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2.9/5 - based on 1100 reviews

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Save A Lot has a 2.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1100 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 16th position out of 289 companies.


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400 Northwest Plaza Drive, St. Ann, Missouri, 63074, United States

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I’m very unhappy with savalot in Atlantic City I’m hoping to resolve this the manager rj was very helpful last incident I’m waiting to see

I purchased meat and put in refrigerator when I went to pack it up to freeze it there was a horrendous smell I immediately took it right back and manager I believe his name is Bert wouldnt even speak with me without a receipt but I had receipt on my phone it was approximately 50.00 but now its more about his customer service very rude!! This is not first time Ive had to deal with him!!


Slip and fall complaint

They was very very rude and would not give us no information to contact someone about the issue needs to talk to someone I'm disabled and I hurt my shift and my leg and hip also my back


Slip Slip and fall complaint

I slip and fell in your store on page and union the only employees who was concerned was the security guard Mr Parry and the manager Ms niece


Can't get into my app save a lot

I love save a lot. I feel its like Fort Knox to get the app. All I want is to get into my app. Still like the store


Tax Free Tennessee

I bought 3 12 packs of a pepsi product on 8/16 i was charged tax on the drinks when i brought it to the cashiers attention she asked a gentleman that was working the check out line he said it was in the candy category I told them i didnt think that was correct information. When i bought drinks at Walmart they were tax free. I bought these at the East Ridge TN Save a lot


Can't get into my app save a lot all I need is my app to get into it. Can’t reset my password or username. It’s just a grocery store. Not fort knox

All I got to talk to was a woman who was trying to give me a button for Ive fallen and I cant get up button. What the *** There was no phone number that would work. Oh well. No biggie


Complaint about the management

Save A Lot management violated my rights as a senior citizen and disability rights, at 3898 Lafayette Rd. Indianapolis IN. The proper term would be described as violation of ageism and the disability act. I'm 64 years old and disabled, I was shouted at as if I were considered stupid.


Why the store closes early

I went to the store Thursday at 3400 South Jefferson and it was closed after 3 PM located in St. Louis Mo


Expired food items and rude employee.

Made a cake for my best friend and the icing I bought tasted odd and come to find out it is expired. That's really not Good. Also an employee was rude to my companion and there were no shopping carts. I have my receipt and the expired merchandise. I also refuse to go back to that store.


Food stamp fraud

Armando ramirez(geno) was stealing from you company in hornell save alot...i reported this to rachael and brenda who ignored it...he now lives with nate hann who was involved in a theft with geno when the safe was over by more than a thousand dollars,geno use to adjust customers groceries who paid with food stamp,i myself only had 200 on my card bill was $234,he adjusted my bill made it $125, Took the meat i had purchased and deleted it,set it to the side,then when no one was looking he threw it back in my cart,he was also sexually harrassing a black worker named brenda brown...pushing his penis on her up against her,rubbing her legs,sexually assaulting her...mark,rachel,branden and nate All knew about this and he followed women young girls all around the store,got addresses from there id when he sold them beer and they were underage...was stalkin them at is it these guys still work there and he lives with allow this and bob never did *** about it...i will continue reporting until they are dealt stamp fraud is illegal and sexual harrassment is hired a level 3 *** and never knew,now he lives with 2 of your current employess...nathan hann,johnathan morgeson who were in on these thefts DO SOMETHING! THEY ALL RESIDE AT 24 TAYLOR STREET APT 2 HORNELL NY...Nates still taking groceries home that he never pays for...check your cameras


Because I Want My Money Back

Y'all Are The Sorriest Piece Of *** Of a Business That Never answer The Phone When An Loyal Customer Needs To Talk to A GM or Manager to Resolve An Issue, I Spent Money At An Akron,Ohio and Used The Wrong Card To Charge My Food, after I Realized I Used The Wrong Card I Had Already Pulled it Out Of The Machine But Got Already Charged, I Ended Up Using My Food stamps Instead And Now I Want My Money Back From My Debit Card! 31.00 dollars To Be Exact! The Manager Said She Voided It Out It's Been 2 Days And Still No Money Has Been put Back on Card, so I Called My Card And The Bank It Goes Through And They Pacifically See The Charges I Had Made and The $31.00 that They See Wasn't Never Put Back On My Card The Lady said That they Had To Literally Take It Out The Drawer And Give Me Cash Back! And The Manager Wouldn't Give Me My Money back!


Rotten fruit and veggies and meat

Tired of the rotten fruit and veggies and almost out dated meats on sale they have there nothing is fresh there you get some fruit home and either you bite into or cut it and it's neva fresh. The meats only go on sale when there almost out dated the corn on the cob is always half rotten and the eggs


Terrible and disrespectful

I came into the store, and the employee told me that I could not bring my purse in. I asked him why he said his manager told him to say that to everybody and I told him I come in here twice a week with the same person in your manager. And everyone else do not say anything now today its a problem then he started yelling at me using profanity kick me out the store, and start making threats so Im calling to report it save a lot on Seymour in Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH.


Dissatisfied customer

Original review May 15, 2023
A three day sale was advertised in Indianapolis for May12,13 and 14. Sale items were never in stores throughout the city. Was this bait and switch?


I want to tell you how much I'm enjoying your new pastry line-- I love Sav a lot!

I love the new line of pastries you have I am a price- shopper, but I shop almost exclusively at Sav a Lot why pay more? You dont have as large a selection of some times, but you certainly work for my needs! Thank you!

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