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Skrill has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 522 customers. In the Cash Services category, it secures the 18th position out of 165 companies.


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Verification id

The no i called says that the no is not available in my calling area. Can you please give me a call back


Failed verification

I'm I'm using my passport as any l d but lm being declined l have being trying for some days but still being declined


My skrill has been closed

They closed my account without notice. They offered me no explanation. I had to make a number of international calls for answers and to date the issue has not been resolved. They are refusing to disclose the reasons stating I breached terms of service but not explaining how. Soon as I threatened to take them to the regulator they suddenly decided to review their decision. Speak to your broker about whether they have alternate services to both Skrill and Neteller who are connected. They are shady ! Avoid.


Country of Incorporation - Issue

I am trying to apply for a skrill business account but India is not being shown as an option in 'country of incorporation'. Kindly help us with how we shall proceed. We want to incorporate skrill as a payment gateway.


Uploading my bank statement

Can I king get help on how to upload my bank statement as proof of residency because when I take a picture of itits get rejected so I dont know if theres any other way I can Ap load or give out my bank statement


Short in payment

I withdrew $242NZD but only received $100NZD I feel ripped off to the max! Honestly it sucks so much this happened please fix it!


Been runaround all weekend . Communication breakdown

Big company no communication breakdown been runaround all weekend stressful and unsatisfactory, I had an account before. Didn't go through this *** ROBOTS


Withdrawal problem

Iv made several withdrawals attempts but my log in days change password for security reasons I followed step by step.onr week later I still having problems with acc now skrull emails are not been reply too never well I use skrill again


Account restricted

Skrill customer service has to be the worst on the plant. The 1800 number is a joke, and you can never talk with a live person. The robot customer service is also no help. My account was restricted for no reason. I have money that I have no access to because of the restriction. I have a medical condition and can't get my medication until they remove the restrictions. This service is horrible, and they will restrict your account for no reason


Débloquer mon compte

Bonjour S'il vous plaît, j'aimerais Récupérer mon compte skrill, que vous aviez restreint, je ne sais même pas pourquoi, j'ai voulue changer juste le mot de passe mais malheureusement le système a fermé mon compte, je suis vraiment fâché pour ca, car il n y a aucune réponse de votre part. que dois-je faire pour communiquer avec vous c'est presque impossible.



I cant get my money. I cant speak to a person, I filed a complaint and still nothing. I just want my *** $124. Close the *** account idc just give me my money. Ur customer support phone number is *** When I call and enter my customer ID it states yall cant help me and hangs up on me. The. If I go to continue without it it just loops back to the language options. Can I get some real *** help??? This is a joke. Isnt the customer supposed to always be right? Look all I want is my money thats on there.


Withdrawal fail

Bad sh***t *** Skrill and it's workers this people just received my message about my withdrawal but never responded back They are really treating people bad while it's their own problem not mine Skrill I want my money


Location verification

Hello, i am Elvin Fahradov, i tried skrill before, but a week ago, it required a location verification which i did before, i sent the same bank statement that i sent before, but you dont accept it, i tried all ways i send more than 6 days Please help me. Waiting for your reply, thanks beforehand.


Transfar problom

Sir I have many Skrill account but any any account did not money transfar to my account What I do My US ID Ali Qadar Rajaaliqadar My Pakistan ID Rajaaliqadar Rajaaliqadar Rajaaliqadar


Resolved: My account cant reset password

Updated by user May 04, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Original review Mar 23, 2023
Please confirm my date of birth I'd to comfirm back and get back my skrill account I'd :811126****97 Full name : Mohamad Rodzi Bin Ramli yes

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