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Sage has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 75 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 86th position out of 1129 companies.


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Total lack of support! RUDE customer service! Ridiculous tech non-support!

Problem with Balance Sheet and Aged AP report out of synch. Tech support said "The balance sheet shows a running total of all debits and credits for an account. Both paid and unpaid transactions are listed on the balance sheet. The aged payables reports shows a total of what is owed " Several accounts say WHAT! Posted help on SAGE community and 2 other users said "The Aged AP report is supposed to match the Accounts Payable on the Balance Sheet. It's quite concerning to me that there are techs who do not understand that" and another "they should match I share his concern if techs do not understand this". Unable to find anyone to help me!


Maintenance FEES now Mandatory!

Not long ago, you would have to pay for phone support. Now, its mandatory. I can use online resources to resolve many issues (and have). This helped avoid paying EXORBITANT Support fees. Now I MUST pay this fee. The Product itself (Regular Sage 50(not Cloud)) should be a standard... MAYBE, $250 - $350 Product. But a whopping $1200+ ??? -> Until next year, when I change products, I will be calling for EVERY ISSUE I encounter. GREAT and small. Especially small even tiny. After all, They're charging me for their time... I'm going to us it!


Because I can’t get rid of it I can’t get a hold of anyone to help me they sure wanna take and steal my money. I do not owe $80.80. I am on lifeline I’m a low income person I don’t pay for my Wi-Fi or

Waiting for a response from my question I am a low income person I do not pay for my Internet or my Wi-Fi, so why would I change to an $80.80 bill? Ive been billed $80.80 for something I dont have or dont own or dont want please cancel this.


My brand new ice cream machine is not functioning

The customer service number is not available too. I live in Pakistan and after buying my machine its not working so if I cant contact anyone how should I go about it. The *** of the ice cream machine and the timer etc are all stuck. My electric supply is 220 watts. I have tried everything but some how nothing is helping


Outrageous price for what I use it for

I have a small home-based business with 2 people on payroll. I do not have any inventory. I just use A/R, A/P, invoicing, and payroll with 1 user. I have been with sage for 18 years and now I have to pay over 1500.00. Not impressed. I paid for 2022 sage and this weekend they cut me off as I did not pay mid July for 2023. I am in read only, apparently. They short changed me as it is not the end of 2022. Sage are not a caring or helpful company as they treat everyone whether you are small, medium, or big business at a high price. I so not know how they can justify this atrocity. Disgruntled and quite disappointed.


Continuous Harassment by Sage

We have been using Sage for probably 20 years now but they now think they are a bank requiring unreasonable private information about every shareholder of our company. in our case some of our shareholders are not prepared to give such information to every Tom *** or Harry. Sage itself should first supply us with their personal ID of every shareholder in their company including related companies. We are now being threatened with being switch off. Think twice before you purchase any Sage product as it is now clear they are no longer a trust worthy company.


No feedback

Im currently having errors logging in my account in sage 50, need support team from sage 50 ASAP thanks


Request for refund

Dear sir, i would like to request for a refund of the product purchase on 21.04.2022 (SAGE 50 2022 US 1USER PRO DSRT - order no 100715**** , and Product: SAGE 50 2022 US 1USER PRO DSRT MG1: EDV Sold to: Nishanthan Soosai Registered to: Nishanthan Account number: 400712**** Serial number: C9CA0-E93C-2540-0E33 Activation key: 45716**** another order Detatils Order no 100715****Product: SAGE 50 2022 US 1USER PRO DSRT MG1: EDV Sold to: Nishanthan Soosai Registered to: Nishanthan Account number: 400712**** Serial number: 7B69C-139F-18E1-7D90 Activation key: 64412**** Can you refund for above product purchase i called several times to your sales agent and paid telephone charge more than produt purchase but not yet received refund Please kinly do the needfull


Connecting sage and printer

I can't print out check Please advice what should i do. Im trying select from to connect printer but printer doesnt recognize anything also showing errors thanks


The agent on the webchat refused to help me

I should have just lied about my name. They wouldn't have known. I'm new in post and the previous person has left. They refuse to help unless 'someone on companies house' contacts them. This is, however, not applicable to us as we are a charity! So what, we can NEVER get support for this product we pay for? Bank feeds have missed off some transactions and they won't tell me how to add them manually. I'm stuck until I can do this.


I am still waiting for a simple answer for my question.

i am still waiting for a simple answer for my question. i sent an email to customer service with a video. a basic simple question. and i still couldnt get an answer.


My coffee machine does not vere coffee more then 55-60degrees

I bought ses450bss machine and ı setup at Home but it does not brew coffee more than 55-60 degrees. Im not satisfied at all, however your Turkey Distributor enplus, does not return as I bought from shop not online. And then lead me to maintenance team. Then took my machine and made test, then Said its normal. But its not as I look at the box, it saya 93 degrees. And I see YouTubers temperature tests and they observe at least 72. So my machine is not properly working. I wait to return it and need your support


Disgusting service once paying an annual renewal!

For more than a month I have requested a renewal Invoice. I eventually received one on the 3 March at which point we paid. To date the payment has not been allocated despite having sent email after email to various people and departments. I now have two days left despite having paid 7 days ago - shocking disgusting and really not impressed. The accounting system is great - the rest of it is shocking shocking shocking


Terrible Customer relations.

I have been a customer of sage since 1995. When you could buy the program from the store and it cost about 500.00 CAD (a large amount then) but it was what my accountant used. Since then Sage has gone to their mandatory annual renewal, I was unknowingly upsold a program by a outsourced sales person, who spoke very fast and sold me a version of sage software that was needed for very large companies more than what I need. My company has 5 employees now & at the time maybe 3 employees. My program cost has just about quadrupled in price, since then because I use the payroll option. This year I am to pay $1525.44, but it will be higher next year guaranteed as this accounting program continually climbs in price. I was told once, when I finally could reach a human to speak to, that if I cancelled my payroll option I would lose all my company data and have to re-input my company as a new company. I do not have the time for this. That kind of feels like blackmail to me. And If you need to talk to someone about your account details, be warned that the customer portal sends you through an endless maze of stupid questions like your name when they already have your name and account number to even get into the chat portal. So, after 20 minutes of being their monkey in their "organ-grinder" of a help line you end up where you started with the information that they are closed till Monday and will resume taking calls (email chats) 9-5pm EST. You can go to their bog page called university city which is just a bunch of stupid *** that does not help you.


Bad service

I tried to get a statement to pay my account I was on the phone whole I have been transferred to I can't even remember how many people I am so frustrated with the bad service


Resolved: Unauthorized charge on our credit card

Updated by user Mar 10, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund. SAGE eventually returned my call and refunded the full amount.

Original review Feb 08, 2022
We were inadvertently, and inappropriately upgraded from basic to premium about 8 years ago, and were unable to roll it back to the basic version. The charge went from about $100/year to (then) about $600/year. Each year, I explain this version is overkill for us, we don't need all these features, and can they help us out with the renewal fee - each year we get a small reprieve. This year the fee was over $1400 - we are a small business, and cannot justify it. After consultation with our new account manager, who was unable/unwilling to modify the fee, we advised her we'd have to think about renewing. Thankfully the credit card they had on file had expired, so they were unable to auto charge our card. Before we had a chance to ultimately cancel, we got a phone call from customer service wanting to update our credit card info on file - I told her we hadn't yet decided if we were renewing. She asked me if the new expiration date on our credit card was xx/xx - I advised it was not, and ended the call. The next morning I come into work to receive a renewal notice for $1506.40 awaiting me. After 1 week of repeated calls and emails, I've gotten no response and no callbacks and no reversal of the credit card charge. Next step, filing with the BBB.

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