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Roblox has a 2.8-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 20800 customers. In the Games and Movies category, it secures the 1th position out of 360 companies.


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To find out who used my $10 Roblox gift card

I bought 3 Roblox Gift Card($10 each). I used 2 of 3 was ok, the last one is not working, is some one


My account in roblox was deleted

Updated by user Aug 01, 2023
I post it on YouTube and tiktok so i think like my story been will and not

Original review Aug 01, 2023
So I was playing a game called blox fruit and i was LVL someone and i think he said that his going to report me and o was like what did i do and he said that i keep winning but i was just good at the game i don't *** or anything am not that person then i went to school and we i came back i saw that it was deleted and i didn't know what to do so i went on TikTok and i still didn't know what to do then Months later i knew what to do so i want my account back thank you



When check to see My bank account 600 hundred is gone roblox and i did not play or buy anything Plz i need My money back


I lost my adopt me petS

I was hacked and now all my adopt me pets are gone all i can do is hope for them back i nkw list all my rare pets and lots of money was spent on them and now they are gone please let me get them back> justice for my pets back in adopt me


Hacked in 2019

Hello roblox I was hacked in 2019 by a female I had added in my friends list I dint know that u can protect ur roblox account with ur gmail at that time cause I was young Im just realizing that its possible that I can get my account back. the only thing I cant find is the order receipt .I tried looking it up but everytime I tried going on pay google . Com my gmail would say wait 6 hours and will send to my gmail but never did.the only thing I found was the robux I ordered in 2019 which will decrease my chance of getting my account back but if its possible username is Ayeezzzofergang my gmail is martinaffion@***.com


I got hacked

I logged in my account then refresh my page I was completely logged out and I try restart my phone then I reset my password and it didnt let me.


Online dating and personal information

Good evening! I was coming to submit a complaint on a user who asked for my personal info and had wanted to date me on Roblox. I have several screenshots of the conversation yet we did exchange TikToks. I am probably in violation for doing so and I am deeply sorry. The problem is that the alleged person had deleted their account right after the conversation between me and her. I was wondering if I would be protected in a way if anything was to pop up and theories are to arouse. I have plenty of proof from the conversations within my photos if needed by anyone higher up thank you!


I forgot my Roblox password

I went on Roblox and it just signed me out And I did not have my password saved but I have my email.


Resolved: Scammer on roblox

Updated by user Jul 16, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with full refund.

Updated by user Jul 16, 2023
Ok Roblox Im begging u please help me

Original review Jul 16, 2023
I got scam on mm2 that u got on my latest trade and I don't remember the person users and if u can please go and check out my last trade for me please and thank you when you find the person please ban them for scamming and lying that ill get adopt me pets in return.


My account has been hacked, for what time in a row! I've already had three accounts hacked

I was hacked into the account nickname H4RDX0R3, это уже происходит много раз,мне так же взламывали много других аккаунтов,например Disernity,please return these two accounts to me


My account has been hacked : Lakisia15

My account was hacked 4 days ago and Ive barely gotten any help. They replied on the 3rd day but didnt give any help in regards to my issue.


Gift card issues

Updated by user Jul 13, 2023
This was never resolved they closed my ticket what do I do

Updated by user Jul 13, 2023
They closed the ticket please do something because I will call my lawyer

Updated by user Jul 13, 2023
They send me an email saying it was resolved when I’m still missing 25$ of Robux in each account this is a bad customer service like really bad

Original review Jun 13, 2023
Ive been trying to contact you for 2 weeks now I bought 2 25$ gift card for my nephews and the found havent been added to there account yet the first account is @Da3mon01 for 25$ and the second account is @Matheolecoco72014 for 25$ please help I have pictures of the two gift cards


I got hacked out of my account name is maheatoyah

His discord name is Kai_alter tricked me Into verifying sheshukind@***.com and then he hacked me after that also fooled me by getting robux And I really need u Roblox to ban my acc Name is maheatoyah > > > >



Please unbanned me. I have proof that I was not in the wrong. And the other players were playing nasty. So I took pictures. And I told them to leave and then I got banned. Please help the situation.


Please help with the refund of children accidentally consumed

Updated by user Apr 29, 2023
It’s been trying contact the support group. Please help

Updated by user Apr 29, 2023
I had sent the request to Google play but it denied my refund. Please help with the children accidentally consumed help the refund please. Thank you

Original review Apr 29, 2023
My children 8years old accidentally consumed. The games not used . Please help with the refund. Thankyou


Resolved: My account got hacked

Updated by user Jan 26, 2023

They got my account back this was the third day, of me not being able to get into my account but they resolved it amazing customer survive when they email, Thank you roblox!.

Original review Jan 25, 2023
I got hacked by a link, and the display name of this person that is my hacker, or that gave the link is STORMIE and the username is @briian and I don't remember the rest. I would like you to look into this for me, my username as you can see is flexylexy1221. Please help me get my account back. I had 9 robux left on that account. I did not have a parent pin, email or phone number in that account. The second photo is the user that put the link and possibly couldve hacked me. The rest of those r hacking links. Please help me! Thank you, Roblox!

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