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Senior Lifestyle Corporation has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 63 customers. In the Staff category, it secures the 6th position out of 147 companies.


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303 East Wacker Drive 24th Floor, Chicago, Illinois, 60601, United States

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Senior Lifestyle Corporation Reviews


I want to get paid

I worked at Fuquay Varina NC facilities 45 hours part time never received my pay But the corporation had the nerve to send me a W2 of the amount that I should have been paid. No pay No phone calls are being accepted from my phone More lies they email continuously


Not a good organization

I left this organization due to serious health issues and their response was to treat me horribly, so why would you entrust them with the care of your loved one.


Water was turned off by the city yesterday for almost 12 hours. Today the water is cold probably because the heater needs to be turned on.

There is no building manager to call. Only voice mail. Its really difficult to bath in ice cold water


No Hot Water for over a week.

Marquertte Village does not have HOT WATER. The building has not had HOT WATER for a full week. Last month it was several days without HOT WATER. Last winter it was a full month without HOT WATER.


Any senior living properties for sale

To inquire about any facilities you have for sale. I am a real estate agent and have a buyer who is interested in purchasing an ACLF or senior living center in any location


Pay check

Didnt get paid today at all and I have Bill's to pay. My kids need food and school clothes. Please help me get it. Call me at 402607****. It would be awesome if I could get paid asap today. I'm super upset because you have paid me before on the wisely card and not this time. Just wondering what happened.


Speak to someone who oversees Lake Barrington woods

Would like to make them aware of some things going on at Lake Barrington woods. Please call me to talk


Dissatisfied resident. Terrible food, bad management, unhealthy

Nothing is as promised. Be smart read reviews listen to residents before renting. Everything is decided by Chicago management.



One of the mangers send me a Tex massage just when I was on my way to work staring me not to show up at work because theres was a complain staring I was not doing my work wish got me so concerned I need to speak to someone that can please help me with this issue thank you


Disregard for residents

My family member lives at a Facility that was managed by Senior L Corp. They sent one absolutely horrible, unqualified Director after another . The last one looked and acted Like A low class *** not to mention having zero ability to manage anything, let alone a beautiful Senior Living Facility. Thankfully, They are no longer managing the facility and the residents are so incredibly happy with the new management company.


Website website really sucks

it said you could download all kind of things for old people no matter what you click on it won't work no matter what you put into a search engine it doesn't find it you can't talk to a human you can't help for download you can't contact anybody all this thing does is go around in circles as far as I'm concerned that's probably all this *** place does it sucks anybody that looks at this place should have their head examined


My short term disability" I've been off work since 10/06/2020.Well I pay into my short term Disability every 2weeks but I've not received anything as far as a payment during my time off which has been

I couldn't leave a message due to the mailbox being full.


No, stay away!

Caregivers are fine. Mgmt. Is horrible. My mother had a change of condition and now requires skilled nursing care. They keep insisting they can meet her needs just so we have to pay next months rent and cost of care. They dont care about the residents, just lining their pockets with money. Stay away from this place, evil, evil, uncaring people.



My payments for my 4ok lone has not been taken out yet! I have the loan 2 months now.


Wrongfully fired

My name is Brook holmes i was the Dining Room Manager at thunderbird Senior living. Ive have been there a little over 2 years about 7 mont's ago i was promoted. I love my job, i love the residents and the company, ibe have worked above and beyond my duties and 7 weeks straight not a day off 80+ hour weeks weeks. I always had a smile on my face cause i love to serve . about a month ago i got accused of sleeping with one of my employees there was a investagation and during it ibshould have been suspended but no one wanted my job so they kept me on and at the end nothing was proven, and they said there was no evidence leeding to this so the case was closed or so i thought. Ever since the staff and managers treated me diffrent i feel like i was harrased, the way The ed handled the situation was wrong. The past few weeks have been vert stresfull in my life not a dayoff, understaff, my wife is on bedrest due with my son at any moment and my grandpa just passed And so last weekend the time clock was not working so i came in Sunday to fix the mix punches on adp. I fixed 3 to 4 people time i messed up on one adding time and it was the wrong day was not even a hour not $14 worth i het i messed up i made a mistake but i was not trained. I was told when i first took the job i would be trained my Ed shari lied to me i never got training and she called me into her office with hr and she lost it she letbher emotions get the best of her and yelled and lost her cool, she accuse me of being a liar and she feels something is goin on still sovi got fired over her having a feeling like im lying no proof no evidence to back it up this is wrong


Unmerited termination

I am a former employee as of 7/1/19 my name is not important my credentials are as follows; RN, DN, BSN, CM, Sp.Ed, and I have been employed at Morningside House of Satyr Hill for 10 years. I served as Director of Nursing for 9 years while also being the alternate Delegating Nurse. I stepped down from the position of DHW (Director of Health and Wellness) for a year and functioned as the Delegating Nurse when the former delegating nurse died. I then became the full time delegating nurse. Last year, one of our sister buildings, St. Charles was visited by the state and they threatened to close that community down. I was asked, as a delegating nurse, to help that community out along with other DN's to get their charts in order so they could remain open. Mission accomplished. Suzanne, from corporate drove me there for 3 days, which was appreciated. Afterwards, my husband drove me there, a 3 hr drive several times a week to serve as that community's Delegating Nurse until they hired one, 3 months later. I was, in essence, working at St. Charles and at Satyr Hill for 3 months. I was mildly compensated two times. I then went back to my building at Satyr Hill where I was the full time delegating nurse. The HWD, was not functioning in the capacity that she should have and after 7 months of underperformance, put in her 30-day resignation, which was accepted, immediately, and she was asked to leave, at which time I was asked to serve as the "acting" DHW until another one was hired. I then performed as full time Delegating Nurse and full time director of Nursing for almost 3 months with absolutely no compensation where I worked as late at 8 p.m on some days trying to get those two jobs done. Most recently, Carey began to go on a what I coin as a "witch hunt" combing through the charts to attempt to find things that were not done after a "Mock" survey. Incidentally, the state had come earlier and found nothing. After the "Mock" survey, the pressure started and Carey was in the charts and could only find minor things. I was written up because she could not find a skin sheet I had done on a resident, which was still on my clip board with the other skin assessments I had done, on my desk. She said it wasn't a "serious" write up but non the less, it was a write up, which simply should have been a verbal, if that. I have been in management for almost 27 years and am aware of protocols. Carey said it was not a serious write up and made light of it. The pressure continued. She was in and out of my charts daily through using an "Alternate" delegating nurse to build her so-called case. Yesterday, the Executive Director at Satyr Hill and I were terminated. When asked why was I being suspended pending an investigation Suzanne said the they looked in the chart of the "witch hunt" session and did not like my charting on a wound. Neither of them are nurses. She went on to say Carey would walk me to my office where she would watch me while I packed up my belongings. Mind you, I was working two full time positions, no compensation and to think I would be nickled and dimed for documentation??? After all I had done for your company, keeping it afloat until they hired a Director of Nursing. So much for gratitude. My staff in tears about this abrupt expulsion, I was then asked to meet with Suzanne and Carey in the private dining room where Suzanne proceeded to tell me that because of my documentation of the wounds (mind you, they are not nurses), I would be suspended pending an investigation. I then said, "we all know that is those are glossed over words for termination." Suzanne then said, would you like to resign. I said, "No way, terminate me." I got up and I left. I walked into a group of crying staff as they helped to put my son's large keyboard in my car (My son, a blind concert pianist) performs there monthly. I consoled them and I left. Later that day, I got a call from Suzanne, with Carey on the phone, as well who said, "After our investigation we have decided to terminate you. " It is quite evident that they had an agenda all along. I was competent enough to work both buildings, do two jobs, delegating nurse and acting Director of Nursing but would be fired for "documentation" makes no sense, given my history with the company. I failed to mentioned that the new Director of Nursing started the day I was terminated and is in shock, I am told by staff because of what she walked into, which is a unsettling situation. She also told me when I first saw her, during my cleaning out my office (she had no clue at the time) that they were moving her to another office (mine), which, I am sure was the plan all along. I would like to be paid for my vacation, which would have started July 12 from time I had accrued having worked there. I feel that I was used for all of those months having worked dual roles and never received monetary compensation and to be fired at the end. I was used and there is no other way to put it. Just wanted you to know as I am sure you are not kept in the loop when unprofessionalism and financial abuse is in place. As I stated, I was never compensated for acting as HWD. I am appalled by the lack or professionalism that exists in this company. I would never recommend this company as the residents suffer when they see sudden, drastic, negative change in staff that they have depended on. I am already getting calls from concerned families about what is going to happen next. I believed in the company for years and was proud of who we were and what we provided, but not anymore. I would never recommend this company to anyone. How sad.

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