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Smart Cleanse Detox has a 1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 143 customers. In the Vitamins and Supplements category, it secures the 18th position out of 315 companies.


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Smart Cleanse Detox Reviews


Product not wanted

We received the product that we neither needed or wanted. We need a return address to send it back.if anyone knows a return address please post.


Did not order. Can’t communicate with anyone. Phone number is bogus

Want charges taken off and stop further ones. Didnt order! Came in the mail. No legit return information. Tried phone number. Got busy signal.


I ordered a free bottle of Smart cleanse and ended up paying$ 69.85. I I have since read that it’s a fraudulent company on I give this company no stars as it’s fraudulent

I ordered a free bottle and was charged $69.85. I read on that this company is in fact fraudulent


I received a bottle of Smart Cleanse which I did NOT order! I’m trying to find out if I’ve been charged and how to return the product.

I received a bottle of Smart Cleanse which I did NOT order. I dont know if Ive been charged! There was no info in the package from Warehouse Fulfillment in Pleasant Grove, UT. I cant find a customer support number on the internet!


Did not order

Ordered keto bodytone they billed me for these and then this cleanse I never ordered. Offered 50% then 80% I believe I ended up paying 5.00 cad by end of call and told them to never bill me again. The number I called was 1-88*-560-****. I used but don't think this cleanse works.


Never ordered, charged $69 for first bottle, and for second which I didn’t order. They have all my information, said the sent it but the street address is wrong. Rude, unethical, fraudulent

The first bottle was thrown against my garage for some reason. I had COVID, so could not deal with things in July or August. The address was not mine, although they have all my info except for the house number. If they sent a second bottle which they said they did, it went to the correct address they have on file, which is not my address. Again, I never ordered from them, I don't take supplements. Rude, fraudulent.


Repeated payments taken

I reviewed this item.. next thing I know received a bottle of smart cleanse. Checking my bank statements. Money was been taken monthly. Iv now been intouch with the banks fraud department asking them to stop further payments. This is theft. Fraud. Robbery..



Not sure if Ive been charged yet but definitely didnt order this item. Address on bottle is SMART CLEANSE PO BOX 11666 CHANDLER AZ 85248. If I have been charged, I will definitely dispute. With so many posting that the same thing happened to them, obviously this is a scam. I just hope credit card wasnt compromised.


Received billing and product that I did not order. Wish to return and receive refund.

I have not ordered a bottle of smart cleanse dietary supplement for the ridiculous price of $87.00 Canadian. I have no idea how you got my card info but it is all a sham. I would never order any supplement over the internet especially at that unbelievable price. I am the only one who has access to my card.


Received product without ordering

The Smart Cleanse came unexpectedly, I KNOW I did not order it. I called the phone # on the paper that came with the bottle. The man who answered had a thick accent and said I received it because of a membership I was in from another product. I told him I did not sign up for a membership, to cancel it and send the address to return the product. I never received the address by emailWatch em email


Didn’t order this product

I was charged 68.95 and had no idea what it was for. I contacted my bank and disputed the charge. A few days later I received the product and had no idea why it was sent to me. I had never heard or read or seen anything to do with smart cleanse. My intuition was to search it up on the internet and low and behold I found numerous people that had my same experience


I do not want them and am not going to pay

Pills not ordered, I do not need any pills, to keep my weight down, and I would not order pills on line


Anger that this stuff came to me without being ordered

Like everybody else I am angry that this stuff arrived with NO info with it. No order deatils. no way of gettig back to whoever sent it. I left a message on their site but no reply. Hw do I know what they have charged me? How do I stop more coming? This is an outrageous scam.DO


I received product I didn't order, can't return, no communication!!!!????

Smart Cleanse I didn't order it Can't communicate with anyone Not valid phone number Want to return it and GET MY MKNEY BACK ASAP!!!!!


Received a product I did not order/do not want

Received a product I did not order and which are of no use to me. Do not know where the pills came from or who sent them. No paperwork at all sent with package. Have had to cancel credit card in case details had been acquired fraudulently , particularly as I am unable to return the pills for refund.


Received Smart Cleanse pills but did not order or want them.

I received a package containing a bottle of Smart Cleanse pills. I definitely did not order this product and there was no return address or, in fact, any other paperwork in the package - just the pills. As such, I am unable to find out where they came from so will be throwing them in the bin.

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