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Service America has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 130 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 18th position out of 499 companies.


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Terrible techs and customer service

Their techs are lazy and inside office personnel are rude. They lie sbout techs being on the way and will leave you waiting for 2 hours. Then when they arrive they'll quickly tell you to defrost your ac unit and reschedule when defrosted. Stay away from this company.


Air Conditioners

I purchased two AC units for my home in 2004. I had contract with them for many many years. Of course, they went out of business. Of course, I had to replace one of the units. I had replacement coverage in my contract. what the heck happened?



I signed a contract with service America in Oct. In December i received a letter that they were going out of business and will issue refunds. i called to cancel my policy immediately and was told i was unable to cancel at that time. I was told i will receive a check of the pro-rated amount by January! We are now in March and i'm still waiting!!! does anyone have a direct number? its not fair for me to pay over $500 for a contract and them not to reimburse me!... Please help!


Air pros gave me free service contract

When I called to find out about my service contract with service America I was greeted by Noel who works for Air Pros 954 745 **** And gave us a free year service contract because I was a former service pro contract holder !!


Need help

Before you went out of business you serviced me with a/c filters cut to size. I cannot find these anywhere, can you give me information on where I can get these filters.


Contract reinbursments

I would like to know if you have a phone number were we can actually get an answer, I have tried all the numbers in your page and all the E-mails and they are out of service, I would like to get an answer and a solution to my issues, I am realy expecting to get the reinbursment of the partial value of my contracts. please contact me at: 561-723-**** or 561-793-**** contracts 1- 350****/525676*-002 2-350****/374**** thank you David Garay


No Promised Refund

They "cancelled" Contract in Sept. and promised Refund for remaining term (6 months). Still have not received Refund and my emails go unanswered.





Unable to connect to accounting

I have for the past month trying to get my account straight, and all i get is disconnect after disconnect, i have gown tired, so i need to speak to some human being that can help me get my account straight, back in march, after speaking with a sales person reference to my service america account {{Redacted}} the sales mentioned that i could save money by paying a lump sum of $379.38, as i was under contract paying monthly. i perceive that was a good idea, so i paid with my credit cart for the following year that would start in may 15th 2017,with the understanding that you were going to stop deducting from my bank account the 47 dollar. Problem, that never happen, the contract was renewed but your company continued to deduct the moneys from my account, and the interesting think is that instead they adjusted the monthly payment to $38.12 in view of that i contacted Service America and after a painful waiting on line and jumping from place to place, i manage to speak with some one in the accounts department. they agreed as to what was going on, and reimbursed me a total of 152.48 around September 16 of 2018. it dint stop there, still in the month of august, Sept and now October still deducting 38.12. i want this to be stop, i already went to the bank and they advised me to to what i'm doing again. do we have to get involve in litigation? or are you going to help me. I'm and 81 year old veteran and i don't want to have deal with this issue, the biggest problem that i have in trying to interact with you company is the inability of your company to solve this problem. i have tried for the past week to connect with your company via the the 800 884 ****, very useless unless you want service, or want to purchase a new contract. i have been with your company for several hears, but i perceive its coming to an end. thank you and hope to hear from someone. my email is vcruz53@***.net and my cell number is 813-300-**** my name is Victor M. Cruz at 10302 Bloomfield hills drive Seffner Fl. 33584


Amazing experience

This company has always treated us professionally and I have been impressed by their customer service and overall performance.


Fix appliance as per service agreement.

August 4 went on website to request service call for icemaker. Was not able to input payment method. Called office and was told I was scheduled for August 7 and gave them my credit card information which was billed to my credit card that day. August 7 no show. Called office and was told for some reason the computer canceled my service call as it did not recognize payment that was inputted by customer service rep. Rescheduled for August 10. Technician came and said new icemaker module needed to be ordered and would be done so that day. August 23 I called to check on status of part. Was told I should receive it by 29 August and service technician would come out on August 31 to install. When I received part the packing slip showed part not placed on order with vendor, Marcone until August 23 on Service America PO 340519. August 31, technician arrived 2 hours late, installed new icemaker module and said it would take 24 hours to produce ice. As of today September 4 no ice. Have to wait another four days for service technician to come.


Service America's service is like a slot machine

SA installed a new A/C unit about 16 months ago. The drain line keeps backing up with sludge. After 3 service calls, at an additional $70 a pop, the last service tech said a shorter, larger and more direct drain line out of the garage should have been installed. Instead my garage just keeps floding. He was to put in a ticket but got no follow up. Finally I got a call back from an email submitted through there support portal. This person said a supervisor would call me back. He told me that these newer units are so much more efficient they produce much more condensation discharge, and the existing drainlines from the original unit are inadequite, but they don't replace them during a new install. Never heard from a supervisor. No surprise there either. The unsuspecting customer just keeps paying to have someone come out to blow it out with compressed air at $70 a visit. Don't ever try calling customer service. SA's business model is to never answer the phone, except for new customer sales. Sales will direct you to Cust. Serv. which never picks up or responds. They only respond to email's and that takes a week. This eliminates irate customers from ruining someone's day.


Worse company ever!!!

I had my first and now last experience with them. They have a communication problem from the start, they don't tell you anything you're suppose to assume o know how they work . Best part is that I had a service to be done from 1 to 6p so I called the technician and he says that his car broke down at 8a and it was 5p and not a single call from know-one letting me know that he wasn't going to make it ,mind you I didn't go to work that day so I lost a day of work for nothing, like if they were going to pay me for staying home and do nothing. It's not worth all the hassle the service is horrific, they're other better companies out there that do a good job and hassle free. TERRIBLE company terrible service terrible outcome.



We have been with Service America for over 10 years! Not sure where this company took a bad turn but we are cancelling our contract today. Our oven has been broken since September 2017!!! 2017!!!! We called them last year and they came out after missing three appointments where I stayed home from work only for them not to not show up or cancel after their appointment time. One time they were supposed to call me to tell me when they were on their way and it rang twice and by the time I raced over to get my phone, they had hung up. When I tried calling them back, there was no answer. I called the company, waited on the line for another 20 minutes, got dispatch on the phone and they told me I would have to reschedule since I did not answer the phone!!! Multiple times we waited at night for them and they also failed to show! Who has time for this nonsense and their complete disregard for anyone's time? But I digress! We were told last year that the part to fix our oven had been on back order and we would have to wait for it. We called every month and they would tell us to wait and it should be in soon. It was starting to get ridiculous because we paid for this warranty and no where did it say anything about waiting extended periods of time for parts! By June of 2018 we had had enough. They offered us $400 for scrapping it (It's a $2700 double oven) and of course we balked. We would agree to the $400 scrapping fee as long as they reimbursed us for the one year service we didn't get. They were supposed to call us and they never did. So today, we had our final conversation with them after they told us they stopped manufacturing the part, and because we had refused the $400 (which we never did because they were supposed to call us back and they never did), they were not going to give us anything for our oven, our time, and all the aggravation this whole situation caused. I spoke to multiple employees who promised they would help and they never did. They promised they would call us back and they never did. This is by far the worst customer service I have experienced in my life. No accountability, obviously no respect for anyone's time or situation, and no remorse for failing to fix the situation. I am appalled by their treatment and after reading their bad reviews, I am surprised they are still in business. They never used to be like this. We were at one time pleased with their service. Over the years though, our dishwasher was damaged because of their repairs as was our washing machine dented by the technician who did not know how to take it apart. My husband made him watch a Utube video on how to do it! That should have been an indicator right then to cancel our contract. I won't miss them. I won't miss the hours wasted on the phone trying to get a hold of someone who won't do anything to help. I won't miss the cancelled appointments after waiting all day for them to show up. I won't miss rushing home after interrupting dinner with my husband in time for them to call in "sick" and cancel that appointment for the next day. Good luck to all of you who decide to stick with them, because like us, we focused on the principle of the matter since we paid so much money for our contract. Cut your losses. Your time is money. Now you know what bad service looks like and you can avoid companies like this in the future. We certainly will.


Service America & Gino Bertoloti in Palm Beach sales SUCK

Updated by user Jul 10, 2018
Gino has finally been in contact with us and is trying to get this resolved before we have been without cold air for a week. So far no results, waiting for an update tomorrow.

Original review Jul 09, 2018
We purchased central air conditioning for our home with a 2 year contract from Service America (salesperson Gino Bertoloti). Gino reassured us that this was a "great unit" and we we would have a wonderful experience with the company and gave us his cell phone number in case we ever had problems. The unit they sold us is A LEMON. Never cooled the house fully, started breaking down at 18 months, fully broke at 23 months. We are in Florida in the dead of summer with no AC. The unit is still under warranty and reaching Gino Mr. Call me if you ever need anything; IMPOSSIBLE...voice mailbox full, does not respond to texts, ever. Reaching worst service on earth america, also impossible. Each phone call takes about 45-90 minutes on hold. The "service window" is 8am to 6pm (are you kidding me??) When our tech finally made it he said it was too late to order the part for today so it would be done tomorrow, which means the part would come the next day or day after that, then they would need to schedule another service call for installation so no AC for at least a week. No call back from Gino Mr. Call Me Whenever You Have a Problem. Horrible company, sickening customer service, junky products and no accountability. Avoid like the plague.


DO NOT purchase a contract from this company

I have a 2 year fully paid service contract with Service America. My dryer is not drying my clothes & the lint filter is not working causing lint/dirt to build up on the inside of the dryer door. I called Service America for an appointment. 1) Even with a fully paid contract Service America charges $45.00 for a service call & you must pay up front or they will not give you an appointment. I had to pay the $45.00 service call fee yet it is over 2 weeks later & my dryer is still not fixed. 2) Service America gives only 5 hour windows. I asked for a 3 hour window & was told they do not offer 3 hour windows - they only offer 5 hour windows. Service America does not respect your time. Their advertisements are blatant lies. They are understaffed & Once they have your money they disregard your needs. Their service contract is 1 sided for their benefit. They shamelessly ignore customers needs 2) My 1st appointment was scheduled for Fri 5/18/18 between 8 am - 1:00 pm. After waiting 3 hours for them to show up, I received a call that the serviceman was sick and not working that day. They rescheduled the appointment for Tues 5/22 between 8am - 1:00 pm. Why did they make me wait 3 hours to advise the serviceman was sick? Complete lack of respect & unprofessionalism. The serviceman shows up on Tues 5/22 & inspects my dryer. He advises me that my air lint filter needs to be cleaned & although I have a paid service contract I must pay $149.99 to have my filter cleaned as that is not covered in my contract. He then said that he does not clean filters & had me schedule another appointment to have my dryer filter cleaned. The appointment was supposed to be today Thurs 5/24 between 8:00am - 1:00 pm. By 11:00 am the serviceman still had not showed up. I called customer service & spent the next 32 minutes on the phone trying to get an update (15 minutes listening to music before customer service picked up, another 10 minutes on hold while they were digging up info on my account & another 8 minutes talking to the rep.) She finally got back on the phone & advised that the serviceman was injured. I asked if that meant he is not showing up at all and was told I had to wait for someone else to call me back. That was the only info the rep had. 5 minutes later I received a call that Service America was cancelling todays service call due to the injured technician. The soonest they could reschedule my appoint is for next Thurs 5/31 between 8am - 1:00 pm. This is where I stand. Service American is extremely understaffed with repairmen. They cancelled 2 appointments with me in less than 1 week. They did not advise about either cancellation until 3 hours into the appointment window. They did not try to accommodate me with a sooner appointment. They can do anything they want and there is nothing the paid customer can do about it. This company is 100% UNRELIABLE, UNDERSTAFFED, INCONSIDERATE, UNPROFESSIONAL and couldn't give a damn about your time or repair. DO NOT USE SERVICE AMERICA unless you are a glutton for punishment. I had to spend almost 1 1/2 hours with 3 different customer service reps just to get to this point. (2) of the reps couldn't even pull up my service contract. 1 of them even told me I had no contract after I gave her my name, address, phone # even though they have sent me e-mails & called me to cancel. Worst company ever!

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