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Sears Home Services has a 1.3-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 2300 customers. In the Household Services category, it secures the 1th position out of 499 companies.


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3333 Beverly Road, Hoffman Estates, Illinois, 60179, United States

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I am a sears customer with a warranty policy, i have sears on auto pay each month so they get their money on time each month, and now for being a Loyal, seers Customer, I’m treated poorly

I'm on hold to have my Air conditioner fixed for a month that is totally unacceptable. I want to know why it's taking seers so long and I know it's not for the parts because I've called the company myself and they are on no backorder issues. So I jus


My appointment was canceled

One somebody needs to answer the phone and talk to customers too how about the technicians actually show up when they're supposed to instead of saying canceled three how about I get the use of my equipment that I'm supposed to be paying for that I don't get to use because you're faulty


My washer should have been fixed on Wednesday yet. The technician could that came by the first time. Did not order the popper parts? Oh, no I need some transmashing. So now I'm without a washer to him

There will be pair should have been 2 parts. It turns out it needs to transmission. I was not told that 3 weeks ago. It's bad enough that my appointment for last Friday was scheduled for this Wednesday. How long before I get my washer fixed? Thanks, he shouldn't just Order the part and left the washer. As was so I could continue washing evening. But I had to spend three or four times microsoft


Horrible customer service and timeliness of repair

Had a warranty contact with them needed my washing machine fixed good luck scheduled appointment then waited 2 weeks + 2 weeks to order parts + 2 weeks to fixstill didnt work + 2 weeks for another visit + 2 more weeks for partssheesh. This started on 6/1its now 7/26 and machine still doesnt work!


Service issues

They called me on Friday 7/14 to let me know they would be here on Saturday 7/15 they never called me Saturday to let me know they weren't coming . They supposed to be here Wednesday 7/19 I will see if they show up and repair appliances. You can't TALK TO A LIVE PERSON to solve any problems!!! I have been WITHOUT MY WASHER KNOW FOR 2 MONTHS parts have been here for repair!!!


Totally unsatisfying experience: No phone contact, disconnected toll number, unusable network communications, was finally told that the claim number doesn’t exist, extremely disappointing experience!!

Choice HW assigned this company to do repair but was never contacted to confirm appointment or call when technician would arrive and then they said no one was home when they came by. Tried to reschedule with Choice and was told they contacted Sears and they would notify me of new appointment before today- nothing at all!!!


Home warranty

I got a call from Sears but no one would answer me after saying Hello several times until I hung up the phones.


Sears home Appliance warranty failed to make repairs, refused to refund money ultimately causing us to buy a new dryer.

Sears came out to our home to repair our clothes dryer, added some parts but the dryer continued to malfunction but we paid for parts that did not repair to issue. They came out a second time, added more parts but the dryer continued to malfunction. They responded a third time and did more tampering with the dryer but it still would not work properly. The service techs advised us that Sears would either refund our money or replace our dryer which never happened. We contacted Sears numerous times with our call being sent to Indonesia to an answering company. The call receivers had patented responses but were no help and we never got a repair, replacement or refund for our issue. Sears is the absolute worst in double talk to their customers and care less about a satisfied customer. I started going to Sears over 50 years ago when they were respectable but now I see why all their stores closed. Horrible customer service.


Service Warranty

I have been paying every month, and then when you need them you can't get a timely appointment. So I have to throw out $300 worth of food. They should have everything on file from prior appt but all the same questions are asked. The home warranty service is a rip-off and I will be cancelling immediately.


Services paid

I suppose to receive services for today the Serviceman did not come. I got text stating that they would come tomorrow 629/23 . And then they send me other text stating that they would be coming July 5 ,2023. I have paid for this Service and I need my Refrigerator done tomorrow. 6/29/23. I have been waiting for service for over Two week . This is a Problem. I need services ASAP. THANK YOU LINDA GREENE 757-675-**** 6426 DEVONSHIRE ROAD NORFOLK, VA.23513. I NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE ABOUT THIS SITUATION. THANK YOU .


Recept for estimate and service call

Request for a receipt for service call and estimate to repair was not provided for insurance purposes. Second request with no response to the request. Very frustrating for a national company to be unable to fill this simple request


Unreliable with terrible customer service! Skip Sears!

My repair appointment was for Mon. 5/22. Sears canceled that day @ 10:30 a.m. I had taken a day off work to deal with the repair issue. I rescheduled for today & specified that I would not be able to have the repair after 1:00. I said this 3 times. I just received a call from the repair tech, 10 mins ago, saying he's on his way to my home.I am NOT home, as I stated I would not be. This situation is absolutely unacceptable!! I canceled the appointment & will never use Sears again. I will also advise anyone else I know (& on social media) how unreliable & inconsiderate the company is. Disgusting customer service!


TECHNICIAN has not shown up for three apointments, then lied today and said parts were ordered.

Hello, My name is Chad Thompson at 128 East Main Street, Ellerbe, NC 28338. Our refrigerator went out on April 18.The work order is in Jan Carriker name. Our first appointment was for April 19, No phone call or text. I use chat window and they still had no answer why no one showed up.. Automatically put us in for repair two weeks later on May 3, STILL NO SHOW, THEY reschedule for May 10. Suppose to be here at 10:30, then kept saying one stop away. went from 11 to 1134, then 1151, then 121. THEN at 230 we receive emails that he has been here and ordered parts. NOT ONE TIME has there been a technician in this house. THE TECHNICIAN name on email all three times is Kalvin G. SOMEONE IS LYING. We have already sent email to ACTION 9 here in North Carolina, This all can be resolved if someone comes by this weekend. You would not want to be without a fridge for over three weeks. We paid over $1,600 on December 29, 2021. PLease get this resolved . Our email is tank2472@***.com and phone numbers are 910-220-**** and 910-719-****.


Resolved: Intention to file lawsuit due to breach of contract and elder abuse

Updated by user May 17, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user May 17, 2023
Although my refrigerator was finally repaired after 4 1/2 months, I am far from satisfied with Sears Home Services. After sending the wrong repair person a few times SHS declined my request to have a local repair person come.

They also said that my circumstance did not qualify for a replacement, because it could be repaired.

All of the technicians they sent were pleasant people but not the correct people. Finally an excellent technician called Claudio came and completed the repair.I advise anyone NOT to purchase a warranty from Sears Home Services.

Original review Apr 17, 2023
I have a Master Protection Agreement with Sears. My refrigerator stopped working on December 17, 2022. It still has not been repaired. It is now 4 months and not repaired yet. The agreement states that repairs will be done in a timely manner. I am 75 years old and beyond the inconvenience of not having a refrigerator, I have been subjected to continued cancellations of appointments, having unqualified personnel sent to my home.


On phone Quote was a ruse to lure me in

When I called for service I asked for an estimate of what it would cost to replace the Door Boot gasket on my 4 year old Kenmore Washer. I supplied the serial, model and part number to your overseas operator. She gave me a price of $275.00 plus tax and a $79.00 diagnostic fee which would come off the repair cost. This repair should've cost me approximately $196. She also stated that there is a good chance this repair might be less. She assured me the part would be on the truck when your technician arrived. To my disappointment, your technician came and confirmed; all that was needed was changing of this gasket and then proceeded to give me a price of $581.91. I asked the tech to get a supervisor on the phone because that price was more than double what I was quoted, and he refused to do so. He left without repairing my machine and me refusing to pay the diagnosis fee. After he left I called every number I could find on the www to correct this issue with no success whatsoever. Had I been given this extremely high estimate over the phone I would've never booked this appointment. Then, a few hours later I received a text with an updated cost of $631.91. I replaced my perfectly good running washer at a cost of $699. plus warranty, tax and the cost to remove my perfectly good working washer. This was a cost I did not need to accrue had your overseas operator been truthful during the first initial call.


Class action lawsuit sears service home warranty

Please continue to post your complaints online. I am currently working to start a class action suit against sears on your behalf. I am a ex service tech that has spoken with a lawyer Interested in pursuing this. There have been many complaints about the home warranty and master protection agreement. I have a list of complaints that include not covering items, bait and switch, long wait time, bad customer service, being overcharged, not covering replacements and other issues. The master protection agreement is sold by sears, the sears home warranty is owned by cross country. I will be collecting as much information as possible and keep everybody informed. Rochester ny

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