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RoboKiller has a 1.5-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 873 customers. In the Software category, it secures the 4th position out of 1129 companies.


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101 S Broadway, South Amboy, New Jersey, 08879-1707, United States

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Not connected

Money taken service not rendered .will take up with bank this seems fraudulent to me.or just bad business altogether


Your company is a joke

I have tried calling you about spam calls still getting thru on my phone. I dont understand why you put your customers through a bunch of crap to call you and still cant get you on the phone. I want to cancel my subscription with you. You are not worth it.


I am still not getting phone calls and I have canceled my acct what is going on?

Because people are trying to get ahold of me n there not getting thru. I have Vance my service but it is still not excepting calls


Robokiller is not letting my phone calls come through

Call my wife and kids call me my phone goes straight to message they cant get through so I want to know whats going on since Im paying for it I need somebody to call me sugar possible


Technical issues

I would like to cancel my subscription with robochilla ASAP thank you. I'm sorry but I didn't come here to write a book I simply came here to cancel my subscription okay thank you.


My ROBOKILLER app has not screened a call since 5-4 23

Im so pissed off at ROBOKILLER customer service they just dont call me or it seems that they just dont understand or care about me or my issues with the app Ive been trying to get a hold of them but you cant even call them because they dont have a phone number to call its so disheartening I want to keep the app but if they dont care I. Will find a new company to monitor my phone calls so if anyone is interested at ROBOKILLER call me!!!


To see why I'm receiving spam calls

I did not receive a response to my question and I am receiving many calls daily and evening calls also. It would be very helpful to know how to eliminate these calls. If there is a telephone number that I could call, I would do that or however it should be handled let me know and I will be happy to follow through as these calls are making me insane and I was already very close so to not have there assistance would be greatly appreciated. I was certain that I renewed my subscription, however if that is the issue please let me know as soon as possible



You all charged me too much money. July 14 42.39 .. july 10 31.79. I want a refund but i don't understand the price difference.


Want to cancel the subscription

I want to cancel my subscription I dont want it Cancel it Its not something I want on my phone Doesnt do what its supposed to do Has bad reviews


Overcharge for order and didn't deliver the right quantity

Charged my for what I ordered and paid for but they didnt deliver items they were out of stock and did not advise they couldnt provide They told me it takes specs 3 to 5 business days to put back on my card and my bank could take up to 10 days Which means 15 days I have to wait ? It was boiling hot as well


Cannot activate

Just paid for service cannot activate I cannot get help . I just want to know why and if this real. Please help


Incorrect charge on debit card

I have been paying a monthly rate and was suddenly charged 42.49, which I didn't authorize nor can afford. I would like a refund.


*** service blocked all my calls

Sucks very bad dont ever use waste of money for *** service. Then cant disable or contact anyone for help.


Want go to call foward call the number you call says you reach the wrong number

I go to poke it up. I do all the calling. They told me to call the number the phone number called the phone number. It turns around and says that the phone has been disconnected not make no calls and thats what keeps on saying and then when I did have, it was working, people call me they couldnt even get through to me and go right to voicemail so let me know whats going on please thank you.


It doesn’t work AT ALL!!!! Do not charge me , cancel

I get all the same amount of spam calls Doesnt work Why when people call me it doesnt hear it Cancel it


Someone posted negative comments that were not true on their site. I asked numerous times to remove my name and my family's name from their site. Robokiller ignored my request.

Robokiller is allowing defamation against me and my family even though they were informed about the issue. The company has posted sensitive information on their site regarding my family and I have asked several times to remove my name my family's names and a phone number which is not ours. All requests have been ignored. Stalking, harassing, cyberbullying online or through mail correspondence, electronic or otherwise, constitutes a crime in California. Anti-Cyberstalking Law in California make "Doxing" and P.C. 653.2 Electronic Cyber Harassment Law makes it a crime to send electronic communications (such as emails or text) with the intent of placing the recipient in reasonable fear for his or her safety or that of his or her immediate family. (Includes posting "personal identifying information", "digital or other images of a person", or "electronic message of a harassing nature." PC 646.9 "Willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follow or harass another person and make a credible threat with the intent to place the person in reasonable fear for his safety or, he safety of his or her immediate family." The offending individual's conduct meets all three elements of the statute that must be proved for a criminal conviction (the offense can be a felony): "Doxing," which constitutes a form of cyberstalking under P.C. 646.9. "Doxing" is defined as collecting information on an individual and making that information public to irritate, harass, intimidate, or stalk the victim. The offending party has used "doxing" in the following illegal ways: 1. Identity theft (submitting false applications for credit in my name and immediate family member's names. 2. Disclosing personal and sensitive information. 3. Publishing personal identifying information online like real names, phone numbers, addresses. And other identifying and sensitive information. Violation can be a felony carrying a sentence of up to one (1) year in jail, mandatory treatment in a mental health facility, and up to $1,000 fine. #Robokiller #CYBERBULLY #DOXYING

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