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San Marcos Iron Doors has a 3.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 4 customers. In the Windows and Doors category, it secures the 61th position out of 170 companies.


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219 W Nakoma, San Antonio, Texas, 78216, San Antonio

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San Marcos Iron Doors Reviews


San Marcos Iron Doors exceeds expectations!

We are extremely satisfied with the San Marcos Iron Door with a speak-easy feature which was installed in our home. It is much better than the "builder's door. The San Marcos Iron Door is superior in appearance, function, durability and safety. The process began in June and was completed in September. Becky Bednaz was very helpful and informative as she guided us through the process. She returned our calls without delay and answered our questions thoroughly. She was friendly and put us at ease from day one. The two installers did a great job working all day with only a short lunch break. The area was left clean and the door works as promised.


San Marcos Iron Doors Iron Railing Review from Wimberley, Texas

Pathetic experience from the beginning with Salesperson Ramero who deceptively sold me a $40,000 project including doors, window, spiral stairs, iron railing. Not one schedule was on time. Multiple trips have been required for the same issue. Product is shipped damaged and bondoed on site. Door hardware does not match from left to right and has taken months to install and is still incomplete and poorly installed. Stair railings are still incomplete and poorly painted. Marco Soto the owner does not return phone calls, texts or emails. Mario (owners brother) has passed us off to another installation coordinator who is not managing the site. With over 200 correspondence I am completely frustrated and want a professional and complete ending NOW.


Beautiful, Amazing, Luxury Products. The best

We have been using San Marcos Iron Doors for 10 years now. We have remodeled 2 homes and are currently working with the design team on our new ranch. This company has an amazing product, customer service and design team. In my opinion they are the best hands down in South Central Texas. I think its really sad that people only take time to write bad reviews, and even make false accusations about great family based small businesses in order to avoid paying for products recieved. So as a long time customer of this company i felt it necessary to take a moment and express my sincere appreciation for this company, its employees, and their products. This company is in my opinion, is the best.



On April 10, 2013, we contracted with San Marcos Iron Door to build and install 3 doors; front door, back door and music room doors. The promise was delivery and install in 6 weeks. On June 18, I started contacting our sales person asking about an installation date. He said the doors were in and were being painted. They just needed one more week. On June 25, I called my sales person, left message, no return call On June 26, I called my sales person, left message, no return call On June 27, I called my sales person, left message, no return call, but Valerie from San Marcos Iron Door did call me to schedule installation. Seems they are so busy, they can't start the installation until July 24, 2013. On July 23, 2013, we were informed the wrong glass was ordered for our interior doors. We wanted clear, but Flemish was ordered and scheduled to be installed. Our verbal agreement with Noe, our salesperson, was that he would install the Flemish glass, order the clear for us and when the clear came in, he would swap out the pieces of glass. Install scheduled from July 24-26. On Friday, July 26, 2013, installation still wasn't completed. We gave the sales man a list of things that still needed to be completed. The doors were in and bolted into place, but no security system wiring done, no painting, no caulking, no baseboards, no backdoor lock, among other things on the list. We had a business trip and told San Marcos Iron Door that they could schedule the crew to come back on Thursday August 1, 2013. The salesman is the only one that shows up on August 1, 2013. All he does is have us go over the list again. Not only do we have a big punch list of unfinished work, but we show him the damage to the wood floor in the music room and torn wallpaper in the kitchen. I call the salesperson every day after to get an installation date and time. If he answers the phone, I just get excuses. Takes them until August 15th to come back out to restart the installation on the doors. Two new guys that I have never seen before come out to work on the doors. They get here at 10:00am, leave at 5:00pm. The next morning, August 16th, I realize my engagement ring that I've been wearing for 20 years and a Rolex watch that I've been wearing for 15 years are missing. We call the police and file a report. We contact San Marcos Iron Door. The company said that they talked to the guys and the guys said that they didn't take it. Liz from San Marcos Iron Door accused me of filing a false police report to get out of paying my balance with them. She stated that they would send another crew out to complete the work. We refused to let them send out more workers in fear of losing more valuables. That same morning, Friday, August 16th, we also noticed that they had opened a box that had been delivered from Amazon. But, they obviously weren't smart enough to know what was in the box, because they left it, but turned the box upside down so we wouldn't see that the box had been opened. My husband and I both were in the house all day. We moved around upstairs and downstairs. We felt like we had covered them pretty well. But, these two guys has so much skill at the cover up and made so much noise with their hammering, sawing, drilling and cutting that it only took them a second to go into my bedroom and steal my engagement and Rolex watch. It is very obvious to us that the two installers are accomplished at keeping the customer distracted while they take a visual inventory of valuables and then figure out how to take it. When they did not come back the next day, and did not call, we were convinced that we were not going to have an opportunity to recover our lost property.

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