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Servicemaster has a 1.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 162 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 14th position out of 499 companies.


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Broke bathroom cabinet because they didn't remove the nail attaching it to the wall.

Damaged bathroom cabinet and not willing to adjust billing to offsetting damage. They left nails just sticking out on walls and floor.


Ripped stuff out for no reason

Kitchen walls and cabinets tore out for no reason. Living room carpet tore out and just needed to be cleaned bedroom flooring had a little bit of water damage and they tore out half the floor and never asked especially when I had extra flooring to replace it.



Charged more than they said it would be. I am on ss and only have a small amount of income they told me they would let me know; I asked them every day if I was still okay ServiceMaster assured, they me they thought I was still okay. it was about 6 weeks before they had the work done. I was saving money to give them the deductible {I received a 300.00 stimulus check} so I had my 500.00 for the deductible. then about 2 weeks later an adjuster showed up. he looked around and stated that they wouldn't pay for the broken pipe under my mobile home, i said oh great, then I asked him how much more I need, he stated a couple hundred I borrowed 200.00 from my daughter. then a week or so i get a bill from servicemaster for 2,2300 dollars. i called servicemaster and asked them what was going on, she stated that things add up!! what! then i told her that i only had 700.00 total. She wanted me to send the 700.00 and i only had 3 months to come up with balance. i told her there was no way i could raise that money, she then stated that she would have to put a lien on my home. she wanted me to send the 700.00 after she told me that she was putting a lien on my home. I THINK NOT!!!


They stole from me

They where doing my pack out and they where not suppose to go under my steps or in my furnace room but they did, and they stole my iron ,a ceramic Xmas tree, my snow buddy village and my hallmark ornaments, these people are q to be trusted



Original review Oct 27, 2022
Tacoma office is a fraud and a joke ! Little to anyone knowing but that company uses prison inmates and homeless hires to complete work they dont want to do ! Insurance company use them to lowball claims and work against the home owners to totally take advantage of you and your priceless homes , memories, and home inventory. They take what they want of your home contents and take no responsibility. They lost 4 tons of our home contents said they cleaned but didnt. They packed my daughter cat in a box and killed it this company makes me sick. They need to be shut down for the practices


Horrible company

They are the worst company I've ever worked for. If they don't like you, they make up lies to get you fired. Everyone that works there is related so they gang up on who ever they decide they don't like at the time. The manager falls in love with any girl that wants to play the game even though he's married. The favoritism is obvious.


You sent me something for review but I had already contacted you. See below

You sent me something for review but I had already contacted you. See below Yes I called you about five days to seven days ago to see what there was for follow up and the only thing they told me was if I thought of something else that I thought I needed to be replaced and Should be replaced I should get a hold of you but everything seems fine to me so its all good. Thanks for all your help. Sincerely, Michael D Shumway


Complaint about a franchise

The account Manager came to write an estimate the estimate he came up was with 15000+. The insurance adjuster changed the estimate to close to 5900 which included some valueables we were going to packout. So his estimate would have gone down I told him if he thought the estimate was to low to adjust. He called my insurance company stating I wanted him to pad the estimate even though the check was going to made to both parties. What a lier never returned our calls and I complained to the company they said they would reach out to me no response


This service has gone on for months

Promises made and not kept. Started in 9/21 projected finish date was 11/21, then 1/22 and my kitchen is still a shell. The employee assured me he could do job for insurance settlement. Now , hes changing products. Help!


A Bad experience all the way around

Updated by user Apr 20, 2022
It is now in the hands of our attorney

Original review Mar 21, 2022
We had a tree fall on our house in July of 2021, after the initial shock was over and we get started on the repairs and the decision was made to move the contents out and to there warehouse. It took them 3 weeks to pack and move everything out but of course they only were at my home from 10:30 in the morning until 2 pm. Then another 6 weeks for them to get started on the repairs. The amount of damage and items broken or never returned is astronomical. the contract signed says they would work Monday to Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Never once in the entire time was there a crew at the house in that time frame, They broke the contract on day 1. We were in a hotel miles away and would get phone calls after 9 pm letting us know it looked like a party was going on. My wife had her crypto wallet, 2 diamond necklaces , Dr. Dre beats headphones taken out and never returned. We get billed for services never performed. They tried to bill for laying 5/8 osb underlayment and laminate flooring in my garage. We were also told by the operations manager that as of December 1st the owner of the company told him that all ServiceMaster work would be put on hold so that all employees concentrate on a job for RedBird construction so that they could fulfill the government contract. The operations manager also agreed to remove items from their invoice before billing, which never happened. They damaged a light fixture on the ceiling fan, we said replace the light, could not match the light, and then they billed us for the new fan and to install same when the operations manager told us they would take care of and remove from the bill. When they sucked the insulation out of the attic from the water damage, the equipment malfunction and this is how they let things (see photos)


Failure to comply

Updated by user Mar 11, 2022
ServiceMaster has not been in contact as of 3/11/22

Original review Feb 01, 2022
I am writing to make an additional complaint about your unsatisfactory work while renovation of my property DOL Sept.2 20. Until we come to a meeting of the minds to establish who called ( provide persons name) Service Master to enter my property without authorization of the property owner/policy holder. Service Master has denied providing their said contract to home owner after multiple requests. Service Master has submitted their billing to lawyers to collect funds withheld by home owner due to poor quality of materials used/ incomplete punch list/ submitted projects to insurance company/ got paid for material & items not present on site or damaged by workers while on my property. Apart from low quality of used materials the installation job/ very poor installation job for ex. lack of proper sub flooring / floors are lifting @ seams ( trip hazards) countertop lifting discolored/ door frames installed poorly[ doors don't shut correctly nor lock. these are just a few items to mention. I now demand rectification or a complete refund. All in all the complete job is utterly a disappointing mess. I have written the CEO of Service Master along with supporting documents via register/ certified mail without response. I have had to hire additional contractors to connect & sanitize HVAC system out of pocket when Service Master had already been paid for the job. I have documents that will prove Service Master never touched the HVAC system nor cleaned & sanitized it. I expect you to show professional attitude by offing a solution to replace all flooring with proper 5/8" subfloor/ refund all money from Insurance spreadsheet payments dispersed for materials not present or damaged by workers on site. Replace not repair everything on punch list. Acknowledgement of the home inspection [paid for by homeowner] Service Master to replace every item on their report. Acknowledge additional estimates from other contractors that bid the job to complete Service Masters failure to comply to complete. I have been facing a great deal of inconvenience/stress & health issues due to all these problems. Until there is proof of a signed contract between Service Master & homeowner Service Master basically trespassed/ removed personal property without authorization & will be responsible to refund full amount of funds paid to them back to the homeowner. If this was a condition surrounding breach of contract it would have to be a agreement which is enforceable by law where terms and conditions of the contract are agreed upon by both parties but it's not.


Destroyed my home

I lived thru Hurricane Ida and Service Master was referred to me thru State Farm. Service Master came in with some men from Florida and several young Mexicans who did not speak English. I have a two story home and back problems could not keep going up and down to check on what was going on. The two men that came in with the young boys gave them direction and then left. DID NOT CHECK ON THE WORK. The young boys tore out and removed several things that did not need to be removed and then shoved everything they thought I could keep in a small bedroom items on top of each other, quite a mess have no idea if any items in the room are any good since I can not get into the room. The bill I was given was crazy considering they items on the top floor were thrown out the window hitting and damaging my car. I finally paid the bill becaus I know several things I was being charged for did no happen but I was threaten with a lien on my home if I did not pay the bill. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY IF YOU VALUE ITEMS IN YOUR HOME AND YOU ARE LOOKING FOR HELP.


Overcharged for work.Promised restoration 4-6 weeks but was 4 months

They were expressly told not to exceed our Insurance limit. Over billed by thousands of dollars.The Pompano Florida Service Master franchisee. The 4-6 week restoration projection turned into 115 nights in a hotel. The overcharges of approx 3500.00 was billed with a threat to place a lien on our condo. After 2 weeks home the A/C that they reinstated had a crack in condensate pan and we had to pay $500.00 to the A/C Company for repair and replacement of pan and pump. Contacted


After A/C unit was removed and closet holding unit was painted the problem causing the claim was pump

Problems with Pompano franchisee Dave Evanosky.Hung up on my wife and rude.Told him and his lead man Raf who I understand quit working for Evanovsky.I told them on numerous occasions not to exceed our 100,000 Allstate Ins Co home owners insurance.We


Incompetent management, college kids no equipment- disaster!

A slow leak in my kitchen caused damage to kitchen, hall, and livingroom. College kids with NO training and NO EQUIPMENT dragged a Large 120 year old bookcase down the steps and the walkway to the pod (I did not request). Next an 1880s small shelf- dragged-- entire end separated, one leg broken. One guy sprayed bleach on a wool Carpeton a w dssccarpet

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