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RockAuto has a 2.4-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 8400 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 1th position out of 513 companies.


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10 year customer

Hi, have been buying parts from you on a regular basis for some time and are very familiar with your pricing, however something is way off on an item i'm trying to order right now. 2014 Honda Ridgeline l/h inner fender, #HO124**** you only list it for $8.25 which is a rediculous price in itself , but your shipping charge is insane for an item that only weighs a fraction of a pound, and would roll up and fit in a Jiffy bag. Shipping charge $151.00. What gives??? something is very off. Thanks Brian Muse. 856 263 ****.


This website horrible

I paid extra for express shipping and my delivery date was changed without my knowledge and I want my money back on my card just as fast as this company took it because you guys are full of it Once I receive this order and it better be a correct order, youll never get my business or money again! Whats the point of paying extra money when nothing stays the same


Order 23556**** wrong item

I bought BOSCH BC1047A (Premium) Brake Linings from you on 04/08/2023 Order 23556**** . Your site says these are for my car. I trusted the product description on your website. But today when I decided to replace the brake pads, I found that these pads are not suitable for my car, the problem is the metal holders on the back of the pads, for my car the holders should be large, on your pads the holders are small. This made me very upset, because I did not expect that there could be an error on the ROSCAUTO website and they sold me a product that does not match my car. I am very disappointed that I have only discovered your mistake now, because when choosing a part, I rely on your site and trust it. For this reason, I ask you to return the money spent on this part to me. I am attaching photos of the mismatch. In the photo, the upper part is taken from my car and the lower part that you sent me


I pd for radiator not received!

I ordered radiator & condenser for 2010 Camry le Pay for it by debit card receive the condenser not the radiator I need for you to send me my radiator immediately 337704**** 213 faul cove rd Church point 70525


Late on delivery

Im disappointed on my delivery. It was supposed to be today and it will not arrive until tomorrow. I paid the extra to have it arrive today. This delivery is time critical. I would like a refund on my extra delivery charge.I would have been better of by US mail. I have a very upset customer right now. I cannot believe it took 5 days from Columbus to Knoxville. Why did it take do long to process and ship? Reguards


They sent me a defective part

My lines do not fit in this compressor so that means its the wrong one . The lines dont fit in the holes



Why do you offer express shipping and priority shipping at such expensive prices and then don't deliver. Regardless where they come from if it's 2day or 3day priority shipping or 1day express you never get the service you paid for my truck part was supposed to be here today cause I paid to have here to day because I need my truck done to work tomorrow and now I don't get my part till tomorrow after 6 which means no truck till Sunday cause I work next 3days which means I got to pay to get to work because you guys can't get your *** together and get these items out in time to get where they need to go to the people who paid to have it shipped in a certain time. I have a business and use 2day priority and for a small package as like the one I order cost 6.99at the most to ship anywhere. And always arrives. you charge 10.00 and it's still doesnt come when you say that's total *** now I'm assuming out with no part and now going to be over 150.00in the hole because I got to pay for transportation because I work 25miles from my home. I use to buy from you guys all the time but since you customer service has declined to almost non existent I don't care to shop with you guys any more my boyfriend told me to try you one more time and of course you dropped the ball once again. And don't tell me it's because of the mail service it's not you have to have the package in before a certain time to arrive at the alotted time and when you don't this happens which means you guys suck because I'm not the only one complaining this happens all the time obviously with all theses complaints I see on all these platforms. You need to get your *** together and make it right but I know you won't because you never have be fore so there no reason to do it now. Hate your web store will never shop here again. Thanks for absolutely nothing, Diana Lane


I'm missing a part package out of a shock I ordered part number is 61601 Gabriel Pro Guard

Im missing a part package out of a shock I ordered the box was taped up on one end and not glued like the other end


Package not received

We havent received our package. Fedex freight its not helping at all. Fedex case# C-11360**** They told me to start a claim with Rockauto Orde# 24320****. Gloria yanez 626-222**** Please issue a credit to my credit card. Thank you


Resolved: Have to pay shipping on warranties

Updated by user Jul 30, 2023

Company resolved the issue.

Updated by user Jul 30, 2023
Rock auto refunded my full original cost including shipping.

Original review Jun 30, 2023
I received a damaged part, but needed the part immediately. Had to order a replacement part so that I could return the damaged part. Was charged shipping on the replacement part. Which I do not do not mind but the refund excluded shipping on the original part. and there is no way of contacting them even via email to discuss this issue. I do feel they should be required to have some type of customer service system.


My package was stolen

My package was stolen from my house and I have the footage on camera. Delivery driver left the package on the front door around nine am and it was stolen by eleven am by a man walking down the street collecting items.


Bad part

Made check engine light come on my 2016 Cadillac Escalade and has had it in the shop . Seems to think its a malfunction part . Please contact me concerning this matter as soon as possible. Dont think its no other problem but the part is bad. If possible could I have another part sent to me . The part # is available 123741**** . Thanks in advance


Rock auto

The purpose of my complaint is rock auto! I ordered all the right parts which are struts for a 2003 Camry! The struts were supposed to be compacted and they werent! His strut is different, and my mechanic does not have a compactor to install the struts! I had to go to a different dealer and pay $800 instead of what I paid at rock auto which was in the tune of $423 I believe! Im trying to return the struts to rock auto. I am not getting anywhere. I dont know how to do it every time I try to return these parts to rock auto that Ive been sitting outside in the box , I go back onto the website and its not letting me return these parts. I am in the tune of money of $423 that Ive been sitting here for three months I cant get a hold of anybody I will never use rock auto again.


Overnight shipping problems

They charged me for next day delivery but it won't be here for 4 days. I would like a refund on shipping since now it won't be here to install before I leave. Unfortunately their customer service sucks and there is no way to get ahold of them.


Resolved: Not expecting payment

Updated by user Jun 22, 2023

I have got nothing.

Original review Jun 22, 2023
I keep ordering the part it takes the payment then sends my money back In 2 days this is my 3rd attempt and I have got nothing not sure what is going on but I just ordered the same part about a month ago I have the part number and all what shall I do I been waiting for almost 2 weeks I need some help


Brake kit defect. Rockauto does not have a phone number fyi

Order number. Bought a Rotor Brake pads kit for close to 600.00. Everything was installed correctly and apparently the rotors are, were warped. I tried to get an exchange for the rotors and was denied. Over a computer they diagnosed that they were installed wrong by the ASE Mechanic I had do the job. Told me to get the brand new rotors machined? New rotors shouldnt need to be machined. I noticed the problem with the rotors as I was leaving the mechanics business, but thought that the pads just need to be set. They were on only 5-6 days and the issue still was there. Had the system looked at by another mechanic and he said the rotors and pads are fd and need replaced. To ad injury to insult I work for parts Authority which we supply parts for Rockauto but the Rockauto company I bought from isnt a part of my company. I didnt buy the rotor kit at my company because at the time we didnt have them. That was my fault for being impatient. But then not honoring a warranty and expecting a consumer to just sit back and eat 600 is unbelievable. Here at Parts authority returns dont work like that. If there is a warranty we replace them. I see it daily as Im a route driver. So oh FN well. Will never buy *** from them. Period.


Need to get Power brake booster replacement

No review yet , somebody please call me , need to solve my problem , I did purchase for my 1964 Ford Thunderbird the Power brake booster and quit working after a little while of use .

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