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1.7/5 - based on 1700 reviews

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Safelite Autoglass has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 1700 customers. In the Service Centers and Repairs category, it secures the 1th position out of 1094 companies.


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(800) 835-2257

7400 Safelite Way, Columbus, Ohio, 43235, United States

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Safelite Autoglass Reviews


No show ! Had appointment scheduled, email confirmation, text confirmation and no show

NO SHOW! No show! No reliability! No Show! No phone call! Nothing! We will not recommend this company. No Show! Unreliable


The rubber seal on the window IS NOT adhering.

The rubber trim/seal is lifting.I will get possible water damage if NOT FIXED before the car gets rained on causing damage to the inside of my care...which you will be liable for.I like a tech asap to repair it.Steve Caldwell, 239470****


I had an appointment yesterday to fix a chip and the service agent made it worse

I had planned on spending 200 to fix a chip in my windshield, the technician made it worse, and now I am forced to get a new windshield for 1000$ tell me where that is good business relations


I purchased a car and there paying for windshield and they want a quote.there paying

Took me ann hour to talk to a live person . couldn't get through. I bout a car and there paying for the repair your website doesn't have any options to tell you that or to get a quote. I suggest a website fix and a number to call and get a live person.


Dissatisfaction with service

I dropped my car off this morning at 7:30 AM with the assurance that it would be done by this afternoon and I told the manager that I needed it by 3. It is 2:44 PM and the replacement on my windshield has not even been started. Now I am going to have to leave my car over night as I am not available to come and pick it up after 4 PM. The employee that I just spoke to on the phone (after a 20 minute search to find the actual phone number of the shop) seemed rather unconcerned and actually hung up on me. I am paying $800 for this repair out of my own pocket and I am VERY dissatisfied with the customer service I have received so far.


Broke Dashcam When Replaced Windshield

Beware: Safelite never disclosed that when they replaced my windshield that they would destroy the dashcam mount, rendering the camera useless. (The dashcam was a Vantrue Element 1 Lite which utilizes an electrostatic pad and adhesive mount.) Safelite refused to repair or replace the dashcam, and they refused to offer any financial compensation. Very unsatisfactory.


Vehicle left unsecured in front of the building

I call the Safelite office in Macon, about dropping my vehicle off. I told them that the passenger side window was completely broken out of my truck. I was told they was going to park it inside the bay once they are done for the day, the young lady at the front desk told me the same thing that they young man on the phone said. She printed out my appointment paperwork at took my keys, she said she will have one of the guys to park it inside once they are done. I had a bad feeling that my truck was not secured inside as I was told it would be. Macon has a very high crime rate. I asked my friend that lives in Macon to drive over there to see if my truck was parked inside. He told me that my truck was still in front of the office. They never secured my truck and it could have been broken into or stolen. This is very upsetting that they would treat customers like this. They would not have left their vehicle unsecured, I came back to pick my truck up so it wouldnt be stolen or damaged. I dont live in Macon and driving back and forth is not a short drive. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Because the company would have been liable for whatever happened to my truck. Corp will be getting a call first thing in the morning. I took pictures to show that my truck was left unsecured in front of the office V/r Unhappy customer Clestine Harley


I have been given the runaround

I called my insurance company about a broken window on my Expedition and was given an appointment time and date. Well Safelite showed up with the wrong window. I am 2000 miles away from my vehicle and expect a bit of concern from Safelite to get my window replaced. Going on two weeks now and your complaint department finally gave me another date and time which will still not be until the middle of next week. I just want my window replaced and be done with it.


Not getting issue resolved at local level

Safelite replaced my window and I discovered problems with the molding, such as gaps and bulges. I took my vehicle back the same day as the repair and the technician fixed the bulge but told me that the gaps were a shipping issue and told me, that is just the way it is.


2 returns for installation of wiper blades and window washer fluid malfunction.

I opted for wiper blade replacement and when I needed to use the wipers the passenger side did not function at all. I returned days later and they fixed the problem. Later after being very dirty I tried to use the washer fluid to clean the windows and that didn't work. A second return revealed pinched lines. That was 2 returns. Not very good service out of the gate!


Terrible customer service

We have been trying to get a hold of them for months to repair the broken windshield they installed, I have not been able to talk to anyone


Waiting for tech

They never showed up to the apt waited whole day for them to come took day off and wasted one day vacation pay


Broken wiper

Installed improperly..lost a wiper during a rain storm! Requested a refund. Could not reach a safe lite customer service rep to replace wiper. Had to purchase wiper from local store and pay outrageous amount and could not see to drive home . Was not impressed. Very rude customer service as well when reporting.


Complaints ; I'm angry due to the damage on and in my vehicle plus the lack of integrity and performance due to the technician that did the job. But not only the technician but also management.

Safelite contacted me and we had to reschedule due to weather. Then on March 17th the technician came out to replace the sand blasted windshield. Upon his arrival, I gave him the keys to the vehicle and gave him a couple bottles of cool water from my porch along with the keys to the vehicle. He seemed not happy about the task at hand, after he looked at the vehicle he turned and had a look on his face of what seemed to be disgust and he then mumbled something. (This I noticed as I watched from my doorway within my home.) He then went to his vehicle and started retrieving his tools and equipment. One of the tools that I noticed was a tool that looked like a small red pry bar what seemed to be about 2"W X 6-8" L and something that looked like twine. At this point I went and sat at my computer and started playing a game. Later I looked up from my computer out the door and noticed that he had my windshield molding on the dirt and rocks next to his work vehicle and he was stepping on it and kicking it into the rocks and dirt. I immediately got up and and asked him not to be doing that and he reluctantly acknowledged me and apologized. (I was disgusted by this and his attitude.)Then I looked over at my vehicle to see that he had cracked the windshield on the top part to where it looked like white. I didn't think much of it and returned to my game on my computer. A few minutes later I heard like banging and loud thumping on my vehicle, so I got up and he was standing on the the footstep on the driver's side of the vehicle and he was tossing his tools and equipment on to the hood and cowl of my vehicle. He also was hang on to the interior headliner with his right hand. So I asked him as nice as I could in disgust not to be doing that and again he reluctantly apologized and sat onto the driver side door. So again I went back to my game on my computer in which later on he said that he was done and not to wash the vehicle for 24hours nor remove the tape holding the windshield in place in which I acknowledged. He then went to his work van retrieved what looked like a red paint brush with black bristols approximately 6-8" W. He then proceeded to the drivers side of the vehicle and took a couple of swipes on the seat. I then exited the house to get my keys and went back into my house to get my phone due to expecting a call. I then went to the vehicle to move it back to where I usually park it at . Upon entering the vehicle as I went to start it I noticed glass and pebbles on the seat. The more I looked the more I seen. I then got off the vehicle and started taking pictures of the seat , dash , center console and of the floorboard. There was glass and glass powder all over the interior including on my black Dickies shirt sitting next my passenger side headrest. So I took out my phone and started taking pictures of the interior and trying to be careful not to cut myself. I then realized that I sat on glass due to feeling something itchy on the back of my left thigh. So then went in to change my pants and upon my return, I went to brush the few pebbles that were on the seat off and ended up getting cut on my right forefinger. I then took a picture of it. I went to remove it and could feel like glass rubbing against glass inside my finger. I then looked at the damaged molding noticing the deep gouges and dirt on it. I later thought about my diabetes and went the hospital a couple of days later to have the glass removed in fear of infection. X-rays were taken and I was given a technic shot and the doctor told me that they could not see the glass due it's size and that in time the body will reject the foreign particle and kick it out. I later had the vehicle towed to a body . I then called my insurance agent and he said that I needed to contact Safelite about my concerns. I contacted Safelite and spoke to the manager, and my complaint was interrupted by him telling me that the technician told him that I kept on locking him out of the vehicle during the performance of his job. So I told him that it was impossible due to the fact that the vehicle has no door remote control. Then he proceeded to tell me that he sent out different technician to assess the situation, he took pictures of the damaged molding but couldn't get into the vehicle to take pictures due to it being locked. (At this point he did not have verbal permission to enter my vehicle so how did he come to the conclusion that it was locked ?) I then told the manager that the truck has not been moved since the windshield replacement. He then stated that the vehicle was not there. If not here how could pictures be taken ? So then I realized that he was trying to turn it back on me and told him that this conversation was over and for him to have a nice day then hung up. I then called my insurance agent and made a claim and had the vehicle towed to body shop due to glass all over the entire interior of the vehicle. They detailed it and I later picked it up. I then proceeded to drive it to Walmart with my dog. On the way my dog started sneezing a lot and upon my arrival, I could feel like sand on my arms and the feeling like I had just rolled in some fiber glass. I then looked at the dashboard and noticed pieces of glass on dashboard and what looked like glitter. I then got off the vehicle and noticed glitter like residue on my forearms. I started brush it off and started almost immediately getting like red hives on my arms. At that point I started thinking about my dog and started wondering if he possibly inhaled some glass that started him sneezing. Since then my dog had lost 2.5-3.5 lbs and has difficulties swallowing water and food. There is much more to this message and the problem continues plus I've also noticed a lot of glitter like substance and glass in the front of my house in the dirt and rocks which creates another major safety concerns about my pet walking on it. This whole thing has not just created a major safety issue but also health concerns also. Not knowingly at first whom called one morning due to lack of sleep due to a death within the family. Safelite lawyer contacted me and asked for details, upon doing so he also asked me for my social security number. That's when I questioned whom I was talking to, he told me then that he was the attorney for Safelite and that's when I told him that he cannot have my social security number and that the conversation was over and to have a nice day.


Poor workmanship! You need to train your worker to perform there job much better without breaking and not finishing putting thing back in place better and right!

Broken strip . Twice your company did a horrible job putting back parts around the window! Ive work hard to get our things fixed by our insurance not to regret us calling your company. Please fix it!


Reimbursement not Received

Updated by user May 23, 2023
I have reached out to Safelite 7 times for resolution. No response.

Nothing but crickets. Not so much as a terse reply. Nothing. There is no customer service.

I did as I was instructed. To the letter.

The worst thing of all? They've removed my Safelite Receipt from the...

Original review May 23, 2023
When I scheduled my install, I added the wiper install to my plan [see Order #00463-58****]. Victor, your tech was courteous and the windshield install looked great. Just one problem: The wipers were stuck in mid-cycle and Victor couldn't fix it. He even called his supervisor, I did not get his name, to assist him. No fix. Here's what they told me to do: Go get it fixed and send us the invoice. You will receive a prompt reimbursement. I took them at their word. I didn't request a signed statement; I just believed them. Big mistake. It took me a while before I could take the car to the shop [Peoria Ford, AZ], and when I got it there I had to wait an additional two weeks because of their backload. They were unable to troubleshoot by a visual examination, so they put it on the computer. Guess what? Victor unplugged the wiper motor and failed to plug it in! Why two Safelite techs couldn't troubleshoot that, I will never know. Here's my beef. I had the repair done, I sent in the receipt and heard nothing. That was March 30, 2023 and I have heard nothing. I have sent repeated emails still nothing. I have used this online messaging service, still nothing. Wait, that's not exactly right. One thing has been done. My receipt for the work you did on Tuesday, January 24, 2023 is no longer available online. Isn't that special? Customer service person, I need a swift response. I spent an additional $240, which you can easily find in the invoices I attached to several emails I have repeatedly sent to you. You don't know me, but I'm not going to give this up. Promises were made I was inconvenienced, my life was in jeopardy on one occasion, when an unexpected downpour happened and I'm on the freeway just a fun time. But Safelite has erased me, you have ignored me, you have lied to me. Unless this is resolved, I will be forced to reach out via my social media platforms. Between me and those that love me, we will kick up the kind of dust that no company in this current economic climate wants to have. Please, Please respond. Your happy, joyous, uplifting TV commercials are starting to make me sick.

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