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Safecart has a 1.2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 304 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 23th position out of 1129 companies.


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33530 1st Way S. #102, Federal Way, Washington, 98003, United States

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The selected item was not delivered

Selected item not delivered. Hence would like to return the same Request to refund the money Did not get wats needed or selected


Your product size is very small

Dear sir your product size is very small and and clothes quality is bad so you return this product and plz give my money


Tracking or refund

please give me information on order #SPPC-U310714****-37WLB. I have not received the item or know when it will arrive


Refund for Speedfixtool

I have written several emails to your customerservice and all have been ignored. I paid for two years for Speedfixtool on 8/19/19. and was billed through your company. The product stopped working. I tried to contact them through the telephone and email. All requests for help were never answered. Then I finally heard from someone from customer support who told me to contact Safe Cart for a refund. I am requesting a refund from 5/22/20.until the expiration date of my payment 8/19/21. I sent you emails on 12/9/20, no response. When I called Safecart they said to write to this address. I hope that you will handle this matter quickly. I can be reached at Lois819@***.net


Tried to cancel an upcoming renewal

It took me awhile to get the info but as it turns out Safecart no longer handles the payments for the vendor I use so they could not help me


I have nothing to do with you guys - you recently charged some moneys for nothing

I have no idea why You debited some $ 50 plus as a recurring fee for a service I do not want and never engaged into - I never want to pay you guys again as I have nothing to do with your company or sevices - How you found me is by pure coincidence and this has to stop . I would greatly appreciate if you could refund my moneys - NoNonebut in any case , cross me right out of you customer listing .


I don't know what this is?

Tried to cancel and they want to charge me.


I do not recommend. I think it's a scam!

Have no idea how I got involved with this company. I never even heard of them until they were taking money out of my account through paypal.



Never got a key code. Heard a lot of bad things about this company. They are not what they say they are I think they're frauds and charge me more money than what they said they would charge me originally they should be said it would cost $19 and they charged me more than that. I don't even know if I'm one auto-pay or not and I really don't know what to do about this


Pissed Consumer.

I noticed that I had a charge on my pay pal account that i didn't make. I'm going to try and get a refund and hope it doesn't happen again.


Without Prdjudice, I have clearly followed your instructions several times to cancel my order (see below). I have dealt with asknet in the past and they proved to be very shady so I involved the Fraud

Without Prdjudice, I have clearly followed your instructions several times to cancel my order (see below). I have dealt with asknet in the past and they proved to be very shady so I involved the Fraud squad. I am doing this again so please ensure you deal with this refund request ASAP. Kevin Gilbraith Can 604-522-**** I will expect a reply from your company on this subject within the next two working days. The Safe Cart website does not work or is a scam. Every time (5 times) on their website I press the send button the program always shuts down before the message is sent. This is a scam so Please co-operate and deal with this is issue ASAP. I want to Cancel my recent order and receive a full refund. ----- René Tschirner (Nexway/Asknet Customer Service) wrote: > > > > > > > > > ##- Please type your reply above this line -## > Dear customer, Your request (361891) has been updated. To add additional comments, reply to this email. René Tschirner (Asknet) Sep 16, 14:35 CEST Thank you for your inquiry Please note as this order was processed by Safecart we would kindly ask you to contact their support team. Safecart is your contact partner and only they will be able to provide you with a refund or assist in this case. You can contact SafeCart by using the following link: Thanks in advance for your understanding. Kevin Gilbraith Sep 15, 22:47 CEST My purchase of Pro has been cancelled for no reason I am aware of. It was there ok and I was using it this morning shortly after I purchased it. Now it is now working, 2 hours later saying my order has been cancelled. I would like you to get access back for my PRO ASAP. Receipt Order Confirmation Thank you for using SafeCart Payments. Your statement will show your order as SAFECART SYSREPAIR 855-432-****. Advanced System Repair Product Key: 7113-73**-**00-4363 Order Details Receipt ID: PHLP-C150919****-16VTT Your Visa has been billed: $46.78 CAD Kevin Gilbraith (keving2@***.ca) Advanced System Repair Pro 1 Advanced System Repair License Key $41.77 GST: $2.09 PST: $2.92 Total CAD: $46.78 GST/HST #: 8622 > > > This email is a service from Asknet. > >[Q5OGE8-8VWQ] > >


Ripped off and bogus charge from who knows who this is

One I will NEVER use PayPal again after they let this SAFECART just go into my debit card and charge me for I do not know what. That tells me that PayPal is just as crooked as this Safecart. I will be getting my money back and then I'm never using Pay pal again. Damn cant trust ANY BODY with you information. I'm so sick of it. I constantly have to go over my bank account to see who has tried to steal from me and this week is SAFECART. Be sure to keep a close eye on your bank account because now the bank dont even watch out for you. Nothing but SCAMS going on on the internet


Dishonest company!

I canceled the service several times over a year ago. Yet, they continue to bill me. Once they get your credit card info., they bill anytime they want. When you call the customer service phone number you will get a fax sound. When You try to cancel the service on line, they charge $37 to do so. They people are con-men!


Was prompted to subscribe to discounted ($19.95) offering but was billed $39.95. Please explain.

was prompted to subscribe to discounted ($19.95) offering, but was billed $39.95. Please explain and amend billing accordingly.


Scam Artists

Bought Advanced System Pro software to resolve 494 Error (as advertised). Safecart was not posted as the pay site until well into the purchase process. Software does not work as promised. No way to contact software company provided. Software continues to pop up additional software and services to purchase. I want my subscription/autorenewal cancelled and my original purchase price refunded ASAP!


Overvcharging twice

It jhappened about 1.30 How do I get to talk or chat to someone I am in Australia

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