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Rodan And Fields has a 2-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 616 customers. In the Cosmetics and Personal Care category, it secures the 17th position out of 955 companies.


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(877) 737-5773

60 Spear Street,, San Francisco, California, 94105, United States

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Great products but very expensive. I can afford them, however I also could spend or save money elsewhere.

I just needed to delay my order, because I still have plenty of my product. The customer service representative took care of that for me.


Lash boost settlement

Everything turned out fine. I reached the company to see if the settlement was legitimate. I got the information I was seeking. Hugo was very helpful and polite.


Lash boost settlement verification

I needed to know if the settlement was legitimate. Hugo helped me very efficiently and suggested I send an email for more information. I got the information that I needed, and everything was resolved. Thank you, Chris


Returned merchandice have not seen credit on my credit card

I bought over $400 worth of products hair and skin care and did not care for it for the price. I sent it back as they requested but I do not see a credit on my credit card. My order #132088****. I would like to know the status. My credit card asked me to contact you first before the turn it over to there resolution center. I have to be honest the customer service is horrible


Changed consultants and need to edit email address

My issue still hasn't been resolved after multiple phone calls to R&F and 2 different case numbers. Very frustrated. Even my consultant tried to help me and could not. I need to edit my email address. Everyone has been very pleasant on the phone but I'm hoping someone will call me and fix the problem.


Very dissatisfied with products and especially with Customer Service

I let you know your products have not made any difference and told you to NOT send anymore! I saw last night you are getting another shipment ready! This will be the second shipment since I cancelled everything. Your products have made no difference in my face. You also offered a money back agreement in advertising but have not provided that.


Needed to return an item

Prices are high for the products Have to pay the return shipping fee Website is not easy to navigate and use Otherwise I am happy! :).


Question about product

I bought targeted firming gel but cannot figure out how to dispense the gel. Please call and give me some instructions as to how to dispense.


Trying to change order

I would like to receive my R and D every OTHER MONTH not every month as I have many unopened products can you make that modification? Please advise, Ramona L. Fox


Didn’t receive order

Sent to old address...only found out because I saw a charge on my account. Would like to receive product


No response…

Tried to order products from Rodman and Fields. Got through to the checkout page but the website got stuck and could never complete my order. I tried different cards on 3 different days but could not get the order placed. When I tried calling customer service I could never get through to a person. I left a message with Pissed customer last week but never received a response from Rodan and Fields. I have purchased skin care from another company.


Question about product and consultant doesn't ever get back to you.

I tried to get answers thru my consultant then consultants by me and NO ONE gets back to you. Had a simple question pertaining to the redefine regimen. I was wondering if I dont need all 4 products every 60 days can I just order the product Im out of? Your customer service rep kindly answered it . Thank you. I wouldnt promote the consultants on your website, promote the phone number . Youll get more business. My opinion. Jill


An order

I just tried to place an order and was wanting to talk to customer service to see if it went through. Tried to call the number but was directed to this! REDICULOUS ! Is there a number to actually speak with a person? Ive been using the products and ordered through a friend. Would like to order my own.


I got some products for my skin spots and didn't work the seller Janet Tejada promise those products will work on my spot but nothing works

I got some products for my skin dark spots and didn't work the seller Janet Tejada promise to me will work but not just i loose my money almost 300. $ .


Need 1099 tax form

Ive sent two emails requesting my 1099 and was now told it would be 10 business days( my first e-mail was 1 week ago). Taxes are due in 6 days!


Don't like the change

I don't think you all have ever heard the old adage, If is ain't broke, don't fix it. My last order will be just that, the last. The new #3, AM rather than the previous #4, is horrible. First off, calling it liquid is a gross understatement--one can hardly make it from finger to face without it running down your hand. But worse than that is the fact that it is very drying to the skin. The #4 had some moisturizing to it, but not this stuff. I have been using your Reverse product for several years and no one guesses my age, which is 78. I am now looking for a different product line due to this change. It was nice while it lasted.

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