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ShelterLogic has a 1.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 145 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 4th position out of 211 companies.


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Less than 7 months old, one wind and rain shower a totally loss

We purchased the Shelter Logic garage, and it lasted less than 7 months. Will never purchase this product again. Talked to the company and they called it an act of GOD, Not happening again.


Product has torn on both canopies

I bought 2 13x20x 12 garage in a box from Amazon last may.I thought they would have lasted a little longer than a yr even though its not your top of the already ripped all the way across and the other one is starting.I went with shelterlogic because I thought you were a reputable company.I hope that we can resolve this issue


Had a positive experience getting a proble. solved with Laura Miller today. Now it depends when the order is pulled from stock and shipped. That will be when I will writea review.

No complaint as of yet!!! I will when I receive your product on time and as soon as possible. See you later. A HUGE thank you to Laura Miller!!!]


The price went up but the quality of the shelter logic garage went down

The material covering my shelter logic is not as heavy as before. And there are 100 of holes in the material not sure if its a sewing problem


Product failure

After 14 months the material along the ridge support ripped from end to end. I contacted Shelter Logic and they refused to accept any responsibility for the product failure telling me the warranty was for one year only. I advised them that my Costco shelter was half the price when I purchased it and it provided a number of years of service. I sent a follow up email to Shelter logic about a replacement cover but they never did reply. I believe the product is not capable of withstanding hot summer weather and that the ridge support got so hot it melted the plastic. I would suggest that people place foam noodles along the ridge support to avoid such damage.


Customer service obsolete

I ordered a heavy duty replacement cover from Shelter Logic $442.99, I purchased the original in Sept 2021 to put my snowblower inside, well it's April 2022 and well the elements have not been friendly. So the website says "instock" and ships 7 to 10 business days. You are all set, NOPE! 3 to 4 weeks for manufacturing, so not in-stock as website states. Also "you will recieve an email when product is shipped" again...NOPE. Well delivery day arrives, box looks like its been through spring training as a tackle bag, tossed out of an airplane, missing pieces, no instructions.. oh and here's the kicker a door that has 2 zippers but is sealed shut! You open the first zipper and open the second zipper and well I guess you're supposed to wish things through the door. So I take photos, send an email and I'm told to cut the door open, well one would think "manufacturing a door" that would be a major step to complete, not have a customer do this and ruin the "warranty". So I send another email asking why was manufacturing not completed, well it's "to prevent the zipper from falling off in shipping" so when the customer receives product and makes the cut you require the zippers will fall off? So $199.99 plus tax, $442.99 this could have been a resin shed, that doesn't require you to cut the door.. I have photos to include, with the explanation of the zippers falling off...


New canopy (professionally installed) did not make it through ONE storm

Wind damage. According to the site, can withstand 80-100mph. I had about 2 days of intermittent 70mph winds. End seams ripped and of course, that is not covered under warranty....


Poor quality products and service

7 month old 20x13x12 garage in a box with a length wide tear of the top exposing the items you intended to protect. Company response...... oh well. we'll discount your new purchase of another of our inferior products. Oh .... ok thanks.


Not satisfied with my shelter logic purchase material is inferior to competitors material and prices.

The whole cover tore apart in the wind. Not useable again. Why and what kind of compensation can you offer me


10X10X8 shelter failed after less than one year

Bought a 10X10X8 shelterlogic shelter, put it up in May, failed before the end of the year. These are good shelters unless they are exposed to the sun and wind, then they degrade quickly. The standard material used is thin and cheap. Both our and our neighbor's shelter material ripped in less than one year. Inquired about a heavy duty replacement kit and it is ~ $800.


No warranty

I have a 18 X 40 Sheltertec Roundtop with thew heavy 21.5 oz cover. When I purchased it I was told it is wind rated to 200 miles an hour with snow loads up to 60 pounds per square foot. I had it up for three months and got some strong winds - 35 mph with 45 mph gusts for two days. The wind damaged one end door by opening seams and broke the zipper. When I contacted Shelterlogic their response is "Wind is an act of nature and not covered under warranty". That pretty much makes the wind rating a blatant lie. Can't trust a thing they say. If I get heavy snow and the roof falls in I'm sure it would be an act of nature also and not covered. So basically there is no Warranty. I now wish I'd have gotten the steel building instead.



Purchased 10X20 fully enclosed carport structure. After a month the zipper broke (see pic). The poles do not lock so kept popping out and I had to use electrical tape on every joint to try to hold it up. The material is VERY THIN and ripped to shreds within a year (pics). Contacted customer service multiple times to replace zipper doors and roof, they want to charge me over $200 to repair their poor quality product. I think I would be better purchasing heavy weight tarps. Extremely disappointed in both the product and their customer service.


Cover ripping and holes appearing after warranty ends.

One panel has a 36" tear . now 2 other tear have started. About 20 small holes have appeared. The Garage in a box round has been installed for 1year and 5 month.


The material they use on their vinyl sheds deteriorates to dust !!!!

Purchased 2 garage in a box sheds , 8x8 and 12x 12 . Barely 3 months after putting them up , the material itself is deteriorating to dust !! Customer service is horrible ,I tried calling them ,was put on hold for 36 minutes, then they hung up on me and wont return my phone calls ! Buyer beware !


Horrible product with terrible customer service

Original review Aug 21, 2021
I purchased Shelter Logics 18x20 garage in a box. In May of 2020. Anthony Catucci was my sales person. He promised the tent would be at my location in two weeks. It took a month. I used the tent last year for 3 months for my summer business and took it down for winter. I reassembled it this year. (2021) After being up for 3 months (this 2021 season) the 18x20 canvas ripped down the middle seam. The material literally disintegrated. I called to see if Shelter Logic would expedite a new canvas. So far crickets. A thicker mm replacement will take up to 10 weeks and cost over 60% of the original cost. No reduction in price or discount for the failed product.



the zipper panel would be 138.00 and the solid panel would be 130.00. they are only sold in a heavy duty material that is made per order and can take 10 weeks . You can purchase the standard cover kit for 189.99 plus shipping and tax and that can ship within 3 days if in stock . To confirm what you have what is the part number on the main cover ? Where and when did you buy the unit ? Please let us know if you have any questions or would like to place an order This is the email I received when I asked to get just the two sides they add up to more then the hole thing this place is crazy Thank you

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