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Saatchi Art has a 2.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 89 customers. In the Arts and Fine Arts category, it secures the 2th position out of 55 companies.


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(888) 908-3886

1655 26th Street, Santa Monica, California, 90404, United States

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Question about a piece of art

I spoke to Megan, who contacted the artist and got me the answer. I was looking for and all within five minutes


I'm an artist with a problem

Re: Sale: 'Give me a Flower 3 2020', Order: US10084****, South Africa Laurens Barnard barnard.laurens5@***.com +27 7* *** **** Re payment US$731.25


We are starting a business and sent money for items and can’t tell if you recieved it

Thank you, we are opening a business and going to purchase or have already given a down payment on some items and I cant tell if you have received the money. I just wanted to verify the funds were there and that the items on the invoice were the items that we had purchased. If you could give me a call, my number is 512-630****. My name is Greg, Meyers,


Trouble loading info on website

For a week i have asked to speak with someone (a few times ) in real time or have a live on line chat and have not been contacted. A kind customer support person for buyers (by mistake I connected with her)? said she would get someone to call me, but that never happened. Frustrated!!


I cannot get in touch with customer’s service!

I am an artist on your site and I recently got an offer for one of my paintings. I do not want to give discount although I am willing to sell. I wanted to convey this intent but I could not get into the page to respond! And I wanted someone to help me but I couldnt get in touch with customers service as well.


Read reviews on Trust Pilot. Says enough.

Saatchi don't care about artists as much as they do care about the collectors. Hyperwallet they use is ridiculous, scam service to hold people's money, takes the form uploading over and over as they ''don't see'' what's on it. Exhausting waiting for your money, AFTER SALE, while Saatchi gets it upfront and via PayPal so they don't use the hyperwallet themselves. Be aware that VAT will be deducted as well apart from their 35% profit, even if you are not VAT payer.


CILE Marinkovic is a scam

CILE Marinkovic is a scam - be careful - think twice before buying He is avoiding being contacted. Is he real?


Unable to use gift card # , no response from email

Updated by user Dec 03, 2022
Received an email from customer support on 2/22 who provided the gift card code and link to redeem the gift card. Thanks PISSEDCONSUMER

Original review Apr 14, 2022
What a disappointment! Called Saatchi Art customer service, no voicemail, no response to online message. I need to redeem $100 gift card to buy art. The code in the gift is not working online.


Need to speak to live petaon

Need to return abs order new piece instead I need to talk to live person I dont trust that if I destroy the print I bought I will get a refund It is counter intuitive If I speak to someone they can watch me destroy it for my refund I want to order something else but am scared if I destroy I wont be refunded And if I mail it back it will incur postage if about $20 Please let me speak to someone!


Saatchi refuses to payme for sold artwork unless I use their bogus and dangerous hyperwallet

I am an artist registered with to sell art. Saatchi recently sold one of my works. With past art the Ive sold, Saatchi has paid me by check or to Paypal, the sale amount minus a commission. This time Saatchi requires that I use a payment system called Hyperwallet which they implemented after my last sale. Hyperwallet, which is owned by PayPal, requires an unusual and unnecessary amount of personal information. I found other artists protesting this point as well as many complaints about Hyperwallet. I explained that I did not agree to use Hyperwallet and acknowledged that this would preclude future sales on but that they needed to pay me for the transpired sale through a different standard method that does not require any more information than they already have. They have repeatedly refused. Then I tried the NYS attorney who contacted them. They the offered to send a check if I filled out a w-9 which asks for SS and DOB. So clearly they are after personal info. W-9 is for hired contractors or for purchases over $5000, neither of which applies to me. When I told them that they said thats how they do business and its a company rule (not an IRS rule). Do not give in to using hyperwallet. it's a scam to collect personal data. It's dangerous. Saatchi is soiling their reputation with it.





For Artists, It's a NO

You make little commission off of your work. After e-mailing and calling the listed contacts to assure that I was doing the packaging and shipping correctly, I received no response. Luckily, my customer received the artwork, but it was not worth the amount that was deducted from the total price. They didn't do anything other than handle the shipping portion. I am thoroughly disappointed. That was the first and last time I will use Saatchi.


Resolved: Not being paid due to unresolved log in issue

Updated by user Jan 16, 2022

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with partial refund. Thanks to Pissed Consumer I got through to a real person at Saatchi Art by email.

After a bit of delay I finally was paid directly by them rather than Hyperwallet. It came via PayPal. However, a VAT refund which was to come from Hyperwallet is unobtainable because I STILL can't log into Hyperwallet.

I'm deleting my entire account with Saatchi Art due to the fact that Hyperwallet seems to hold the purse strings. Anyway Thank you Pissed Consumer for getting this far!.

Updated by user Dec 20, 2021
This is as much an issue about Hyperlink, the company used by Saatchi Art to process payment and tax forms. The more I read about the experiences of other artists have had with Hyperlink the more suspicious I become that they are honest brokers. It's a shame that...

Updated by user Dec 20, 2021
Waiting for a response from Saatchi Art.....

Original review Dec 20, 2021
Sold a painting from my page on the website and posted as directed, to Florida. Emailed that payment was ready after I log into my payment page on Saatchi Art website. They use Hyperlink for this part of the process. Hyperlink wouldn't let me log in. When using Customer Service page I got automated replies over and over. Contacted Saatchi Art directly via their Contact address and got another automated reply totally unrelated to my issue. As yet unpaid, and no real person to contact. The only option remaining is a letter posted to an address in Santa Monica. Doubt if I'll get a reply.


Awaiting my Profit for Sold Artwork

NI sold a painting to a customer who lives overseas (UK). I sent it exactly as SaatchiArt advised. It arrived a couple of days later. Over two weeks ago. He received it and signed for it, 2 days after. SAATCHIART is supposed to send me my profit after nine days. Its been well over nine days, and they have not paid it yet. Theyve already received the funds. I called SaatchiArt, and the lady who answered, was a bit dismissive. She was getting ready to go into a meeting. I have yet to hear anything. Ive left voice mails. Im still waiting. Can you please help? Many thanks, Herb Vera 703-774-**** Herb_vera@***.com


Sold an art piece no response

I recently sold a piece of work from Saatchi art, they required that I select a pickup date. I complied and still no response, Ive been trying to contact them for my work pose but still no response could anyone help me with their contact number since the one given doesnt work. Ive also emailed them and yet no response.


SaatchiArt SCAMS artists, don't purchase there

I've sold three paintings through SaatchiArt, each experience worse than the last. Obviously, I'm not selling there anymore. Just so you know, to any customer, you're being overcharged for shipping, they charge almost DOUBLE the cost that really is. How do I know? All paintings I had to ship and PAY FOR THE SHIPPING myself, for the last one it's been more than a month and I still, not only DON'T have the reimbursement, but I also have no response from them. I've sent 5 emails and they simply can not reimburse me 30USD of the 50USD they charged the collector for shipping. Basically, for a painting they sold for 200USD I only got 60USD. If you want to support an artist, please, purchase directly from them, you won't be overcharged and you'll make sure the artist actually gets paid.

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