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Sherwin Williams has a 2.1-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 287 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 2th position out of 211 companies.


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101 W. Prospect Ave, Cleveland, Ohio, 44115, USA

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Employee sent my child a disturbing photo formno teason

I was clipped by. A car on my bike on July 7 afterwards I went to Sherwin Williams on Franklin Blvd Gastonia NC to call the police when disturbingly the young girl at the counter told me I couldn't make the call I immediately was upset I was in immediate pain and needed medical assistance she still refused to let me make the call...2 days later my daughter was sent a photo showing me in the store holding a knife this i promise I had a pocket knife stayrx clipped to my pocket the.whole time i was in the store. I don't know how this girl found out who my daughter was because she obviously not a friend dude to her arrogance and ride nature. My daughter is nothing like this. And let me remind you folks something..I had been hit by a car and was in tremendous pain and was denied even to make a call for medical assistance, but this girl had the nerve to send and photo shop me holding a knife, making me look violent...i can't express how unprofessional and how low down this is ...I'm so to ask she be fired respectfully, and to be publicly exsed for her wicked act...tjis is reflecting on managememt that was no where to be found that day...hrr name was Bre.


Store 705316

Justin attitude towards customer is rude, He sleeps in his office and do not answer phone. If I am the Manager, I will fire him.


One of your workers used his discount to buy a 5 gallon paint didn't pay and stole my 200

A worker for this company told me he could use his company discount for my shops paint . So I sent hum 200 dollars He went to the store placed the order used his account discount marcos cuevas but he lied and said his name was alex according to the cashier . He left and now he won't return ny money and he's asking for another 100 or he won't pay back . Fraud scam ! Emotional distress ...


Bad Truck Driver

This morning, approximately 5 minutes ago, your driver proceeded to come out of a side road without stopping, even though I flashed my lights to be sure that he/she recognized myself and my child.. I took photos of the trailer and tag number as this was a close accident that could have taken our lives, due to negligence and stupidity! The trailer number was: 52422 and the tag number was: 791-018 ST (Illinois) tag and I would like feedback on this because I will personally suit this individual for being wreck less and very careless!


Refuse to sell paint becase they would only have 5 gallons remaining till the truck runs in 1 hour

Went to purchase paint. They refused to sell the paint because it would only leave them with 5 gallons, the salesman said it would put him into a bad position so he decided to keep the paint and sale to multiple customers


Rude manager refused to sell me products because he said they wanted to save it incase a customer with a account needed it

I called and asked to have a product transferred to another store location and the manager said he would not do that because he needed to keep it in case a customer with a account should call and need it he could sell it to them! Am I not a customer??


Bad customer service

Went to your store in Marble Falls, TX and told man waiting on me that I wanted to purchase two samples and ask if he could recommend a good taupe color. He said I am not a decorator. To which I replied that I had been in other stores and they had made recommendations. He then I am not a decorator and stop repeating the same thing. I ask if someone else could help me, he said sure and stormed away, apparently going to the back of the store, bad mouthing me to the point of no one would help me. A very nice and helpful lady came up and told me no one was going to help me, but she would make up the samples I wanted. She did and I paid for them and left, never to return to that store again. I will tell everyone I know of the way I was treated at this store and perhaps the man waiting on me should look for a non customer service job! Bonnie Loden


Never had to return product

Great product. Project turned out great. Try to buy everytime I paint.. nice cleanup, beautiful colors. Highly recommend


Brush quality of the purdy brand

Just bought 4 more purdy brushes and it the final strawmy company will have to change brandsthis is a sad day we love purdy.


Improve customer service

We walked into your store at Lely shopping center and asked the black girl behind the counter a question her attitude was like youre bothering me. I need 17 gals of paint but for sure will not purchase them from sherwin William


Sherwin Williams does not need your business and they wll happily let you know know that fact. What a group of ignorant clowns

They don't tolerate being asked if anybody works there after waiting at the front counter for 20 mins. Never met a bigger bunch of arrogant minimum wage nobodies. Clearly a staff only waiting for payday.


Using this paint has destroyed all my bedroom furniture

I purchased some of your Valspar furniture paint from Lowes that says no sanding and priming needed after putting for five coats on the furniture I contacted somebody with your company and was told I needed to use bonding agent made by Valspar after doing all these things and putting a total of 8 to 9 coats all my paint still chips off the furniture very dissatisfied will never use yawls products ever again


Account fraud

NRodini Almonacy told me if I signed a form it would get him a $25 gift card and me a huge discount. We discussed I didnt want an account of any kind. When I received a letter in the mail about being denied. Rodini sent me emails calling me a dumb *** because I signed it . I did not fil out the form or give permission for my Tax ID number to be used.. I signed because I am having health issues and cant see well right now. I trusted it was just a discount form and I would not have any accounts made . That was false ..


Product person

Trying to talk to real person about manhole rehab materials and equipment usage We have 86 manholes to do 818 519 **** Gary


Using COVID-19 excuse to gouge consumers

I went to the local Sherwin Williams store to purchase a quart of Acetone. The product was on the shelf priced at $12.49. When I checked out, the receipt total was $12.99. The state of Delaware does not charge sales tax, so I asked the clerk why was my total 50 cents more than the posted price and she pointed to a little sign at the register that read, Due to supply chain problems, there is a 4% surcharge on all purchases. I couldnt help but laugh out loud at the absurdity and gull of Sherwin Williams to use this lame excuse to gouge the paying consumer. Out of all the businesses that have suffered during the pandemic, i.e. restaurants, motels, travel, etc., the building industry and associated suppliers have been going strong. I shop a lot of local retailers and this is the first one Ive seen take advantage of their customer base to line their pockets with unjustified charges. Almost seems criminal that warrants an investigation. Needless to say, this is my last purchase from Sherwin Williams. SHAME ON YOU, SHERWIN WILLIAMS!! Final thought, if you cant run a business that values customer loyalty, then close up shop or take the 4% out of the upper managements salary, Im sure they wont miss it.

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