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Shop LC has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 269 customers. In the Jewelry and Accessories category, it secures the 15th position out of 657 companies.


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Experto Lumia

Not really a problem but i bought experto Lumia a year ago and i am wondering was it the real thing or a knock off. Because on the lumia website they sell for $8,000 and i bought from ShopLC experto Lumia for 300.00. Did i buy a fake product or the real thing? Thank you please let me know PatriciaBassett


Diamond ring

Diamond ring I purchased. Just made last payment on it in May of 2023. Diamond has fallen out! They won't help no replacement, no sending it out to fix it! Nothing. All they want is your money. They all lie about everything. You get no help. They told me to take it to any jeweler and they would be happy to fix it. Yes I guess they would! I'm so done with these people. Shame on them


No proof of 24k

I purchased a 24k gold 18 inch beaded necklace for 2,987.99 $. The necklace is beautiful but no where is it marked 24k and I got no certificate of authenticity or an appraisal with it. When I called I was told it was not marked, no kidding and that it did not come with any paperwork, no kidding again. I could go and have it appraised for 50.00$. I think I have already spent enough on it. I am a good customer of theirs and cant believe I have no proof this is actually 24k as advertised.



I sent 4 things back. They received it the 17th, this is now the 27th and no refund yet. When I call about it, they act like it's no big deal. It may not be a big deal to them, but it is too me. I, for one, have decided not to order again. If this is the way they do business. I'm out. Some people need their money.



Im still waiting to hear from shop LC as to what theyre going to do with the order that I sent back. #BC5MSF0310****. If you could look into this for me, all I want is a refund. Thank you.



You all took money from me and never sent me the products. So now Im disputing with my bank and they said I need to get a name of someone from shop lc they can contact about this problem.


Another multi gemstone ring loses it gemstones

I pruchased a ruby ring with ruby accents and wore it a couple of times, and noticed a loose prong, I work with gemstones and setting and i know how to set a prong on a mounting. I got the ring, tightened the prong on the one side. Look at the other prongs on the other side to see if they needed tightening and notice I lost 2 small ruby gemstones. This was about the third time I wore the ring. This isn't the only ring this happened to, it happened to 4 others. There is no way I can send it back, and no way to get it repaired. The gemstones that needed to be replaced is about 100 each. I know this has happened to many other people who purchased multi gemstone rings, and the loss of the gemstones is worrisome. I no longer purchase from Shop LC Also they no longer sell reasonable prices jewelry as it is all expensive gold chains, Tanzi, platinum. These people are scammers



Updated by user Feb 10, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. I want to update my review.

Customer Service called me this morning (less than 24 hours after complaint) and apologized for the inconvenience. The rep also found another ring, the exact size and make, as the one ordered for the same price. As an extra bonus, she also offered expedited delivery free of charge.

This renewed my “faith” in ShopLC. Thank you.

Original review Feb 09, 2023
I purchased a mens ring for husbands Valentiness gift. I received TWO emails confirming purchase and payment ($210). After 3 wks of waiting for tracking #, I called, only to find out they forgot to process and no longer have the ring in stock. I received NO notification of this! Customer Service offered a refund as a solution, but never solved the problem of taking my money for 3 weeks with no product to sell. 6 days until V. Day and no regrets on their part. Interesting enough, after I called, I went online to write my concern to customer service; however, upon submitting, I got the message Oops, page has been moved. SERIOUSLY! I want the ring I was promised or compensation for my purchase AND for their incompetence, leaving me without a present. Again, I was never informed that the ring was not available. It was ME who reached out and investigated. Dont know if this company can be trusted to do the right thing. Buyer Beware!


Missing item

I recently received multiple orders from you. One pair of earrings was missing. The item number is 723**** TV, Rhodium over sterling silver stardust hoop earrings, cost $7.99. I realize this is not much money and I have no way to prove this. However, I really liked the earrings. Please respond. Thank you.


Shipping BAD

paid $10 for faster shipping. Three days ago item hasnt even left the warehouse yet. First and last purchase..


They all lie

Cant answer questions truthfully. Do not know their products. Praise changes while you are in the middle of paying for it. Website will say error then the price jumped up 45.00 from what it was. No one can help either. It's a horrible company to purchase from. No warranty al all. No more!shop somewhere else!


SGL Certification not included with my purchase

I purchase a natural yellow diamond band ring on 01/1/2023 and I received the ring on 01/10/2023, when I opened the package there was no SGL Certification Card enclosed; it states in the description that this ring (item 385****) is SGL Certified. My order number is:BC5MSF0253**** for a size 6 ring, 10k Yellow Gold Natural Yellow Diamond (I2-I3) Band Ring (2 grams), 0.50ctw. I did send an email on 01/10/2023 the day that I received the ring from Shop LC to Shop LC Customer Service and spoke to two separate Customer Service Reps. on 01/10/2023 and 01/11/2023 but I have still not heard back from anyone at Shop LC to date. Please let me know when I will be receiving my SGL Certification Card for my ring, I would really like to give this purchase a 5 star rating. Thank you. Nora Green


Bait and Switch on Auctions

I won several auctions for items described as "premium", for a low dollar bid amount. I paid for the items on my credit card, with a shipping date of 7-10 days, with several items never arriving even after 2 weeks. I called customer service to be told these items cannot be reshipped at the original price, only through NEW auctions, for a much higher price. This seems more like a bait and switch tactic, and this company should be investigated as to this, as these items were available but not shipped. If a customer fails on their end, they have to pay all sorts of extra charges. I had been a loyal customer for years, but intend to check into potential legal remedies for the horrible customer service now!



I recently won an auction from shop LC in early November-supposedly the package was sent on 11/4/22.and delivered to my locked mailbox on 11/9/22-Needless to say I never received it. I chatted on line on 11/22/22 with a service representative and was told that I would have to file a claim with the post office. Tried filling the claim on line with USPS today 11/23/22. Because package was not insured (granted the item total was $9.62) Shop LC would not try to trace on it from their end or do anything else for me to resolve the situation.When I went to trace on this through their website it kept saying and still to this day keeps saying awaiting carrier p/u. I WILL NOT be ordering from them again



SO UPSET!!! SHOP LC does not allow you to talk with a supervisor whatsoever UNLESS you wait 1-3 days for a call back!!! I've requested this so-called "call back" 3 time sin the past 2 weeks - and have wasted HOURS of time talking to overseas people who do NOT have the smallest skills of assisting whatsoever and really offer no purpose or anwers in any way AT ALL!! I've waited and waited for calls. I've called back and been told "the supervosor has here in your records that they called you and your phone didn't work!" - WHAT IN THE WORLD?!! So now they're blatanly LYING to me. They've claimed to email me and "my email deosn't work" !??? WHAT WHAT WHAT is goingon at SHOP LC?? They've gone so far DOWNHILL - that they're now taking my money for things I have not ordered and adopted a TACTIC of exhasuting hte customer until the cusomter GIVES UP from sheer frustration - WHILE they take my money, GAUGE me for shipping over and over and REFUSE to eveb apply a small courtesy credit for hte MASSIVE amounts of money for shipping htey've taken. Their shipping fee on auctions they claim is $2.99 per item - LIES!! I've been charging almost $20 twice for 3 small items total in each order - that means they've STOLEN $8.+ BOTH of those times. PLUS charged me $297. in an error on the screen hovering over the Pay Now button and HAVE NOT CALLED ME BACK ON THIS MATTER TO THIS DAY either!! SIMPLE MATH = SIMPLE HELP NEEDED. NO HELP GIVEN. DO NOT ORDER FROM SHOP LC!- I WANT ACTION, I want my money back, I want calls back, I want shipping fees back. I WANT ANSWERS Exhausted! Ms. D.K.L.



Original review Apr 25, 2022
I've been a customer with Shop LC for a year and a half now. I thought Shop LC was the best online shopping venture since Amazon. I have bought A LOT of jewelry with Shop LC, even many pieces costing $2,000+. I even gave them MANY good reviews on their jewelry. I bought some boots and a purse (LOVE the purse). Yes, the jewelry is poorly made in some cases and even lose stones. Some of it is made in China, even the expensive ones, so you better have that bad boy inspected and appraised. I have 6-7 rings that are now missing stones, but they are silver and I only got them for the style or the stones. Yes, some of the Bali Legacy silver TURNED BLACK on me after wearing it 2 days. No silver polishing cloths will clean it, so I have to find some sort of solution to scrub them with. You get what you pay for, most of the time. I have returned about 10 orders, mainly because of the quality (sharp prongs or prongs not secured or item is just junk), even expensive ones. One time, they sold a bi-color tourmaline bracelet, but didn't specify it was IMITATION; I only found out after looking at it under a loupe. They also give gemstones a grade AAAA when the stone would be AAA according to a gemologist or jewelers standards. I bought a Boyaca emerald and a tanzanite that should have been a step lower than what was posted, so if you buy any expensive stones or jewelry from Shop LC, YOU BETTER CHECK THEM with a loupe, get reputable jeweler and get an appraisal. BEWARE OF YO-YO PRICING! One month, a diamond ring is $1,700. The next month, it is $2,000. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEIR EBAY ACCOUNT! It is definitely HIGHER. A Pelle Python purse is listed on their eBay account for $520, but on their website, the same purse is $350. Sometimes, the next week or the same day, the price goes up or down. Ive had to call them out on 4 or 5 items to get the difference back that Ive over-paid. Another thing they like to do is jack up the price and then offer a discount of up to 25% (sparingly) to make you THINK you got a deal. They LOVE to do this just before they put an item on live TV. Don't get fooled by the HURRY ONLY 1 IN STOCK! message. They have some more in their warehouse that they will list as soon as you buy that LAST ONE at a HIGHER PRICE and then lower the price. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THAT CLOSEOUT GARBAGE! Why do you think Shop LC bought it at a discount? That includes the gold chains. Yes, customer service (CS) is either a hit or miss. I have called them at least 25 times over the course of my time with Shop LC. If you call at a certain time of the day, you get the CS in India. CS will either go out of their way to help you or NOT GIVE A CRAP that you have an issue with your order or account. NEVERMIND Personal Shopper! My first experience is the LAST experience with them, RUDE and the attitude of don't bother me, I'm busy. Watch out for GHOST CHARGES on ANY of your cards linked to your Shop LC account. I check my statements every 3 days now. Oh, and don't try to post a 1-star review ANYWHERE on Shop LC. THEY WILL NOT POST IT AT ALL! So they practice a really DECEITFUL tactic when it comes to reviews. Ive tried to post at least five 1-star reviews that conveniently didn't go through while all the good ones did. THAT alone should have told me Shop LC is no good, but I was struck. I tried to order an item one day, Wednesday. I order from them almost every week, so I didn't think anything of it. All of a sudden, my order was cancelled and I cant get into my account to see what happened. I even get an email from Shop LC Loss Prevention (LP), but NO EXPLANATION as to why. I call customer service like the locked out message said and they were of no help. They simply told me that my account was frozen due to fraud. WHAT?! FRAUD? WHERE and HOW? Now I'm scared I might have been hacked. Then I thought about my new card. I just got a new one with the same number but different code and date, which I DID CHANGE. Also, I didn't place the order on that card, so why did they accuse me of fraud? Being LOCKED OUT of my account concerned me because I had 2 BudgetPays that I needed to change the payment card for if they want me to pay them. The *** app that they have wont even let me change the cards, either (the Shop LC app is GARBAGE!). I hear now, after the fact, that if your information doesn't match up, your account is FLAGGED by the computer and then locked. CS said LP will investigate and will contact me in 3 days. That was Friday. I get a call on early Monday morning from LP. The representative asked me some questions to verify my identity. I was half asleep, so I cant remember all she said. After I hung up the phone, I had the feeling that it would get resolved the same day or at least by Wednesday. Monday night, I STILL cant get into my account. Tuesday, I STILL cant get in, so I call CS and I just HATE the dumb, generic greeting that they say to all the callers, Hello, my name is ___. Can I assist you in making a purchase today? I told them about my account and they told me my account is still locked. Okay, can I place an order? No, sorry, you cannot. THEN WHY ASK ME IF I WANT TO PLACE AN ORDER??!!! I call CS early Wednesday morning, now a FULL WEEK OF BEING LOCKED OUT OF MY ACCOUNT. The deadline to change the BudgetPay is Thursday at midnight. I talked to one CS rep. who told me the BudgetPay department will call me within 24-48 hrs. I NEVER GOT THE CALL and still didn't even after the 48-hr mark. Wednesday night, STILL CANT GET INTO MY ACCOUNT. This time around, I am SERIOUSLY unhappy and about to be REALLY PISSED! Thursday morning, I call CS and the rep transferred me to another one and she said my account is now ACTIVE. IT TOOK THAT LONG! And no, I didn't get to change the BudgetPay in time! Shop LC, if I wanted to commit fraud, don't you think I would've done it when I bought the $2,000+ jewelry pieces? Funny, no one locked my account and said it was fraud then! *Put those suckers on BudgetPay and DIP!* But I'm not a fraudster, I AM A CUSTOMER! Somehow that one piece of OVERPRICED jewelry I tried to buy which costs less than ½ of $2,000, sets off the FRAUD ALERT and you LOCK my account. Now, I cant manage my BudgetPays and change the card numbers so they can GET PAID!! Do you NOT want me to pay for your merchandise that you so kindly shipped to me after I paid a small amount on it? Makes ZERO sense!!! I understand that you do not want to get ripped off by scammers, but how do you separate the scammers from your customers? I am SO PISSED!!! I am so pissed to the point, every time I get a notification or email from Shop LC, I tell them to GO SHOVE IT!!! As soon as I pay off these BUDGETPAYS, like a genuinely honest customer would do, I AM DROPPING Shop LC like a bad habit. You banned me, now I BAN YOU, SHOP LC!!!!

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