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Sitelock has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 157 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 40th position out of 1129 companies.


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Resolved: No refund available.

Updated by user Oct 30, 2021

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. After my review, I received a notice that a refund would be issued about the first of the month. When it didn't arrive, nor the notice it had been sent which the agent promised, I e-mailed, and this time the check was sent immediately and has been received..

Original review Sep 15, 2021
When my account on Sitelock came up for annual renewal, I made the mistake of not canceling until it hit my bank account. If you set up an annual renewal, there is NO refund available if you don't cancel beforehand. Yes, it's in the TOS.


Unresolved Issues

Updated by user Jun 04, 2020
I spoke with Greg Hutchison | Website Security Specialist. His answer for me was to spend 299.00 and upgrade my security on my website.

In the midst I spoke with Tech support a gentlemen named Josh.

Who was an actual professional. He explained with my usage why not...

Original review May 05, 2020
I had my website shut down three times. Even with the site lock coverage. They stated to remove the malware and send you alerts and weekly reports. I did not receive alerts or a weekly report. They when I spoke to site lock they only tried to sell me into the 299.00 upgrade.


Rude representatives and charges billed after cancellation.

I cancelled my Sitelock services on Feb. 28, via email, phone, support ticket, and chat. It took them 5 days to acknowledge my cancellation request. Then they billed me for another month of service on March 3. I called billing to complain and to request a refund, and the person who I spoke with was extremely rude, would not allow me to speak but talked over me when I tried, and refused to provide a refund. On Feb. 28, in addition to an email request to cancel, I tried to cancel via a chat with billing, and even though someone was 'online' in chat, as soon as I asked to cancel they disappeared and I got no response. So then I called and spoke with someone in 'customer service' who said he would "take care of it", but he also talked over me and would not allow me to speak. Even though he said he would 'take care of it', since I did not receive a response till March 2, I don't know that he actually did anything. I have been using Sitelock services for about 7 years and have paid them thousands of dollars during that time, since for the first several years I was paying $110. per month for 'protection'. Now when I ask to cancel they try to screw me with additional charges and treat me like a bug they can squash beneath their big feet. Based on how nasty and disrespectful they were toward me in my cancellation of their services, if I ever need 'protection' again, they will be the last place I will go to get it.


Don’t buy into their hype. Can’t even get ahold of them calling credit card co right away my site is gown more then up. You would think a security co would inform you of that. It reads insecure and i

Site is down all the time and I dont know it and they keep billing me. I cant even cancel I get disconnected


Read your agreement VERY CAREFULLY because they don't care about their good will or treating someone "special" no matter what the circumstances.

Watch out - for Sitelock is the CUSTOMER's JOB - not Sitelock - to be sure your website is up &;;;;;;;;;;;;; running, and they don't even check to see if it IS running, no matter how high fee you paid to them. Also, you better put your CANCELLATION of their "services" IN WRITING AND HAVE MULTIPLE COPIES READY FOR YOUR ATTORNEY, you have to cancel 30 days BEFORE THE auto-renew and they don't care if you had a death in the family or any other human problem, you will be stuck with them for the FULL TERM and they WILL KEEP EVERY DIME OF YOUR MONEY. Last, they will finally tell you they are "happy to cancel" but what they mean is that as soon as their PAID term runs out. Don't expect a rebate, pro-rate or any other reasonable expectation out of this company. In other words, once they got your money, they will happily keep it even if you tell them "hands off, don't touch our website" etc. Outrageously callous, guess they don't care that every person who runs into their unconscionable billing & cancellation practices will keep telling the world about them, until the company either dies a well deserved demise, or injects humanity into their operation. Definition of Unconscionable: adjective Save Word To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In un·con·scio·na·ble | \ ˌən-ˈkän(t)-sh(ə-)nə-bəl \ Definition of unconscionable 1a: shockingly unfair or unjust unconscionable sales practices b: EXCESSIVE, UNREASONABLE found an unconscionable number of defects in the car 2: not guided or controlled by conscience : UNSCRUPULOUS an unconscionable villain


My negative review about SiteLock

The backstory: I use HostGator hosting. I had an additional service connected, the SiteLock addon, which monitors the security of the website. Yesterday morning I received a message from SiteLock that malware was detected on my site. The day before, I had inserted the advertising network code, which is often scolded by antivirus because of its specifics. This code is not actually malware, but to experiment, I decided to remove the code from the site and restart SiteLock scanning. I also enabled the "SiteLock CDN/Firewall" feature in my personal account at HostGator. The same evening, I discovered that my site had become unavailable. Chrome was showing an error: "This site can’t be reached. The webpage at https://******/ might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_SSL_UNRECOGNIZED_NAME_ALERT" It also turned out that the site is successfully opened via VPN and mobile network. I googled the problem, found some ideas, tried to apply them (in particular, to clear the DNS cache, reboot the router, etc.). Nothing helped. I decided to write to HostGator support. It is noteworthy, that I like their technical support: always friendly consultants, available 24/7, solve problems quickly. I wrote to "Malware/Security" section. I explained the situation (that SiteLock was scolding at the advertising script, that it wasn't malware, but I removed the script anyway; I specified that the site is not available only on my network and that I recently enabled SiteLock’s CDN/Firewall). A SiteLock representative Brandon Becke joined the chat room, requested my website name, and then started asking me absolutely unconstructive questions: - Do I feel that the malware has been removed? - Do I know how malware works? - Do I understand what he says? Then he started talking that the viruses will come back unless I protect my site "for just 40 bucks a month". At this point, I probably should have become really scared and gave Brandon money immediately (LOL ). I had a strong feeling that Brandon thought he might intimidate me and hit me up for money. But the trick is that I am aware of what kind of scripts I placed on my site. I also think I can tell the difference between malicious code and other problems with access to the site. If the malware had crashed my site, the site would have been unavailable from any network, not only from my home network. So I silently closed the chat with Brandon. And after 30 seconds I received a catch-up email from him : “Here are the details of the services to remove and prevent malware: Website Scanning TrueSpeed CDN TrueShield WAF I look forward to your feedback on this service for $25 per month.” After that, I decided I no longer want to use SiteLock services and disabled their add-on (which costs $3 a month) on my hosting . The problem with the site has not disappeared and I decided to write again to HostGator technical support, but in another section - Tech Support/SSL. This time I was answered directly by a consultant from HostGator. He asked permission to access my cPanel, and found a problem with the A record there. The record was changed from my domain name to *** . Because of this, SSL did not work properly. We changed the record to the original one and the site soon started working. Conclusion: As I understand it, the A record changed because I clicked the “SiteLock CDN/Firewall enable” button. While the update came into effect, my site was unavailable. Maybe the next day everything would have been fine, but my experience with Brandon Becke convinced me to say goodbye to SiteLock forever, because nothing annoys me more than trying to hit me up for money and make me look like an idiot without even bothering to figure out the situation . Ironically, the problem was caused precisely because of SiteLock's actions, which did not warn me that my site might be unavailable for a few hours after the firewall enabling.


Refused technical support, Wouldn't cancel or refund money. Is trying to re-charge old credit card repeatedly. Received an email this morning saying my account is up and running again -

They will steal your money and offer NO support or cancellation. Avoid.



Bluehost will deactivate your website/blog due to malware you probably don't have. When you call Bluehost, you'll be automatically redirected to Sitelock (without your knowledge) and told only SITELOCK can fix the problem, if you pay them fill in the blank per month. Then you'll get phone calls and emails from Sitelock telling you how important it is that you use their service and warning you about the possibility of future hacks. Then, like they warned, your site may get redirected to another webpage, or you'll get a bogus popup, or your site will suddenly have more malware, corrupt files, or corrupt plugins. In my case, I was told that I had malware and if I wanted it fixed, I would have to pay $50 per month to Sitelock to fix it. When I called Bluehost and complained, they told me I had two corrupt files (they wouldn't show my IT guy). They deleted the corrupt files (if they existed) and reactivated my account. Next, I got emails from Sitelock telling me that I needed their service to take care of malware they recently detected (after this issue was resolved). Two weeks later, my site was inexplicitly automatically redirected to a bogus Adobe Flashplayer Pop Up. I called Bluehost and this time they told me "it was the same issue as last time: a corrupt plugin.” They didn't tell me it was a plugin last time. The same day, my IT guy called Bluehost and he was told the redirect was due to a virus in the database and only Sitelock could fix it for $50 per month.


Impossible to cancel

Last month, I notified sitelock I wanted to cancel. They argued that there was no reason to cancel. I said yes there was. No there wasn't and on and on. Unprofessional.


Beware of the Malware 100% SCAM from HostGator & SiteLOCk

Beware of the Malware 100% SCAM from HostGator & SiteLock SCAMMMERSSS.... We have moves all our website removed from #gatorhostscamer #sitelockscamer ... They are depending on people who doesn't know what they are doing. If you didn't back up your stuff, they will charge you an arm and a leg for the scams that they have done themselves. They are out of the US and using hackers to put malware in your website and charge you to fix it.. Gator Hosting and Site Lock are scam artist and prying on good people hard earned money. Read and do your research and educate yourself...****-new-hostgator-phishing-scam-do-not-fall.html


100% scam site. AVOID at any cost.

100% scam site. We asked them to shut down our account and not charge us again and they never responded back and keep charging us every month. Finally opened a CC dispute. AVOID at any cost.


Worst customer service

Absolutely no customer service. Despite repeated service request tickets filled out, repeated calls and messages left, never once heard from or talked to anyone.


Don't Give them Your Money - SCAM

Sitelock practically scammed me for 3 years, charging my credit card each year for a domain I no longer owned. The domain went public for purchase after 2015 and I no longer needed that domain. 3 Years later I come to realize Sitelock kept charging me. I called them and you'd think at least they'd try to make amends but no they offered nothing, not even a penny back. Horrible experience, I feel scammed. I requested an immediate cancellation and remove all my personal information, I hope I'll never come across an issue with them anymore and hope they do remove my information. Never will I ever recommend them, ever... not on this life.


Scam artists

I work in internet security, the scams these guys are to pull are ridiculous. They will show false positives to get you to pay and then not refund your money when you show them proof from their own system that they were wrong.


Taking Legal Action

Updated by user Jan 21, 2019
We are thinking of suing Sitelock, HostGator, and/or EIG in relation to their reporting of phishing malware on our website and their "offer" to help us eliminate it. We have an attorney and have hired a professional internet security cleaning company in this regard.

We do not need money from you, but we would like to know if any of you have been affected by similar actions of these companies and want to join us as plaintiffs in a lawsuit. If so, please private message me.

Original review Dec 26, 2018
Hello there! I met with my legal department and we will start legal action against this company . My business has become victim of this Sitelock & Hostgator scheme as well. My websites had been hijacked, in order for us to purchase their services to "clean" the so call infectious files we remove ourselves whenever they sent their emails with sales pitches. They had push it to the limit this time suspending our LIVE websites, which include an active online store, until we contract them. If anyone would like to be included in this lawsuit please contact me via PM, there are details I rather not discuss in an open forum since now it has become a legal matter. Thank you!


Site Lock is a Website Leach

One day when attempting to upload files to my server they had automatically become deleted immediately after upload. When I looked in the filezilla feedback windows it read 550-Virus Detected and Removed: SiteLock-HTML-SEOSPAM-rje.UNOFFICIAL I never ever ordered site lock!!. When I contacted fatcow they had no idea how this happened, which shows how lacking the security of fatcow is. I even uploaded a totally blank html file as a test and they deleted that too saying it had a virus. Stay away from sitelock. They are rude and intrusive and report tons of false positives.

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