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Shoppers Drug Mart has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 120 customers. In the Pharmacy category, it secures the 16th position out of 351 companies.


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Shoppers Drug Mart Reviews


Rudeness of nighttime pharmacist

I came to the pharmacy after the pharmacist at night on August 9, 2023 told me he wasn't going to fill my script he told me to come back today in the afternoon. I came to the pharmacy about 2 pm to put my request in for my script, the pharmacist at this time is now lying by saying he told me to come back tomorrow which he did not tell me that my friend was here and heard him say the same now upon waiting for 4 hours for my script and the afternoon pharmacist not mentioning anything to me about having to wait another day. I am passed now he wants me to come back tomorrow.i have not had any problems with any of the other pharmacists just this one. I don't know what his problem with me is but it's not fair for him to waste my whole day waiting for a prescription when they could have called me or told me at 2 pm when I dropped the script off,instead the afternoon pharmacist told me to come back after 6 pm today. I just would like to know why this pharmacist is taking it upon himself to act this way. Not to mention the rudeness he displays everything I see him.He never let's me speak to finish what im saying nor does he speak to me in an acceptable manner. Just because he is a pharmanist does not mean that he can be rude to customers he still should show some customer service. I have never been treated this way for absolutely no reason other than just to be completely I don't even know why I am bothering with this complaint, nothing will be done to rectify this pharmacists rudeness anyways.


Shoppers is selling fraudulent gift cards that I bought unknowingly .. I will be going to media with this since I’m not getting any help from shoppers

Awful service , no one cares and I will stop shopping there , I will also get media involved regarding the fraud that is happening at shoppers drug mart stores . They shuffle u from one dept to another with zero help or care with lengthy waits and no resolution at the end


Bad Pricing Experience at 1599 Upper james and Ryamal road. Hamilton.

I called Pharmacy for availability of product (prescription skin cream) and pricing. I was quoted $111.25 for 5mg of one variant and $35.48 for 4mg of another variant. I ordered the lower cost version. When picking it up, I was surprised to see the price was $75. When asking the clerk why the change , she got the pharmacist and he explained that the $35.48 was really for 1mg. To the person that did the quote, it appears that $35.48 is for 4mg when they are just looking at the list of product. The final pricing is not evident till the prescription is "fully processed'. i.e. In getting a quote , you can't just as for pricing. You have to ask for the "fully processed" price. Also I found that this infrequently used product that I would expect to last a couple years at my usage rate had an expiry date of November of this year which is in 3.5 months. Apparently, you have to ask for (or specify) expiry date as well before ordering or accepting product because the pharmacy is trying to get rid of the oldest product. So all in all it was not a very good experience other than learning these lessons.


Awful service

Shoppers is selling fraudulent cards that wont take the responsibility for I bought 500 gift card ti gift my brother , when he went to use it , it was empty , even though I had the receipt ti prove where and when I purchased it they wouldnt refund me the money .. This is insane, I will be contacting the media to let them know that shoppers drug mart is selling fraudulent Visa cards


Complain for 620 Keele St.Clair Branch

Hi Shoppers, To whom it may concern, I bought a Nintendo switch yesterday from 620 keele St. Shoppers as it said online you have the OLED kind and only 1 left. When I went to the cashier at the lotto station (Indian lady, her name maybe is marieta im not sure) she asked is that is what Im looking for. As a first time buyer of this product I assumed that was the one it says from your website. She didnt mention theres another version or whatsoever. When I checked home, this product is not what Im looking for. I came back today to tell her its not what I came for as per your website. She said shes not accepting returns on electronics but thats not what it says in your policy. She was saying its not accurate and Im wrong and i should know what I'm buying, but I wont know something if thats the first time I bought it. Besides in your website it says you have the OLED and I didnt Know she gave me not the OLED one. She was so rude and didnt even care to help me. She was saying that it was opened and I used it as a matter of fact it was all sealed and unused the way she sold it to me yesterday. She even said that she was helping me for 30 minutes and like Im wasting her time. But she didnt even try to check what she can do and just dismissed me like Im dumb there just standing. She was also saying shes a supervisor and just come back for the manager the next day. I dunno if thats how shoppers promote people who dont know how to have proper customer service. She wasted my time and made me feel Im dumb when I just based on your website and she claimed it was not accurate. Now I wasted my time and money on the product she sold me in incorrect information and in rudeness. I feel like she refused to help me in a nice way because she was being racist as I saw she was helpful in other race like light Colors and Im not. Please do help me in this situation, I feel humiliated by her treatment. Regards, Allene


Unprofessional, and ignorant staff at Pharmaceutical service counter.

Saturday, Jan 14, 2023 at 10 am at Bridlewood mall plaza, Shopper's Drug Mart. Saw 2 staff busy chatting with each other behind the medicine shelf, I know they have seen me when I came to the counter but they quickly turned their heads down. 5 mins later 1 of them did not greet me or asked me a question. Just replied with a sigh. Ignore their response, politely asked they could accept 3 full yellow containers of used needles. She quickly denied my request because they do not accept this type of dispose, although we already had done it in the past. I had to ask what type of disposal containers they accept and she was reluctant to share a larger size see through rectangular shape used needle disposal. Did not want to waste time, only to a photograph of the disposal & my used disposal for comparison and for this complain,


Fraudulent giftcard that was purchased at shoppers

Was gifted a fraudulent gift card that was purchased at Shoppers Still havent received an answer as to how theyre planning on fixing this problem


Poor refund policy

Updated by user Feb 01, 2023
I am not surprised, they have done nothing to resolve the issue.I have not shopped there since. I have found others companies that sell perfume with better return policies. I shopped with shoppers for decades and now avoidShoppers and loblaws completely.Thank you, for giving me forum To voice my disappointment.

Original review Jan 02, 2023
I purchased a bottle of perfume from shoppers. I took the bottle right behind the demo. I open the package to find its not the right perfume. In minutes I'm back in the store the staff member tells me I must see the cosmetic manager. So I go in on her shift. The demo is still in the wrong place. And I tell her. So she changes it in front of me. And still refuses my refund (exchange). I just want the perfume I thought I was buying. I call their customer service number. The first time. I thought the problem was solved but no.. I go to have a coffee and wait. I contacted the cosmetic manager if she has heard from the head office but no. So I go home and call again. Now the next customer service rep transferred my call back to the store. I left a message on manager's phone. And I never heard back today. The cosmetic manager should done refund. When she had to change the demo in front of me. The seal was broken. And that's how I knew the perfume was wrong. Bad boy perfume is $138.99 plus taxes. What's wrong with their staff. Are they little men dressed in brief authority? Then she refers me to go online about their return policy. That should be in the store by the cash. I purchased dec 31/22 and I saw her Jan 2/23


Fraudulent giftcard purchased at shoppers

I was given a giftcard for Christmas, that was purchased at one of the Shoppers in Thunder Bay. When I went to use it I was told it wasnt active. When I went back to the Shoppers it was purchased at I was informed that it was a fraudulent giftcard and to call the 1-800 number. I sent what needed to be sent and Im still waiting for an answer


Serious complaint for a store

I bought a under eye concealer and it was 42 dollars and I went to return the item and I paid cash which I should have received the payment Back in cash and they have a gift card which I didnt want and when i went back in when I realized I didnt have no choice but to take a gift card they refused to give me my money back and now Im stuck with a 40 card I wont use


Trying to return my cologne

Absolutely horrible I would not recommend shopping at shoppers drug Mart do not shop here they are horrible there


Very frustrating reading your adds

I find it so very frustrating to read your add. Every week it looks the same. ALL different sizes of pages. When you turn one page another falls out. Make it like people read. One size pages and together. Today I started to read, I lost it all these stupid sizes I just tore it up and said forget it. I will go down the road and shop Rexall there adds are normal and my things will eventually come on sale there. Another is your self checkout. To have someone stand there and say I can help you over here on self checkout is just plain stupid. Especially when she can do the exact same by just opening another register. Makes no sense. I refuse to put people out of jobs. Besides I dont work for Shoppers. Where is the old fashion GOOD customer service. Show our younger generation what this really is. That was the most important part of your business, is to give good customer service, not do it your self. A reply would be nice, lfriest@***.com Hope to see better reading weekly paper advertisements Linda Friest


Consistently very slow pharmacy

The absorbent amount of time they require to fill a prescription an hour to 3 hours is too long. This is not a one off or a busy day it's every time. It could be a script as simple as a prepackaged puffer. A script called in hours before. Lindsay pharmacy needs to up their game. If they cannot keep up with demand then hire more staff!


Return Policy

1500 King St E, Cambridge, ON N3H 3R5 I purchased hot rollers for $85.00 at this location (5 minutes from my home) So I shop here frequently. I plugged the hot rollers in, and I could not even pick them up. They were so hot and actually burnt my hands. When I tried to return these, I was told by a very snippy person at the cash register, the electronic items could not be returned. She was so sarcastic. No offer of a solution... Instead of supporting YOUR customer, you prefer to protect your suppliers who sell products to you that you put on your shelves with no protection for your customers should these products be defective. It is very apparent why people tend to shop on line where the return policies are in support of the customer; not the supplier. What was I to do with these hot rollers for $85.00 that I could not use as I could not pick them up? I left them at the store. I simply said "keep them". I won't step into a Shoppers Drug Mart again as it appears they don't have the "time" to accept a product back that is defective, and return it to the supplier themselves.



Pleasure consider this message to be strong displeasure with the Pharmacy in the Shoppers Drug Mart in Bolton, Ontario. I tried for an hour and a half to contact the Pharmacy by phone to refill six prescriptions. The phone would ring three times and then go to voice mail. This pattern was repeated for an HOUR AND A HALF. The phone was never answered. I thought there might be something wrong with their telephone system, and called Customer Service. They said there was nothing wrong with the telephone system in the Pharmacy. The person transferred my phone call AND STILL NO ONE PICKED UP THE PHONE! This is not the first time this has happened. It has happened at least a dozen times in the last year. The phone is either not answered, or picked up and hung up on purpose. Since I could not contact the Pharmacy by phone to refill my prescriptions, I had to go there in person. I waited in line for TWENTY MINUTES! I HAVE A JOB AND CANNOT SPEND TWO HOURS TRYING TO GET A PRESCRIPTION FILLED! After thirty minutes, I was ASSURED that ALL my prescriptions would be ready for pick up by early evening. Since I had wasted TWO HOURS trying to have my prescriptions filled, I had to make this time up by staying at work for an EXTRA TWO HOURS. Due to this, I would not be able to pick up the prescriptions by early evening and asked my daughter to do so. Keep in mind, I was assured all six prescriptions would be ready for pick up by this time. My daughter went to pick up the prescriptions. She had to wait for TWENTY MINUTES to speak to someone. She was told that all were ready, but one would cost $7.50. Due to a medical condition, I have been taking these same medications for TEN YEARS and for the past TWENTY YEARS, any prescription anyone in my family have taken have been filled at THIS Pharmacy. Between mine and my husbands benefit packages, we NEVER have to pay for prescriptions. My daughter was so confused about the $7.50 cost that she phoned me while still standing at the Pharmacy counter. I HEARD the person tell her that unless she paid the $7.50, she could not have the medication. I told her to take the five prescriptions that had been filled, and I would deal with sixth one today. She did not realize until she got home, that the bag she was given only had FOUR prescriptions NOT THE FIVE SHE WAS TOLD. I went back to the Pharmacy today. This is now the THIRD time I have had to go to this Pharmacy to have all my prescriptions filled. I took the six empty medication bottles, four filled ones and four receipts with me. When questioned about the $7.50 charge, I was told no one said this to my daughter (I was on the phone with her, and HEARD her being told this!), and that there would be no charge. After THIRTY MINUTES of waiting in line and trying to sort things out, I still do not have the fifth and sixth prescriptions. I was told that they could not find the fifth prescription that had been filled the night before, and would have to come back when it was found. As for the sixth prescription, although the computer read that it had been filled the night before, it had NOT been. The sixth prescription could not be filled because their IT person had to be called to have this mistaken over ridden. This would take anywhere from to three days to happen. It will now take FIVE separate trips to the Pharmacy to have SIX prescriptions filled. At no time, was I thanked for my patience or given an apology for the inconvenience. Prior to this incident, an old prescription was mixed together with a new prescription, even though there had been a change in the dosage. I took double the medication for an entire MONTH before I realized the mistake. Their mishandling of medication is DANGEROUS, their inability to accept responsibility is UNPROFESSIONAL and their Customer Service is DEPLORABLE. As well, the store is always dirty and the shelves rarely stocked. After twenty years, I will never have a prescription filled or shop at this, or any other Shoppers Drug Mart ever again. I will also tell other people to avoid this location AT ALL COSTS. Shauna Perry


The pharmacy at my local shoppers drug mart must be staffed by a bunch of morans and idiots

The pharmacy at the shoppers drug mart at 1145 Innisfil Beach Rd, Innisfil Ontario has been messing up my medications for the last 12 to 15 years. It first started when I was able to go out to pick up my meds, I would call on a Saturday to refill my meds and go out a week later to pick them up and they wouldn't have all of them ready and would tell me that the meds that were missing were being delivered on Wednesday and wouldn't be delivered until Friday. If I needed all the meds on the day I went to pick them up then I would have been with the missing meds for 7 days. Now that I can't get out to pick them up, I have the meds delivered and it's the same type of nonsense. I call to refill 3 or more of my medications, then on the delivery day only 2 of the medications out of the 3 or more would be delivered so I would need to call and have them deliver the rest of the medications the next delivery day. They also can't get the medication refills updated by my doctor right either, it takes them up to 2 whole weeks to get in contact with my doctors office and get a renewed prescription from my doctor. When I call them to find out what's going on, I get told they are waiting for my doctor to reply and I call my doctor's office to find out what's going on at their end and I get told that either they haven't gotten a prescription renewal from the drug store or that they have already sent the renewal into the drug store which I just talked with 10 minutes before. The latest mistake on their part is somebody from the pharmacy calling here on the weekend and telling my mother that since they were closed on Monday because of the holiday, that they would deliver my medication today (Tuesday). So I called them at 6 pm to find out where my medications were and got told that they don't deliver on Tuesdays even if they are closed on Monday for the holidays so the medications will be delivered on Wednesday. We are talking about medications that I need to take on a daily basis to keep my health in roughly great shape, by dealing with this type of garbage is stressing me out and I might decide to switch to one of the other 4 or 5 drug stores in town and see if the service from them is better then here.

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