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Service Magic has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 513 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 4th position out of 499 companies.


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Paying 69.99 for Hulu+ Live tv and getting the 7.99 package deal

I upgraded from the basic 7.99 plan to the 69.99 with live tv I get no live channels non of the channels or sport teams I selected show up you can't talk to a customer representative cause the number listed doesn't work you can't troubleshoot it so what was or is the point paying 69.99 if you're going to get the 7.99 service


Scam phone call?

919-999-****, which belongs to Service Magic, called me this morning. First, a pre-recorded message telling me my social security was being suspended and to talk to an officer press one came onstay . I did and got the "your call is important to us..." I hung up and researched the number and found out it belonged to Service Magic. I think this company should be reported for fraud. A more vulnerable person than I could have been scared.



They claim to do background checks of all their service pros. They claim to guarantee the pros are highly qualified pros. My recommended pro was Transform Home Improvement. They are the worst. They made unlawful demands for financial proof of a cash sale. Transform Home Improvement wanted me to send them copies of my bank statements. I told them they could call the bank to check and see it the check was good. They refused to go on with the contract and even start the job until they got the bank statements. I told them I was not comfortable with their demand and cancel the contract and return the check. They cashed the checks the next day. I thought Home Advisor had my back. No, they said they could call them and see what they wanted to do. What! I tried everything to get in touch with Transform Home Improvement but all road led back to Home Advisor. They completely blocked all calls to the contractors. I could only deal with Home Advisor, and they seemed to be dragging their feet. They were in no hurry to get my $8274.81 returned. This left me with no heat and no money to hire a reputable contractor. Home Advisor just didn't seem to think there was a problem with giving them all the time in the world to fix this. The background check didn't mention the BBB had zero stars for this company and numerous poor reviews. I did not check these things first because they said they checked. They did not. DO NOT TRUST THEM, THEY LIE. I have reported this to the attorney general for fraud on both parties. Do your own background check and you will see that they don't.


This company is a bad business type. Stay away they charge for bids that are not in any way shape or form related to the installer of product

Still charging me and ive cancelled they are no good. Iys just like america its falling apart. Cant wait til the true americans get back to work instead of these companies that are getting the bids and work. Trust me they are never a thougjt in my mind. Lost so much and wont get anybody on a phone after this.


False and fake leads promises not kept!

I have used service magic in the pass around 2006 thru 2008 My first 6-months was not bad but after that all downhill from there I was keep getting leads that were just not real I would get leads and the people would say they did not want any quotes, they would say they don't know what I am talking about, some people could not even speak English. But the most flustering thing was people would contact you with all this work they were all ready to go right now. then you would never hear from them service magic reps. would just say that just happen sometimes while that lead would remain post as available project that needed a quote. SCAM!



2009 As a start up carpet cleaning business, I started paying for leads from Service Magic and mostly, I got the run around. People who had already been called so many times by other carpet cleaners, that they didn't bother answering the phone anymore or were very irritable about talking to me? Leads in 2009 were about $20 and now, I hear, they are $50 from Home Advisor. So after getting the run around about 6 months, I finally threw in the town and cancelled my business with Service Magic (Now Home Advisor). As a result, they erased all my hard earned reviews and hi-jacked my online phone number with an 800 number that lead right back to them. When customers were trying to reach me, Service Magic reps told them I was no longer available and that other contracted services could assist me. When I found out about this, I called the highest ranking *** at Service Magic and explained to him that this is business piracy and that I was going to take them to court and sue the *** out of them. The supervisor I spoke with did everything in his power to undo the damage caused, but it took a few weeks and finally I was free of the Service Magic Curse. Now Home Advisor is calling me and wanting my business and I gave them a history lesson on my experiences with Service Magic and told them never to call me again! These people are relentless!!



Servicemagic contractors were really quite horrid and made me feel really quite ill, They were demanding i use them for my asbestos removal project at my cottage. Luckily I found a company on Google called They sent me 5 quotes from different contractors in my area. The price was different from the contractors but they did not pester me for the work. I found the contractors that Asbestos removal cost use are very different from the bully tactics of the contractors from service magic. If you have an asbestos enquiry I would keep well away from service magic and stick with asbestos removal cost. Great service and zero hassle. Fab company xxx King regards Lucy Powell x


Preys on hardworking Contractors

They collect weak and unqualified leads and sell them to as many people as they can. The basic system is flawed. The service is saturated with hungry , needy contractors that are looking for jobs and the competition for the leads is fierce. And the leads are so bad you just end up wasting your time and money. Service Magic sees the hard working contractors as cash cows. They use lies and deception to sign up new contractors...since there is a huge turnover of pissed off, ripped off providers they need to keep signing up new suckers. They get your bank card and milk you dry and won't let you go without a big fight. They are shameless scam artists.

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