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Rust Oleum has a 1.7-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 31 customers. In the Building Products category, it secures the 20th position out of 211 companies.


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Rust Oleum Reviews


Rock-solid epoxy paint

Couple months ago , I painted my garage floor with Rust oleum Rock-solid epoxy paint. Now it got bubble on it. I did follow instruction step by step even with their primer. Enclosed is the picture of what happen. After email their support team, they ignored me for any solution. This is no way to treat any customer who spend so much labor and money on their product. They are not cheap either. By doing that will greatly impact their customer's confident to use their produce too.


Varathane Classic Early American Stain

Hello, I recently hired a contractor to stain exterior wood decking, exterior wood posts and exterior wood porch ceilings at my home in New Jersey. He used Varathane Classic Early American Stain. I now see that this is interior stain. Do you have any advise as to what I can expect now and how I should proceed from here to help fix the situation? Thank you


Replace product

Can is over half full of paint and ran out or aerosol. Its a waste of money and Ill I like my product replaced or get a refund.


Poor product

Purchased a can of Rust-Oleum spray paint recently for some touch up on my mailbox and the aerosol tan out with over half a can of paint left inferior product in my book


Bad product

I bought 3 cans of under coating and 3 exploded and caused a huge mess. Never had this happen before. But three cans out of six is wierd.


Not clear on proper use

Is your metallic ultra cover paint fit for exterior use? It s very confusing, the paint can may say for both interior and exterior uses but pick up the exact paint,exact color, from a different supplier and the can says interior only.


[Request for Advise] Little bubbles all over the place

Dear Customer Service, We recently demolished and repoured a 6-inch slab for a ~450 sqft garage We cleaned the whole floor thoroughly Yesterday we applied the first coat with `Rust-Oleum 317284 RockSolid Polycuramine 2.5 Car Garage Floor Coating Kit` - It barely covers about 2/3 of the garage, much less than the 500 sqft claimed by the package - it has tiny bubbles everywhere question: 1. Why does it only cover ~200-300 Sqft? 2. For the area that's not painted, should I apply primer first to prevent the bubbles? what kind of primer should I use? 3. What should I do with all the bubbles? should I sand it off and apply another coat? Whats the grid size/tools I should use to sand it off? 4. How much time do I have before applying the second coat? 5. If I want to don't like the color of the first coat, can I just buy a completely different color and apply it as the second coat? Please let us know what our options and what you recommend going forward. Thank you so much for your time Steven (Not that pissed PissedCustomer)


Problem with paint

I used a new spray can for a small project went to give it 2nd coat the next day and the can wldnt spray


Concrete & Garage paint

Original review May 11, 2023
I used Rustoleum concrete and garage paint for my covered patio. I followed the instructions to a T. I even contacted customer service to make sure I was doing it correctly because I didnt want to do this again. I ground my concrete with an angle grinder and a concrete wheel. I was told I did not need to etch this. I proceeded as directed per customer service and the directions on the canned. Not even year later the paint is peeling and coming up. I have a very large porch. Some looks real good. Some looks terrible. I contacted customer service. They will only Cover the cost of the paint. I spent countless hours prepping this concrete. This is a DIY product. I feel they should help me figure out how to get this fixed to my satisfaction and pay for it to be fixed. I was told it was not covered under their customer satisfaction. Never once was I given information how to fix this. Now what am I supposed to do with a large patio? That looks like crap. Again this product is for DIYers. They know professionals are not going to be doing this. I feel they should pay to get this resolved.


Varathane ultra thick polyurethane

No complaint. While disappointed I can no longer buy the Varathane ultra thick polyurethane by one gallon, like I did last month, and the product seems non existent in my area, I am pleased Customer Service directed me to Amazon where I could purchase just one gallon. I will be happy to finally finish my floor.


Cannot use half of product

Purchased Moldex Outdoor cleaner at a warehouse store. Came with a bottle with the sprayer already attached and refill packaged together. Took a day off work, moved my cars, used the contents of sprayer then went to refill and could not detach sprayer to utilize the refill. Called tech support, "oh the sprayer isn't supposed to come off" am I supposed to use the rest of this? Kept me on the phone for a refund looking for all these different numbers, searched in the trash for plastic that held the 2 containers together, then makes me take a pic to send to an email I never received! Rustoleum is garbage


Ruined Project

I have built a lot of furniture but have never had a Finish Absolutely RUIN a long term project. You Stain and Seal product is Absolute Crap. No self leveling and dries Way Too Fast. Now Im going to have to Paint my Project and I'm NOT USING YOUR PAINT!! THANKS FOR NOTHING!!!


False advertising

Purchased the Rustoleum/Zinsser waterproof paint. Let my concrete shower base dry for(4) four days!Applied three coats and let dry for (3) days. Now two weeks later it is bubbling up and, the product sucks!!! Here are some photos.Also contacting my consumer Lawyer...PATHETIC


Nightmare My epoxy countertops

I purchased the clear gloss countertop epoxy kit and mixed it exactly like the directions said.Its been 4 days my counters are ruined .They are tacky and sticky.It wouldn't cure.I also tried it on another surface and it never cured there either.I need at the least a refund or some sort of compilation.Im going to have to spend big money to fix this.


What's going on with your 2x sprays???

Hi, I'm trying to find out why in the last year your 2x spray paint has gotten to where 2-3 out of the 5 cans I buy per week don't spray!!! Very frustrating and costly! For 2 years of tumbler making, I've bought nothing but 2x. Used to be great product, now I'm on a search for better because of this problem! Sorry but i can't keep losing time and money!!


Received a honest answer

Received the answer that the product was no longer available in the quart size. But I can still get it in a gallon.

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