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RNR Tire Express has a 1.9-star rating, derived from feedback provided by 350 customers. In the Auto Parts and Accessories category, it secures the 19th position out of 513 companies.


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13922 Monroes Business Park., Tampa, Florida, 33635, United States

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RNR Tire Express Reviews


Terrible people

This is an absolutely AWFUL business and I hesitate to even refer to it as a business. They impersonated a Bail Bondsman because I was late on my payment. They clearly sent the message from a store phone. How embarrassing for them. This is the St. Joseph, Mo location. DO NOT use RnR. Avoid them at all costs.


Rnr stilling wheels

Had tires put on daughters car rnr was to take payment out acc .well thay never took payment unless I called it was supposed to automatically come out of account. Thengive the card number then didn't thak payment form right acc the took wheels off car on private property needless to say yes tires was rnr but not wheels so that's stilling thy took something that didn't belong to them


Rob Roy gave me excellent service and I recommend the West colony branch to anyone for tires.

Great service and many times and great customer service I’m very happy with my new tires thank you very much Rob Roy


Unfair treatment

Earlier this year I agreed to rent to own one set of tires. The total for these tires for the 90 days same as cash was over $400. I have paid that and then some. When signing the contract I asked what the weekly payments would be if I wanted to have it paid off in the 90 days. The gave me a number that's was a few dollars under the amount so I wouldn't have it paid by that time. It was 1 months away from that 90 days and my mother's dementia had progressed quickly so I couldn't keep her with me anymore. It became a safety issue. I was being paid to take care of her by the state. The income was gone so I went to drive for Uber to make the payments. On the last week of the 90 day payments my Uber app started acting up. And RNR tire had been blowing me up for that last 31 dollar payment. And because I had just gotten it working I had only been driving one hour before they threatened me with the repo man. Now when I say threatened I mean she got loud and used a pissed off tone then before I could say anything she hung up. The words were " you better have the money here before 1pm today or good luck with the BONDSMAN!" Well I scraped up everything I had including coins to go in there and make that payment. Only for them to tell me I needed over $150 still to make that same as cash in 90 days. I asked how is that possible? No answer was given. She asked me if I could excuse her while she went and took payments from other customers. I knew I couldn't make that so I told them I had no choice but to take it down to the minimum payment. Now here it is a few weeks later and I can't drive my van because the starter went out. I tell them what's going on and that I had some money coming, but they still harassed me everyday two to three times a day, and charging my cards twice a day. And it's not just one amount they tried several amounts. I wasn't about to answer them until I had the cash in hand. After all it was $17. That Saturday evening they came and took those tires. They have my rims. Said I had 72 hours to pick them up.



ATTENTION* IF you've done business with these crooked *** so called veterans, make sure BEFORE you leave their parking lot have an appointment for a alignment set up at another shop, IMMEDIATELY. NOT AT ANOTHER RNR. I have put this off for some years now and I'm finally over the *** their lackeys/kooks harass you, follow you everywhere you go, come into jobs and harass you. I hope they know they can KISS MY COUNTRY WHITE *** AND SO CAN THE OWNERS. Y'all give veterans a bad name.


Got scammed and paid twice 100% more than the tires were worth . They weren’t satisfied with making a fair margin $$ the took my head off $$

Updated by user Jun 24, 2023
$400.00 for a 17” tire , this tire should be no more than $200.00 per tire anywhere else you go to buy them . That’s the price per tire .

This female clerk is absolutely a crooked person .

And Thief liar and these managers don’t even hold them accountable for their fraud towards the customers . Yes fraud !

Original review Jun 24, 2023
Im a two time paying customer . Second time the clerk took my head off on the price of the tires . She didnt negotiate, she took complete advantage of me . I paid exactly twice what the tires were worth . I confronted her with this issue and she was a total *** . She was proud of what she did .


Threatening to report me to the police when they have all there tires back (harassment)

They are contacting me for payment after I returned the tires well over a week ago when they took money from me then refused to put the tires I already paid for on my car I had to go to a completely different tire shop bc these lazy *** didnt want to put tires on. Im not the only RNR customer either that has been dealing with this issue since PETER has taken a temp job as there manager


Resolved: Incompetence promise is not kept promises to call you back never do tell your product will be in never shows up can't get anybody to call you back one person in there working hard by the rest of them

Updated by user Jul 04, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with discount on future orders.

Original review May 23, 2023
That tires come in one day they sent the wrong tires all but one supposed to get it the next day he assured me to be there next day comes never calls so I call talk to three different people they passed a call off to one person that clearly is working his butt off but can't handle the calls and they just sit there and do nothing which they could have took care of the call and ask hey is my tire in three different people can get up or call to find out if my tire has come in I'll have him call you back they say this poor guy is so covered up why they're doing nothing and passing off phone calls it's ridiculous. Here I'm trying to leave on a trip in my slingshot and I get no calls back I get to run around about ready to take these two tires back tell them shove it up their butt and go somewhere else


Poor service

20 minutes waiting for someone to answer phone store in st Joseph MO its sad you people fail to know the importance of good customer service and I am sure this will be a total waste of time


Didn't replace a tire that I have a nail in

I needed two tires replace but they only replaced one and that was the front one from me hitting a pot hole and that burst my tire on rear side. They didnt replace my rear back tire with the nail on the outside because he said its not a nail and that my tire will not pop. For one it took them a whole week to even get the tire in and me thinking that it was two tires but it was only one. I went Monday for them to order me a new tire called at least 2-3x out of that week even on Saturday and still no tire until Monday when I called once more. Now within all this time no one even bothered to call and tell me that they only ordered one tire.


Worst experiences ever

I live in Wichita KS area and Im having the same problems with RNR. They have threatened me with jail over tires that I dont have anymore because my car got repossessed. I dont have hardly any money for my girls and I to live on right now and now I have to try to deal with them saying I owe more than I do. More than the tires originally cost was on their sheet they left on my elderly parents door. They sent their beefiest most intimidating guy too. Theyve had the same guy come to my old job, that I lost because I kept having problems with their tires, to take my tires because I got a week behind on payments. Yea 1 week. I constantly had problems with their tires. CONSTANTLY!!! They dont hold air. I was having to get tires replaced about once a month I think. Maybe 2 months. But always at least 1 tire had to be replaced for some reason. It baffles me. Ive never had that kind of problem before in my life!!! OH and it gets better. Theyre a tire store right? They never have tires in store. They always have to order them. They were going to leave me stranded for days away from my home because they didnt have a common tire in stock yet again. This happened so many times. There had an employee at one time that told me my kids were fine to stay home alone that I needed to come take care of signing some sheet for them right that instant. I was furious!!! My kids arent old enough to do that. Another time I had to wait over a week for a tire and it shredded my spare in that time I had to wait and I was promised a new spare. Never happened. Worst experiences of my life and now theyre threatening to put a single mom in prison with a level whatever they said felony over tires. I lost my car. I live over 30 mins from the city, Wichita, and 12 mins from the closest town. My girls have nobody else. Its just us. I saw this article and didnt know if you knew of anything to help and I wanted to make sure the RNR gets exposed so no one else ever has to go through what Im going through with them. Thank you for listening.


Put money back in my card!

Money was taken out of my account with authorization and I need it put back if this is how the monroe store is going to be ill get rid of the tires that wasn't even what they said they had and go somewhere else


They are horrible…

I recently got a trucking job which means Im not at home much anymore. I agreed to return the rims to them. They have been calling me and also someone has been texting me from a personal phone about payments on rims. They reached out and told me that they could issue a pick up. I told them that was perfect. Soon after, I get threats of prosecution and a warrant for my arrest for stolen property. Then they tell me I can make a payment to buy more time from getting arrested. Like really? The rims are here for pick up as we agreed on. Now theyre stating Im out of range from the store I purchased them from. They have my address so why tell me that if they knew that from the beginning. Now Im getting threats and calls pretty much every day. One day theyre pressing charges, the next day theyre telling me to pay to get another week. This company is trash and I hope theyre shut down soon.



Been making payments for months have yet to be able to do so online have to call the store and have yet to get a receipt. So, I've not made this months payment not making next months either told them I want receipts of all my payments made to date and moving forward. Car is garaged locked away not on my property I have another truck I drive as well so getting the tires repo as they do won't happen. Once they get the receipts in order the payments will be made up to date no problem they have been told this but refuse to do so. Stay away from this company period.


Nikki in CS sucks

Nikki in the Beaufort, SC office is a very rude person..Telling me she has to take two payments instead of 1 when one isn't due until Friday..She also said she'll refuse the payment!


Online billing pay

Trying to make my payment online is inconvenient and does not tell you have to make more than one payment allowed per the weekly payment to do a biweekly. I cannot even look at my account information because it says still loading since the day I started my account to today inconvenient, and its not worth it because if I want to make a larger amount payment, it is an accurate and costly

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