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Seal Skin Covers has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 581 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 12th position out of 513 companies.


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Product is not as described, no ability to return international (Canadian) orders.

I ordered an Elite cover for my 2023 F-150 based on the website description, the 4/5 hail damage rating in particular. What I received couldn't protect from the bowel movement of a large sea gull. When I called to complain, I was told that international orders (in my case Canada), were not eligible for returns. That condition was apparently buried in the website somewhere under "fine print". Their solution was to sell me a "Superior" cover at a discount, which I would have ordered in the first place if it was on their website - it wasn't. They said that was their mistake, but the Elite order and cover was my problem. But they were still willing, out of their commitment to customer service, to do me a big favor by selling me yet another cover, non-returnable, and of questionable quality based on my experience to date. Canadian customers in particular: BE AWARE that this is a scam. They are sending an inferior product and hiding behind the fine print.


Hail damage

You said that seal skin protects against hail.. no it don't I pea size hail damage on my car.. you said iam protected are you going to fix my car ???


Boat cover failure first 40 minutes of use

Once installed and on the road for about 40 minutes I noticed the cover was loosely fitting on the back corners of the boat allowing it to stretch and create a huge wind sock. SEE attached photos for examples of what it looked like. Then after an hour or so I noticed the sides began to violently shake and a huge windsock developed behind the windshield. Overall I was greatly disappointed with the lack of performance in the Seal Skin and I believe the issues would not go away unless there were major changes to the design and final construction. I request a full refund and would be more than happy to send back my Seal Skin if you like - just send me the address to where you would like it sent. Michael SEAL SKIN RESPONSE Hello michael, I'm sorry to see that you are having an issue with your cover. Our covers are designed for travelling if used and installed properly at a maximum speed limit of 45-55 mph, especially in bad weather since the cover can get damaged if you're not being careful. Unfortunately since the cover has been damaged a refund is no longer an option. However, as a courtesy for the troubles caused we can help your replace your cover under warranty and void the $35 warranty processing fee. Please let us know if that would work for you. Kind regards, Lori | Customer Service Representative MY RESPONSE Lori This is totally unacceptable. The boat cover you sold me failed. To exchange it for another that would inevitably fail as this one did does not help me. Your boat covers are not road worthy and should only be sold as stationary dust covers. I expect a full refund. Michael


BBB Resolution

Original review Jun 18, 2023
I was told by the BBB to get a hold of Anthony in customer service to resolve my problem. I purchased a cover for a 1969 Galaxie convertible that did not fit, I also purchased the $35.00 warranty. When I tried to put the cover on it caught the trim piece and ripped, I sent pictures and tried to call but got no response.


Cover deteriorating

10 year warranty, which I appreciate! After 1 1/2 years in the Florida sun, the cover is deteriorating everywhere, large holes. Best cover Ive bought over the last several years, but still no match for this heat. Thank you very much for replacing it, waiting to hear from you!


Noticeable fading on 2 month old blue boat cover /company tells me this is normal but it looks like it's turning white

seal skin told me the fading is normal but it looks old,and they will not replace until it weathers more


Billing Questions

Car cover is very heavy for me to use. I have not taken it out of package but it requires a lot of strength to lift it.





My cover is not waterproof

My cover seems to be not waterproof have leakage underneath it was not the original one that I ordered I ordered a gray one I received a black one it took three to four weeks to receive that one I would like to get this replaced and in regards to that I will like for someone to give back with me and regards to this as soon as possible


Mold an mildew

The inside of my boat cover has mold an mildew an its on my seats an steering wheel an dash an they want me to pay to send me a new cover


Installation problems

Seal skin claims these covers are custom fitted to your boat. I dont think so And instead of a finished product with proper straps and loops installed at the proper points to help secure from water pooling the loops are just placed here and there (and right over the wheel well)?!? and someone threw in a bag of straps. If it were advertised like that it would have been easier to work with but instead I assumed there would be a rhyme to the cover install and there wasnt. I had to add extra screw on loops and bypass what was supplied and cut the straps to fit. PS the installation video was really dumb!!


Not happy with the durability ,its fading and getting brittle,also fading,discoloring. I have only had this cover 7 month's.Also the $35.00 replacement fee is not a good way to keep repetat customers

not a very good prodduct after 7 months of use.customer satisfaction is the KEY to repeat Business!You learn as you go with car cover's


Lack of response to online questions

Received cover. Fit not great but adequate. Cable to secure the cover does not fit. About 6" to short. Cannot rate cover as it was just installed. Not a great fit but adequate. Will have a better idea after several weeks of storage (cover is for 2022 Silverado 1500 LX) that is not garaged. Prior vehicle cover lasted three years (with tears being taped shut).


Pontoon cover

was wondering if my cover has been sent, i don't have a tracking#, I do have a order# 100********, and wondering when I might be receiving it, thank you very much.


Not Good

Poor cover design, basically an outdoor material formed poorly to make a basic cover for the intended application. I realize I was not buying a custom Yamaha cover, but I still expect a more functional product and then allow unhappy customers to return without losing so much of the money. Just horrible business tactics and should have seen all this coming but put a little trust in the sales girl stating "yes custom like fit" and now on the back side customer service rep states "semi" fit. Needless to say the rest of that conversation went south quick and finally they hung up on me. They have you trapped once you hit click. At least Amazon takes their crap back!

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