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2.5/5 - based on 57 reviews

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Solis Spa Covers has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 57 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 13th position out of 211 companies.


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(813) 433-1954

343 Douglas Road STE 3, Oldsmar, Florida, 34677, United States

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Solis Spa Covers Reviews


Solis Spa Cover - Inferior product

Purchased the cover in February 2015 for $300.00. According to their website it carried a 5 year warranty. Within a year it became extremely discolored. The hinge also tore. Contacted the company by email and was asked what i used to clean it. Answered a commercial spa cover cleaner. I was told that this voided the warranty ..... only dish soap and water were recommended cleaners. Several other attempts to contact the company by phone and email were ignored. Not surprised the company is out of business. Lousy product and even worse customer service. Their website ( now forwards the user to other spa cover merchants. Do you think I would buy from another seller recommended by SOLIS ??????


Cover quality not what I had hoped for.

We purchased a spa for Solis Manufacturing. It is now a mess. The cover on the inside of the spa is stretched so much that is is causing a problem with the water being able to get into the filter. The phone number on the cover has been disconnected and each time I try the number online, I get a message to leave a number and the call is never returned. Poor quality product. Very disappointed. We only use our Hot Tub about 4 months a year in winter, so there hasn't been a lot of use time on the cover.


Worst Customer Service

Do not buy from this company! I paid $500 for a spa cover. Took 3 weeks longer than promised to get it. As I was installing I pulled down on one of the cover straps and it pulled off. I couldnt get anyone at Solis to respond to calla or e mails so I had the credit card company stop payment. All I wanted was Solis to have someone locally come out and sew it on. They refused and sent it to collections. I finally paid the amount, but they never fixed the cover. Strap was never fixed, they never would respond.Terrible company!


Bankrupt - Cheaters

This company is bankrupt and the lowest rated credit profile in the industry. If you give them your credit card - don't expect to ever see your spa cover. Brandon is the owner an is a complete ***. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THESE LOSERS! This company is bankrupt and the lowest rated credit profile in the industry. If you give them your credit card - don't expect to ever see your spa cover. Brandon is the owner an is a complete ***. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THESE LOSERS! This company is bankrupt and the lowest rated credit profile in the industry. If you give them your credit card - don't expect to ever see your spa cover. Brandon is the owner an is a complete ***. DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY ON THESE LOSERS!


# out of service

Ive been trying to call them & it says the #has been disconnected. My cover is cracked in many spots, tie down straps tore off, & the zipper underneith split


Can't contact for warranty coverage

I purchased a $600 cover with a 5 year warranty. It's been 3 years and I can't get anyone to respond to me for warranty coverage. The cover is super heavy, heat is escaping and the straps have come off!


New cover ordered April 12,2017. l have not received a shipping notice yet....

Solis is AKA America's best spa covers. They advertise 10 to 12 business days to ship new spa covers. I ordered a cover April 12, 2017 and have emailed them twice as to when it will ship out. I still haven't gotten confirmation. Meanwhile my old cover is falling apart. Never, never again. The company makes implied promises they do not keep.


Solis has on two occasions fraudulently billed me $279.00

1st time, I placed the order and never received product. 2nd time, I was billed for a new order. I did not place this order. Did not authorize these charges and did not receive any product. Calls and emails are not returned. Researching Solis on the web resulted in many web sites with lots of complaints including: FL Better Business Bureau**** ”Alerts &Actions Pattern of Complaints BBB has received a pattern of complaints from customers alleging delivery issues. Customer complaints allege that the order received is not the correct size or the order is received damaged. In July 2016, BBB contacted Solis Manufacturing, Inc. requesting information as to why the business believes the customers are filing the complaints and what actions the business has taken to help eliminate the causes of complaints. Solis Manufacturing, Inc. has not responded to this request.”


Good And Bad Solis Spa Cover experence

We wanted to use a company in the USA so we chose Solis. At first the rep Jennifer was nice and helpful. Helped several times over a Month . The 1st problem was that we worked out a deal but was invoiced $70 more. she didn't include the discounts we agreed on. She said no prob that it would be taken care of but never did. The 2nd problem it took almost 3 months to get. 3rd now from the beginning of the year now they are impossible to contact. The time it took to get whatever but to not back the deal that was made was not cool. so what is happening with them. I DO NOT RECOMMEND !!


Solis spa covers

I ordered one 11 months ago. within 6 months the thing was falling apart. I had several phone calls and sent more than one email with pics. I kept getting the runaround. Finally the owner got on the phone and was a complete ***. Screaming, yelling, condensending. I couldn't even get a word in. Now the covers stitching has completely fallen apart, so I have two half covers and all the straps have fallen off and there are cracks all over the cover. I had two previous covers and they both lasted about 4 years. He is a lucky guy that I don't live close by....... Wish we could get a class action law suit against him and put him out of business. I see below that he changed the company name........DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!


Complaint, unable to contact company

We ordered a spa cover in early January 2017 online, paid for it via credit card. We have tried contacting Solis to see the status of our spa cover via phone. An automatic message states "mailbox is full". We contacted our credit card company, they gave us number to try but that number said "call unable to go through". We even tried faxing a letter which would not go through either. Has anyone actually received a cover from this company? We are very unsatisfied with the lack of service & communication from this company. We will definitely never order from this company again & rest assured never refer anyone to order from this company.


Ripped Off?

I ordered a spa cover on 19 Nov 16. My credit card was charged on 28 Nov 16 for the full amount. To this date (30 Jan 17), no spa cover has been delivered to me despite previous delivery promises (the latest promise I received on 29 Dec 16, was delivery for 28 Jan 17--firm). The Solis website is now non-existent. Calling the Solis phone results in a voicemail that they are busy and asks you to leave a voicemail or go to their website. Their voicemail can't take messages as it is full and the website does not exist. Doesn't seem to be any way to run a railroad. Are they gone with my $?


Solis Spa Covers Shipping Service Review

I paid $295 first of Dec 2016 and haven't been able to get in touch with them since they took my money. I've been stolen from by a thief. Very sad.


Never received spa cover

Ordered spa cover on 12/14/16 ,expected delivery date of 10 -14 business days. 1/16/17 after no return phone calls(mail box was full of messages on the last day), emails and chat messages, I contacted my bank to report fraud.  I then received an email stating it would be sent out the next week with a different phone number.  After calling this number, the "manager" began yelling asking what she was supposed to do about the issue.  I said, "Deliver what was paid for".  She said since we contacted our bank, they would not be making the cover. By this date, the cover should have already been shipped out. She then started yelling at me and hung up on me. Terrible customer service over the phone and even worse correspondence when attempting to reach someone regarding an order that was placed and paid for.


Solis Spa Covers Customer Care Review

Joe DeChristopher Call me, please I bought a spa cover 1 or two years ago. It was fine. I called a month ago for a technical question about it. Left a message. No response. Sent an email, no response. Since then, I have left 3 more messages a an email. No response. I tried today. The message box is full. Not responsive at all. Please call me


Totally scammed

I ordered this cover last year. It took longer to receive "because of the time of year". I gave them that and was very understanding. Now less than a year later the under side of the cover comes completely unattached. I called repeatedly and finally got an answer , She told me to take the foam out and simply ship it to them and they would repair? She said they would only pay for the shipping back to me. I was a little suspicious. Then I got foam out and tried to fold and it simply cracked everywhere. Tried to call for two weeks to get further instructions. No answer and not even a way to leave a message. Went to website and not there. It has been the worst experience of any company I have ever dealt with for anything I have ever purchased.

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