No Holding Driver Accountable Passing The Buck No Offer Of Explanation Just Passing Blame Walmart / Spark Doesnt Communicate


Kept sending me links to continue my process, but it won’t let me

I got a text with the link to continue my process. It did not work. I called once they worked with me send me another link so I can continue my process. It still doesnt work I called again and theyre telling me this time that I have to check it every *** week just to try to get on it which is *** because I need money I have a family to raise. I cannot find a job. Im trying every single day to get a job is not easy and Im just getting ran around the *** meal with my head cut off like this is *** If its your earth, is Walmart doing it having issues youll need to fix it and if its because that youre so popular per se I doubt it because I guarantee you theres at least 30% of the people who have been approved probably dont even go driving for yall. I doubt they *** use it. They probably barely use it but its OK. You know Ill just continue *** struggling. I have no money barely be able to feed myself because Im starving myself to make sure I can feed my kid but thanks. Anyway ***


Application Process

I tried to apply to spark but for some reason my info cannot be verified, Im going to assume its due to a recent name change due to marriage. When I reached out for help, I was told that they would escalate it to the proper department and to wait for an email.. an email came.. saying sorry, we cannot verify your information at this time. So basically got zero help or answers as to why it couldnt be verified or helped.



Original review Jul 20, 2023
Driver brought her kid with her and he was a little *** He threw our stuff on our porch twice and thought it was funny. 2 bags of chips crushed and paper towel and toilet paper packs burst open.


Something went wrong with my application

I applied to be a spark driver but my application was denied. So i went through the process of calling them and whoever they led me to. But I got nothing and they got all of my personal information. This company is a scam. This company has some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. They don't speak clear english and they could not solve any problems. They only gave excuses and told me that there's nothing they can do. They also don't give any reasons why for anything. They talk about how they have to escalate the issue but it still never goes anywhere.



I was deactivated for no reason . After serial emails be cause they have nobody to talk to I was told my deactivation was not critical and was going a website to get reinstated. Only prom is the website does not work. I don't understand why there are not real people to talk to. And I was not given a reason for deactivation I was working 8 to 10 hours a day 7 days a week for them . From reading on the internet it happens all the time to drivers. Also there is no corporate number to call.dont work for them


Add delivery address

How do I add an address for delivery to your company? They deliver to me and I have another address that is closer to Walmart that my handicapped daughter lives at: I would like to be able to order groceries to be delivered to her.


Writhing list

Hi My spark drive is not approved why? I am writhing tong time 6 months ago I want to drive now please Please


File complaint against a driver

The driver never delivered my groceries. I was even provided their contact information and when I called, they stated they had to stop to use the bathroom and they would arrive shortly. They never came and when I called back, they never answered. This driver should not be allowed to do this to anyone ever again! And I still have yet to hear back from anyone about this matter!


Log in issues

Can you please help me with my account due to i register long time ago and i havent been able to log in, i have tried all my emails and it said that is not register but when i go to register it says that email is already register. Just to let you know i have called before s/w QMany Application support Steven Call ref# 230525****50 and nothing have been done can you please help me.


I would like to become a driver to sparck driver

I need more money and I would Tobe my boss. I drive for doordash a long time now I would like Tobe drive for spark driver. I am a good driver honest and gentile. My priorities is satisfaction the customer

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