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2.4/5 - based on 876 reviews

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Rural King has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 876 customers. In the Supermarkets and Malls category, it secures the 19th position out of 289 companies.


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(800) 860-8115

4216 Dewitt Ave, Mattoon, Illinois, 61938, United States

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Lost emailed gift certificate

Customer service resent gift certificate. Thank you so much ! I absolutely enjoy shopping at the Butler Pa location. My kids purchased me a gift certificate for Fathers Day.


Did not receive full order

I ordered 18 items and only received 4. Had to request a refund for the 14 I didnt receive but was still charged the full shipping amount of $14.85. The items were only $2.00 each. If I was informed that there were only 4 items in stock I never wouldve placed the order. After numerous calls and being spoken to with attitude I only received half of the shipping back. At the very least, I shouldve been credited the full shipping fee since this was the companys fault. I will NEVER shop at Rural King ever again and will be contacting the Better Business Bureau today.


Animal abuse .

To many Animals in one container . Filthy condition of containers Neglected animals . Left to rot and die .


Never have product advertised!!!!!!!!!!!

Updated by user Mar 26, 2023
No one reached out to resolve problems I was absolutely ignored by rural king

Original review Feb 23, 2023
I complained done no good about a cj tech 8.5 quart air fryer I tried to order from two different stores one greenwood one Shelbyville tried ordering fryer multiple multiple multiple times shows in stick never has contacted corporate no answer back contacted customer service all the can say is site is not live so basically we can false advertise anyway beyond passed with RURAL KING!!! FIX THE FREGGIN ISSUE WITH INVENTORY AND GET A LIVE SITE LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD. FALSE ADVERTISING NO EXCUSE FOR IT POOR BUSINESS PRACTICES I TRIED TO ORDER MULTIPLES OF 2 MULTIPLE DIFFERENT TIMES AT 38 BUCKS EACH NEVER IN STOCK THO SITE SHOWS IT IS.


Gun Store employees

I have purchased many things from Rural King. Farm supplies, Three point Generator, Chainsaws, motor oil, filters, etc etc. And many Gun's. Because of your Gun department in Zephyrhills FL I will no longer be a customer of Rural King. The Gun Department is staffed by people not qualified to sell snow cones at a county fair. They are so uneducated. They are extremely Lazy and don't treat customers with any respect. Including your store manager. Because of this you have lost a fantastic customer. I will shop at Tractor Supply for My Ranch needs and a local mom and pop gun store for my firearm supplies. This is trending fast with the public and will hurt.



The people just dont want to help customers at all their lazy and very rude never have the dog food I use to get there I dont know what happened to this store but employees dont care


They don't log your name in the computer if you drop something off to have fixed

I dropped my chainsaw off to get fixed at rural King they can't find the chainsaw now and they refuse to reimburse me for the chainsaw so now I've lost a $400 chainsaw because they don't log it into their computer that it was dropped off even though they took my name number address and call me back as soon as they got it fixed they never got it fixed I went to pick it up and now the chainsaw is not there at the store and they refused to help me because obviously they don't login any equipment you bring and and to be fixed do not take your equipment to rural King do not log it in properly and their computer system doesn't keep up with your name number address anything they just say it's your loss my name is Jeff Stewart and I will never shop at Royal King again or have anything fixed at Royal King again because they can't fix anything it just needed a fuel line and they couldn't even do that so now I've lost a $400 saw because they didn't put my name in the computer


Bad service

I bought a RK 37 tractor had it for nine months four-wheel drive when out, and they had it for two months, and it was only supposed to take 2 weeks kept calling they kept say we have the parts it will be next week they said this for times when I called keep in mind they had my tractor for 2 months out of the 10 month I had it and when I got it back everything in the cab was messed up and the tractor doesn't even have a hundred hrs, yet I just want my money back and find me something with better service I gave $31000.00 for this crap I should get refunded the gears for the four-wheel drive are in backwards the lights don't work no turn signals, no horn messed my radio speaker up dash is missing bolts plugins are unplugged joystick for bucket is messed up etc I just bought a new tractor and that's what I should have not a piece of junk.


Bristol VA store filthy and so is MGRs mouth

Me and my husband where shopping and he banged his shoulder on a piece of equipment sting out from a shelf a lawn sweeper I thought something like this we be on the floor.. trash on shelves stock stays in isle's for weeks . and one day a nice young man named Luke was helping us and his manager named Trent called him on his radio and cussed him for everyone to hear . my husband said you shouldn't have to put up with that and he said he was looking for another job and was always treated like that was like shopping in a pig sty


Rural King Stole My Money!

Original review Aug 04, 2022
UPDATE: AS OF TODAY IVE NOT RECEIVED MY ORDER AND RURAL KING STILL HAS MY MONEY! these thieves took my money and never sent what I ordered. everytime I've called they give me different excuses. today they told me to contact their legal team and that they won't sent my order and won't give my money back! They won't even talk to me now.


Ordering upgrade parts for to 25 performance tractor .

Go to web site and this tractor doesnt exist ??? Ordered a third function kit to put on a grapple and almost a year Waiting and nothing . Are they just selling what they have left and closing up ? How sad ! Too bad they cant get their act together. Just glad I didnt spend more on things they cant back up !


Biggest ahold manager I've ever seen .

Th employee was doing my hunting license she called him on walkie-talkie told him to come upfront immediately. He due to a glitch had to call the game commission. Was on hold and needed her manager numbers to fix the transaction she then like a raving maniac came back demanding everyone must now stay till 9 .just to point out she was incredibly out of line .the gentleman said he had to leave t scheduled time 8 30 she said go ahead and tomorrow I'll write you up.first it's illegal not to mention wildly unprofessional. I will never deal with her again if she's here I will leave .she horrible and I'm typing this in the parking lot and her miserable self is standing in the lot on the phone .this is why you can't find good people I've owned 3 different construction companies never ever had to treat my guy like that ever she will lose employees I would neverput upwith her crap she would be looking for a job if she worked for me no doubt about it.


Buyer beware online return policy

Tire wrong size per description. Had to contact support 2x times for refund. Could you explain why my refund was only $69.11 ? Item was $89.41and return shipping was $58.74. Up to 20% restocking fee would have been $71.53, so still short. So Ive lost $79.04 total by doing business with Rural King and tire was wrong size.


Warranty on Bad Boy 0-turn mowers

I bought 3 Bad Boy 0-turn mowers all the same day, two had broken throttle cables, waited 3 weeks and they still didnt have parts so I went to Pitts on Conneaut Lake rd and with out any problems they gave me Two new cables ! Rural King said I was getting a large savings buying 3 Bad Boy for cash at one time, only to find out I could have got the same or better deal if I would have went to Pitts (40 miles closer than Rural King ) and they stand behind the products and have replacement parts in stock.


Bad Boy O-Turn Mower Warranty & Rural Kink

I bought 3 Bad Boy O-Turn Mowers from them with Cash no financing, two had broken throttle cables contacted Chris who tried to get them replaced after over two weeks and no new cables ! New mowers and cant use them ? I should have bought them from Pitts on 322 who gave me Two new cables for them with out any problems ! Rural King lets on your getting a great deal ( but better to buy them from someone that has parts for them) and dont give you a big run around.

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