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ShopRite has a 2.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 966 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 17th position out of 289 companies.


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Need to hire more professional people

Was at the deli counter while two workers behind the counter speaking Spanish very loudly joking and fooling around back and forth as they stood about 20 feet apart. Very noisy, very unprofessional, not paying any attention to customers as this went on for several minutes. Train people better! If i were manager they would get a warning.


Cannot logon to digital app

Your system would not take my email or password. Didn't change it. Associate helped me to reset it over the phone. I will try it on Friday when our senior van takes us.


Unethical butchers?

I have bought the center cut pork chops on several occasions. Each time, the packaging looks good, when I open it, the underside is not cleaned properly. When cut on a band saw, they use a bone scraper to clean away the bone and meat dust. Apparently your butchers would rather conceal that, than to clean the product properly. Unethical, or lazy? I have pictures, but unfortunately in this format I am unable to share that with you. It would surprise me if this is condoned by Shoprite. My store in Thompson Square, Monticello, Ny Thank you, Robert Samuelson


Question about tainted beef

The custom service representative that returned my call At 2:28 pm was completely unprofessional. She was rude, snarky, condescending and insulting. When I repeatedly asked for the ShopRite locations in Connecticut that have been reported to having tainted ground beef she insisted she had no such information. When I said someone at corporate knows what locations were in Connecticut she said she was at corporate and laughed at me. When I told her she was unprofessional and if no help she said contact the CDC, which I have. I just emailed them asking for the location information if the stores. I am extremely disappointed with the stonewalling and denial on ShopRites part.


No answers

I want the location information on the towns in Connecticut that have been determined to have had tainted ground beef


Rude employee

Please call me too much to type basically rude deli clerk argumentative told me to get a manager who seemed uninterested and frustrated himself newark store on 7/27. It was a simple fix on top of that he was eating while working


Rotten grapes

I purchase produce from ShopRite all the time, and never have a problem with their produce. The produce is always fresh. I had an order delivered to my home and the grapes were all rotten and soft.


Rude and impolite

The customer service people at the Wall shoprite on rout 34 were impossible rude, impatient and impolite. There names are John and Tee. Instead just to return extra money, which cashier machine generated, they were telling off that I did something wrong, did not want to listen to me and say a word. John finally gave me wrong refund, never apology. People like that could not work at that so much popular store.


Extremely poor customer service.

Will discuss during call. However Angel in Home Deliveries was very professional and communicative when he called at 5:34pm after the order was already late. Thx.


Need HR dept

Unfair to workers condition are not good working condition Owners dont care about their workers. Time off is hard to get



On 7-7-23 I drive over an hr to get to ShopRite Governor Plaza De. Bottomline an item rung up incorrectly. I went to CS the girl was rude & ignorant, I asked her to come & see the signs that I saw for the items, she refused. I asked to speak with the manager she never called him, he came to speak with another exployee after which he spoke to me. I explained the situation he told her to give it to me for that price. He walks away, this fool proceeded to argue with me about it & eventually called me a bit##, I argued back & I asked her what about customer service? To which she replied I don't get any! Then some coworker comes over to defend her, not knowing what's going on. I told her to mind her business, I asked her what is she doing? She said she can get LP, I replied "get em". I eventually ask another employee to call the Manager for me. Frank comes over & is of no help, saying he'll speak to Bridget about it. She should've been reprimanded right then & there, not only that but I have recordings of her calling me a bit## several times & her nasty attitude period. I also have pictures of the displays with prices clearly outlined! I feel that this ShopRite completely failed me! I NEVER got my free item for the price ringing up wrong, nor did I get my raincheck for the perdue jumbo wings (2), 4C peach ice tea mix.That place is horrible! Poor Customer Service, Weak Management, Incompetent employees. Huge waste of my time & effort! One would've thought that the girl baked & sold this item herself or that they were giving it out for free, none of which is the case!



I signed up to get a text and my food was sitting in the sun for 2 hours. I never received a text. My milk, yogurt, and chicken are spoiled.


Ten credit from gift card

I bought a fifty dollar gift card I should had received ten on my next shoprite order I was denied. The address was buy fifty dollars gift card receive ten on next visit I had my receipt was denied the ten dollars. Fake advertising



I want to talk to a live I bought a gift card the shoprite in only plaza Philly said because I didnt buy a gift card there I couldnt receive the bonus. Please let me speak to a live person 267595****


Didn’t want to believe that I didn’t receive what I was suppose to

Updated by user Jul 18, 2023
Never resolved lost my moneys worth

Original review Jun 18, 2023
I ordered 3lbs of crab legs through ShopRite and didnt receive that and was charged and my Oreos was not delivered but no one helped to resolve it


False advertising

I am very very outraged that store #106 of spotswood has misinformed & false advertising in their bakery department. There is one priced sign that states $3.99 cookies on one big table with all cookies displayed without names on them so to the average customer it appears to be the whole entire cookie table each cookie container is $3.99. I ring up my food purchases and the cookies I picked up from the exact table which were red velvet cookies price was $4.49 instead of $3.99 like the one table sign states. I then let one of the cashiers know that the price was wrong. He goes to check the table and sees that it says $3.99 but as he goes to ring it up again he turns it over and says these are not the cookies that are for $3.99. So I then say if they are not why are they on the same table as the other cookies that say $3.99? He does not know why so I ask are these the only red velvet cookies that dont apply to sale on the table? He says yes it is, so I then ask them why are they on the table once again? I dont understand why those cookies are put on the same table if theyre not $3.99? All of the different variations of cookies have no label on them, theyre all just clear containers on the same table. I was not given a price adjustment of .50 cents which to me is baffling based on poor advertising and not my fault as to why everything was on one table labeled as $3.99. Store staff apologized but I dont want an apology I want someone to fix this matter ASAP even though I paid .50 cents over price. I mention it to the bakery to fix the table and take the cookies that are not on sale off. I go inside the shop rite the next day and its still the same! I need for Dominic Romeo and Anthony the bakery department to fix this. I would like a reply to this concern because Im an upset customer.

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