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1.8/5 - based on 601 reviews

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Sears Auto Center has a 1.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 601 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 7th position out of 1094 companies.


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Sears Auto Center Reviews


Car Battery almost exploded

Car Battery almost exploded in the car had to buy a new one I only had it for 2 years I cannot get int touch with no one in sears


To check if i have warranty on my sensors that was replaced

I would like to speak to someone..I don't have order numbers or sales receipt because everything was in the sears system.. How can I get in contact with someone.


Tire Repair/Purchase - Warranty

My tires are under warranty and I need to know where I can go to purchase another one. I have damage to one of my tires. I sent you all a copy of my receipt. Please assist.


Battery replacement

Battery replacement trying to find out if I can get my battery replaced its over five years old and I did get it at seers in Buena Park Its been over five years since Ive had the battery so I do not have the receipt


Car battery waranty issue

I got no results. I kept calling and they would transfer me to the warranty dept. in which the line has been disconnected.


Incomplete car repairs

I had upper Control Arms replaced on my vehicle and as a result, the ABS, VSC and VSC OFF lights were on my dashboard. The serviceman informed me that Sears was at fault for damage to the sensor. I went to get the sensor replaced an hour from my leaving the repair shop, the lights were back on. Additionally, the squeaking noise from the control arms can be heard. The Silver Spring Md. store in White Oak closed its doors on Nov. 27, 2021, and I am left with incomplete work which I paid over $700.00.


Customer service

Worst customer service I've had ever.people doesnt know what they are working about. Moved me here and there.


Dishonest and Disregard for Paid Sears Auto warranty

Raymond Vasquez is not a good manager at Sears Automotive at the Southpark mall location at San Antonio, TEXAS. He has no regard for customer loyalty. He will not honor 1 year warranty paid for alignment, because he doesn't get a commission for free service, although SEARS guarantees repeat alignment for 1 full year. He lied 2 times mentioning the alignment was done, but I can tell for sure it was not done. I got it done at MIDAS and can clearly feel the difference while driving. If he was an honest man, he would have showed/given a copy of the alignment report both the trips, when I asked. He would not. He did not. Please DO NOT GO to the Southpark mall SEARS location in San Antonio, at least until Raymond VASQUEZ (whose picture is on the wall inside the store) is moved/relocated to another store/branch. I HOPE AND PRAY SEARS Administration will read this review and take appropriate measures to ensure their Store brand integrity is not tarnished by some bad employees like RAYMOND VASQUEZ.


Due hard battery died

Sears has the absolute worst telephone support. Loops within loops of auto voices with no ability to choose an option to talk to a general customer service rep, which I needed. Then once you finally find a combination of selections to talk to a human, the person gave me a number to call that was no longer a working number. Speaking of which, the web was full of 800 / 866 / 877 phone numbers on various Sears websites that no longer go to Sears entities. One number went to a law firm, another to a home improvement co. Sears give it up if you dont want to provide first class support.


Alternator not working

I replaced my alternator at sears auto center, my car is lexus es 350, it is not working now. Can you refund the money, Sales check number is 0267********


Dry angry

Y'all just up and closed all seats auto what am o supposed to do now!!! *** Sears *** Sears *** sears


Sears had replaced my cars front pads and rotors and they telling me they have gone bad only after 3000 miles

Though warranty supposed to cover 18000 miles they say out of warranty since warranty time frame elapsed . What kind of pad and rotors last only 3k miles. Makes you wonder what was used if any



I order tires supposed to get them today Wednesday june 9 paid in full!!!! No one answered phones!!!!!! No one call telling me anything!!!!!!!! Im pissed off! Im at work try calling 800 numbers no luck!! NEVER AGAIN!!!


Repair disput

Sears auto center at white oak silver Spring, MD replaced my tire sensor, but it is not working and the light is still on. I talked to the center manager and the response I received is saddening and disappointing. The utmost poor customer service and poor maintenence.

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