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Sams Club has a 2.6-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 2300 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 10th position out of 289 companies.


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S9 keeps indicating moisture in charging port

Samsung s9 keeps indicating moisture in charging port does that mean phone is unfixable if you hold power key and low volume key at same time then plug in charger sometimes allows you to charge.


Treated horribly by an employee in the Appleton, WI Sam’s Club

Original review Aug 08, 2023
Went to Sams Club and had $692 worth of items in two carts. There were 3 different payment methods as there were 3 of us. The store closed at 6:00p and we had gotten up to the checkout just before 6:00p. We had to use the self-checkout and apparently I wasnt going fast enough because an employee yelled MAM! MAM! I looked at her and she just stared at me and then ran up to me and ripped the scanner out of my hand and says WERE CLOSED! Then she scanned everything in like 20 seconds. She then quickly pushed the finish and pay button. Ok so now all 3 orders were combined and all mixed up. I kept yelling at her to stop but she just kept on going. I had to pay for it out of my account which I didnt have the funds to support the entire order. Ive never been treated that poorly by anyone EVER. To make matters worse she saw my son walking past going towards the bathroom and there was another employee walking with him to show him where the restrooms are and this woman yells SIR! SIR! My son said Im just going to the bathroom quick. So she yells NO!!! WE ARE CLOSED!! She then points to the door. The other employee apologized to my son and said Im sorry.she seemed afraid of her co-worker. I couldnt believe it. Who hired this devil woman? That was uncalled for. I have never seen anything like it in my life. I will never go there again. That was ridiculous.


Charged for package not delivered

My package still has not arrived and when I try to track it says something went wrong so I don't know why


Lost Sam's Club membership card

I needed to cancel my card, which was lost or taken from me on August 2, 2023. I did that; and have been issued a new membership number. I will go to my Sams Club for a new card.


I haven’t received my credit card yet

I havent received my credit card and its been a month since I apply. I dont want get charged in the statement


I have not received my refund back to my Sam’s Card.

I had ordered a refrigerator, but it didnt fit so I returned it. I have not yet received a refund or an email confirming my refund to my Sams credit card.


My order was canceled without notice or reason After Delivery date

I ordered an outdoor storage container, paid Extra for delivery and picked a delivery date. 3 Days After it was supposed to be delivered the order was cancelled. I didnt find out until I called to inquire why it still hadnt arrived. Im sooo frustrated


Sam’s club credit card

My Sams club credit card was closed due to inactivity. This affected my credit score. There was no warning before the card was closed.


I have reasons to believe that someone is using my card without permission

My son Donna Seraile took my car and was unable to get it back. I need to know if someone been using it without my permission and if is I wants to let yall know Im not the one thats using my card. I need that card close and I need you all to re-issued me a card and I want it mail to this address 222 N. Hibiscus St., Opelousas, LA 70570 You can contact me at 3376** **,90 thank you are 337-3**-**,34. This is my daughters number who handle my business. Her name is Catherine Joubert. Thank you.


To get my card #

I have never received my card.. and I am trying to open my accounts. I called Cust service and could not get a resolution


Just want a phone number to contact human resources

When calling the number given for human resources, I was disconnected twice. I was sent a Walmart locator and its BS was hung up on.


Travel rewards issue

No refund. They tried to get me to give my card information again. Then the next day I received a message from my credit card asking if I authorized another $250 charge. I've now had my card suspended and have been double charged for initial transaction (over $500) and another $250 transaction that was a scam. I now would like to pay off credit card and close all accounts and memberships with them! VERY FURIOUS!!


Charge dispute(s)

I was charged for merchandise/subscription service on my Sam's Club World Elite MasterCard that I did not authorize from a merchant I never did business with on April 24, 2023 $5.80 and April 28, 2023, for $89.95 and filed a fraud compliant with the issuer of the Card ending in #5195. The charges were transferred to my new card, ending in #8894. The merchant issued a credit on May 15, 20223 but Sam's Club (synchrony Bank/Sam's Club) has continued to bill my account (5 different time), for the amounts in question even though it was credited back as a result of fraud. I have called several times and spoken with representatives that have "NOOO" knowledge of financial accounts, and I have gotten nowhere with them doing the right thing and making the right adjustment(s) to my bill. IT says I owe $117.00 when in actuality I should only owe $28.00. See attachment(s) as proof of my complaint. Synchrony Bank keeps charging my account every day for the same amount even though it was proven to be fraud on the merchant's part... The representative on the phone are not too customer friendly nor do they have the knowledge needed to speak to me about the problem, all they want to do is argue and show disrespect and I have never been late on a payment. The customer service is lousy to say the least.


Price change

20-in lasko fan had a for sale sign on it $10 off and after my husband stood in line for over 30 minutes He was told that it had to be purchased online to get the $10 off. This is a sign that looks exactly like any other sale sign had we known that we would have bought it off of Amazon which it was actually cheaper on Amazon but we wanted to support Sam's because we go there a lot and we pay our dues to Sam's just like we do to Amazon. And I feel that we shouldn't have had to have paid that extra $10 that sale sign was very deceiving and that's not fair to the public. In bold print it should have said online purchase only for the $10 off


Find out who made fraudulent charges with my debit card

I have called numerous Sams Clubs asking management if they could match up a particular date and transaction with their membership cards usage on that date and who the card belonged to? I was told that an officer would need to come in to review the tapes they had. Ive been trying to get in touch with the police officer who filled out the police report and who filed the report, but he has an odd schedule. He will be back in next Monday. I dont quite understand what it is youre looking for here as I previously gave the details of the fraudulent activities that occurred at Sams Club. There were other companies where my monies were spent for example, Uber Eats, 2 large dollar amount charges. For instance a $70 plus dollar and some odd cents. First and foremost, I am disabled, unable to walk AND in a Nursing and Rehabilitation Home. There is no Way in the World I could eat $70 something dollars if food by myself and then to top that off, there was a charge for a Uber Trip!! Why would I And how in the *** would I have taken a Uber Trip if I Cannot Walk!! I called Uber up as well and someone was to have looked into it and got back in touch with me but THAT NEVER happened! These are my monthly disability payments that were directly deposited onto a debit card! So in all actuality the person or persons that have done this Committed Fraud Against the Federal Government!!


60 Dollar Cake on Food Stamps

I don't have a problem with Food Stamps and feel that it can be a good program that benefits a lot of people. However, yesterday, I stood behind 3 women in line at Sam's Club with a cake that was 3 feet x 1 1/2 feet with Hello Kitty decorations. $60 dollars...and she paid for it with a SNAP card. $60 dollars! This just chaps my butt. This is just wrong and a bunch of ***! There is something wrong with the system when money designed for food for a month can so callously be wasted on a $60 cake. It probably would have not bothered me had it been a 20 dollar cake but $60 just blows my mind.

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